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Hugh = Healthy Hottie!

So, I know you’ve been anxiously waiting all week for it and here it is…another round of Healthy Hottie!

This week’s choice is none other than Wolverine himself, Mr. Hugh Jackman 🙂


Full name: Hugh Michael Jackman

Age: 40 (Born 10/12/1968)

Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia

Marital Status: Married to Deborra-Lee Furness since 1996. The couple have two adopted children, Oscar – 9, and Ava, 3.

What makes Hugh this week’s hottie?

  • He plays the piano and does yoga every day!
  • He’s a runner and often posts on his twitter page after his runs, i.e. “Had a great five mile run through Rome this morning. Those Spanish steps are killer…”
  • The fact that he can play both extremely muscular tough guy/mutant Wolverine and also sing, dance and high-kick brilliantly as The Boy From Oz for which he won a Tony Award.
  • Hugh is a longtime proponent of microcredit — the extension of very small loans to impoverished prospective entrepreneurs in undeveloped countries.
  • He’s hosted the Tony Awards 3 times (2003-2005), as well as the Academy Awards in 2009.
  • He used to kiss a poster of Olivia Newton-John everyday when he was in elementary school 😉
  • Was voted one of “The 50 Most Beautiful People in the World” by People magazine in 2003 and then crowned “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2008.
  • On April 14, 2009 he posted on his twitter page that he would donate $100,000 to one individual’s favorite non profit organization. It ended up going to both Charity: Water and Operation of Hope, which each received $50,000.
  • Once peed his pants while singing onstage during a performance of  “Beauty and the Beast” (yes, anything hilarious makes you a hottie too!)
  • Did you see “Australia”? Whew…

Quotable:  “Acting is something I love. It’s a great craft that I have a lot of respect for. But I don’t think it’s any greater challenge than teaching 8-year-olds or any other career. In my life, I try not to make it more important than it is and I just hope that rubs off on the people around me.” – Hugh Jackman.

I’m sure there’s more. What do you love about Hugh?

This week’s edition of Healthy Hottie is dedicated to my best friend Courtney, who suggested Mr. Jackman as this week’s choice. There’s a particular scene during the new Wolverine movie where she leaned over to me, sighed, and with much euphoria in her voice said “I love this movie…” ha ha.

Who is your favorite healthy hottie? 

Here are editions 1 and 2 just incase you missed ’em.

Happy Friday!

Healthy Hottie of the week

I’m so glad you all enjoyed the Healthy Hotties post last week!

This week’s Healthy Hottie is not other than my main blog stats-getter, Ryan Reynolds 🙂

What makes Ryan a healthy hottie, besides the obvious?

  • His incredible sense of humor
  • He put on 20 lbs of muscle and took off 1/3 of his body fat for Blade: Trinity and did so in a healthy way (diet and exercise)
  • He is the best part of movies he’s in, even if he’s not the main character (he had some great lines in Wolverine!)
  • Have you seen “Just Friends”? Haha…
  • He’s been on the cover of Men’s Health magazine twice
  • In the fall of 2008, he ran the New York City Marathon as a benefit for Parkinson’s Disease, which his father has had for 15 years
  • He has a healthy hottie wife, Scarlett Johannson!

Here’s a sample of Ryan’s diet when he’s training for movie roles:

* Breakfast: 2 eggs a slice of avocado and 1 cup of oatmeal
* Snacks: a protein Bar
* Lunch: tuna wrap or chicken salad
* Snacks: a whey protein shake, protein bar and an apple
* Dinner: broiled fish or chicken, brown rice and vegetables
* Snacks: protein shake

“Never do any of that carb-starve crap,” Reynolds says. Amen!

His workout routine involves lots of strength training, 6 days per week! His trainer, has him work one body part per day over the 6-day period. Since he was mostly focused on building muscle mass, he did not do much cardio. And after shooting for movies ceases, he’s not able to keep up the grueling workouts but he has found a nice “gray area” in order to keep a toned physique.

“If you hate your workout, you’re not going to do it,” explains Reynolds.

Hope you all enjoyed this week’s edition of Healthy Hotties. Keep those suggestions coming 🙂

Healthy Hotties

I check my blog stats regularly and it still seems that both Ryan Reynolds and my Hotties post are the most active for this site!

So, in the spirit of all things Hottie, I decided to start a once-weekly series of posts about “Healthy Hotties” you know and love. Who is your favorite healthy hottie? It could be a male, female, athlete, celebrity, your mom, etc. Here’s one that always comes to mind for me…

Healthy Hottie #1 – Lance Armstrong

Photo courtesy of Google images

Photo courtesy of Google images Courtesy of Google images

What makes Lance a healthy hottie? I’m so glad you asked!

  • He won the Tour de France a record 7 (consecutive) times
  • He isn’t letting a collarbone injury get in the way of his drive to win that 8th time
  • He’s ran the New York City and Boston Marathons
  • He is a former triathlete, having started at the age of 13
  • He overcame testicular cancer that had spread to his brain and lungs
  • He has handled constant investigations into doping allegations made against him, all of which he’s been cleared of
  • He started his own charity called the Lance Armstrong Foundation, which provides support to be affected by cancer aka LIVESTRONG
  • He founded another charity called Athletes for Hope, along with several other big name athletes, that  helps professional athletes get involved in charitable causes and inspires non-athletes to volunteer and support the community
  • He’s on Twitter!
  • His hilarious cameos in “Dodgeball” and “You, me and Dupree”
  • He started a bike race called the Tour de Gila in New Mexico on Wednesday!
  • This may be a strange one, but I love his ex-wife Kristin Armstrong, who may get her own Healthy Hottie feature soon!
  • He’s just so inspiring!
Courtesy of Google images

Courtesy of Google images

There you have it folks! New one coming next week 🙂