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Thanks for the support

Thank you times a million for all the comments on my last post! You guys are too sweet, for real.

Guess what? It’s Monday, which means you get to see everything I ate today. Are you ready?

003For breakfast, I had a green smoothie.

This one contained 1 cup of Almond Breeze (unsweetened vanilla), 1 frozen banana, a tablespoon of peanut butter, a few big handfuls of spinach and 1/2 tbsp of maca powder.

Maca what?

002I had heard of maca powder before, but wasn’t really sure what it was until I read about it recently on Gina’s blog. Apparently maca is an awesome thing!

Not so awesome was the $8.99 price tag at Whole Foods. But I decided to try it for a while to see what it was all about.

I used another “new” product in my smoothie today: organic spinach.

001I am trying to buy more organic produce and spinach is one of the 12 you should get organic, known as “The Dirty Dozen.”

004Unfortunately, I think the maca left a funky taste in the smoothie. I drank it all but something was off about it.

Mid-morning, I snacked on some mixed nuts. I also had one cup of black coffee.

005Lunch was the Mayan Harvest Bake Kashi meal. For a better description, see this post back from before I was vegan 😉

006This meal tasted good but it didn’t seem like as much as the last time I had it. Oh well!

For my afternoon snack, I had a Primal Strip.

008These snacks are genius. I absolutely love them. Low calories, high protein, vegan. Sold!

As I was wrapping up things with work, I started to get really hungry again so I grabbed these on the way to meet my running group.

009There is not much too these but they really satisfied me and I ran right after I ate them with no problems whatsoever.

I got to say running group today because there were three of us! It was an awesome 5 mile run, which you can read about over at River City Fitness!

Last week when I was trying to think of more natural post-workout drinks, I remembered this little electrolyte mix packets they sell at Whole Foods.

010These are 35 cents a piece, so I grabbed 5 of them for the total of $1.75 when I was paying around $1 per bottle of VitaminWater, Sobe, etc.

It was very refreshing…both in taste and cost effectiveness!

For dinner, I did my part to replace my glycogen stores, ha ha.

011I made Barilla whole grain pasta and topped it with 365 brand organic pasta sauce (roasted red pepper) with broccoli and Gimme Lean sausage mixed in. Plus a breadstick on the side.

It was delicious and even slightly spicy!

012 For dessert, I had two pieces of toast with almond butter and chocolate chips.

013 I am falling asleep watching “24” now so I’d better sign off.

I’d noticed that my Monday eats are becoming rather repetitive (green smoothie, pasta, etc.) so I’m thinking of moving the day around or perhaps doing more than one day a week.

Just bare with me 😉 Good night!

Switching to cold?

Believe it or not, as much as I love oatmeal, I sometimes find it hard to eat when the weather gets warmer.

While that hasn’t happened just yet, I am feeling the inspiration to start experimenting with other breakfast foods, including some “cold” cereals.

I picked up this box of Kashi Autumn Wheat over the weekend.

It was on sale at Target and has a very short (and organic) ingredients list. Also, it was the only one I could find of their selection that did not contain honey (I’m not a total avoider but I try to when I can).

I enjoyed a bowl this morning with plain soymilk and a sliced banana.

The “biscuits” were crunchy and held up in the milk really well. The taste was just slightly sweet and unlike some less fibrous cereals, it kept me full for a good 4 hours.

According to Tina, the NuVal score for the Kashi Autumn Wheat cereal is 40. This isn’t too bad, considering Kashi Strawberry Fields scores an 11 and Kashi 7 Whole Grain Flakes gets a 29. Each serving contains 6 grams each of protein and fiber, plus just 7 grams of sugar.

I like reading about the NuVal scores because they give you an overall picture of the nutritional value of the product and don’t just base it on one or two factors. By the way, if you missed my guest post at Trading Up Downtown, you can check it out here 🙂

Two of the better ones listed on the NuVal site are Post Shredded Wheat ‘n Bran (NuVal Score: 91) and Hodgson Mill Unprocessed Wheat Bran (NuVal Score: 100), neither of which sound very tasty. But I suppose adding fruit & soymilk would make a difference.

I am constantly striving to find a tasty, affordable and nutritious cereal. I love Cheerios but let’s face it, they are painfully low in fiber and protein. Quaker Oatmeal Squares taste so good but they have 10 grams of sugar per serving! Not to mention both of those are “red light” foods in my house.

The Ezekiel Golden Flax is an almost perfect cereal for me, but I hate to pay $5+ for a box.

Do you have any cereal recommendations? I’m on the hunt for a low sugar, moderate protein & fiber, vegan cereal that isn’t too expensive. Anyone up for the challenge?

Smoothies in winter?

Even though I woke up to 12 degrees outside this morning, I made a smoothie for breakfast!


This smoothie contained 1 cup of rice milk, 1/2 cup frozen pineapple and 1 tbsp Sun Warrior protein powder. Unfortunately it was not very good but it’s all about figuring out the right combo.

The mini bagel with White Chocolate Wonderful was just lovely 🙂

Mid-morning, I snacked on some carrots and salsa. Can you tell I’m trying to use stuff up at home?


I didn’t take photos of lunch again because like yesterday, it’s just boring and today’s lunch was a carbon copy of last night’s dinner.

Before our run today, I snacked on a Larabar that happened to be the same color as the shirt I was wearing today 😉


After our run and on the way to a meeting, I knew it would be a while before I ate again so I tried these Luna snacks from my pantry.


These were not that good! I really like the pomegranate flavor but I just ate these for the calories. I will not get this flavor again.

After our half marathon training meeting, I came home to a new frozen pizza to try. No cheese!


It seemed a little skimpy on the veggies at first.


But looking at these pictures makes it seem like there was more on there than I initially noticed.


While I waited for the pizza to cool off, I started on a nice glass of iced tea. Summer, are you here yet?


For dinner, I had two slices of pizza with some broccoli and Smart Balance Light.

This meal hit the spot! I loved the crunchy crust of the pizza (I cooked mine an additional 2 minutes than the box said to do).


Take a good look…this is tomorrow’s lunch, ha ha ha.

It’s almost bedtime over here so I’d better sign off. Hope you had a great day, GOOD NIGHT 🙂

My throat hurts

For breakfast this morning, I broke out some Great Harvest bread that I bought on Saturday. This one is vegan 🙂


I toasted up two slices with pumpkin butter and peanut butter. Plus an apple on the side for some fruitiness.


On the way to work, Mom treated me to a soy chai tea latte, which really hit the spot on my still, very sore and achy throat. If it doesn’t clear up by Wednesday, I am going to the doctor!

Mid morning I snacked on some more plantain chips, love these things.


Good thing I only bought one bag 😉

For lunch, I had some leftover spaghetti squash from Saturday. It was really good again today! I’m so glad I finally tried it.


Speaking of spaghetti squash check out my latest Examiner article: Swap your spaghetti for squash

I sipped on some hot tea during class today which also seemed to soothe my throat. Class was also interesting today as we learned more about weight training!

I snacked on some mixed nuts later in the afternoon.


When I got home, I immediately knew what I was going to make for dinner. EGGPLANT!


I sliced up a medium eggplant, then put some hemp milk and corn meal in separate bowls, dipping each piece of eggplant in the milk then meal.


Then I cooked them in the oven at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. Voila!


On the side I made some couscous, which I have been craving for a while!


I’m a simple girl. This plain couscous was AWESOME. All together now…


I really enjoyed my dinner 🙂 The eggplant slices came out kind of crunchy like chips!

After I ate, I did a lot of housework that sort of got left by the wayside this weekend while I wasn’t feeling good and out of town yesterday. I decided to use that as my activity! But I do have a work out scheduled for tomorrow, depending on how I feel.

For a snack a little while ago, I had some Honey Sunshine Kashi cereal with hemp milk. I’m getting used to the hemp milk and I was pleased to see it contains Omega 3’s.


I may or may not have had some blood orange Dots too 😉 Ahh, my throat is so sore. I’m off to gargle some salt water and go to bed!

Good night 🙂

p.s. Don’t forget to enter my amazing coupon giveaway before this Friday!

So excited

Happy Friday everyone!

I am so excited about going vegan next month. I have received a ton of support, not just here on the blog, but on Twitter also! You guys are so awesome, you have no idea 🙂

I also learned today about this little thing called Vegan MoFo III that I learned about from Happy Herbivore and Andrea at Care to Eat.


It stands for The Vegan Month of Food. Basically, for an entire month (October), bloggers from all over the country will be doing a vegan challenge and writing about it! I’m excited to be participating and also to have so many vegan blogs to refer to.

Now onto what I ate today…

For breakfast, I had a tasty green monster. This has to help fight off a cold right?


So tasty. I’m so glad they are back in my life. I’m not sure why they went missing in the first place? 😉

On the way to work, Mom offered to buy me a coffee, so I got a soy latte. Aren’t moms the best? I forgot to take a picture though!

I snacked on half a PB sandwich mid morning too. I don’t know what it is but when I get sick with cold like symptoms, my appetite goes up not down. But I’m going with it.


Lunch was another Kashi meal I hadn’t ever tried. They actually have quite a few vegan options it’s just a matter of finding them in the store. Luckily, I stumbled upon this one last time.


It was way better than I expected. I think the white beans were what did it for me. Perhaps if I ever make myself pasta at home again (it’s been a while) I could add them.


I liked how it was lots of veggies and just a little sauce. Sometimes too much sauce can give me heartburn! I would definitely get this one again.

I got hungry a few hours later but had no interest in the snack I brought. I had been drinking hot tea all day (alternating with water) so I was looking for some crunch in my life.


This was good but I think I liked the apple one better. This totally hit the spot though.

Right as I was getting ready to leave work, I actually got hungry again! So I had the yogurt I had snubbed earlier.


I’m so glad I took a rest day. I am feeling a lot better than I did this morning so I’m hoping an early bed time will help even more.

For dinner, we went to Taco Bell. As I mentioned in my last post, Josh was surprised because I never want to go there. I ordered two of the vegan options off the menu that I’d read about earlier.


Fresco Bean Burrito (beans, pico de gallo-I think, wrapped in a tortilla) and cinnamon twists. This meal was pretty decent especially for fast food.

Josh ate some tacos and burritos and he was happy 🙂

I had one of my favorite snacks tonight too!


We are now watching “Saturday Night Live : The Best of Will Ferrel” which I  had forgotten how funny that was. Once it’s over, I’m going to bed.

I’ve got an early wake up call to do a walk for the American Heart Association tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, I think we’re going to get rained on but I’m still going to do my best to get down there.

Have a great night and a wonderful tomorrow!

Take me to Santa Fe

Happy Monday blog peeps!

It was a good day…went by fast and I got a lot accomplished. Plus some good eats too 🙂 Have I mentioned before that I don’t mind Mondays, ha ha.

I drove to work today since I was meeting friends for dinner so I parked in the same lot and walked just over a mile into work. Great way to start a beautiful day!

Breakfast this morning was the 5 grain cereal I told you about last week, topped with some blueberries and almond butter. I’m going through this AB too fast, I may have to slow down a bit before it’s all gone!


I drank some coffee with non-dairy (supposedly right) creamer which must’ve kept me full because I completely skipped over a morning snack. But I still took my 15 minute break walk!

For lunch, I had another vegan Kashi meal. I’ve had this one before and I still like it, but Mayan Harvest Bake is still my fave 😉


I need some recipes stat. Gotta stop relying on these convenience foods. But they are okay once in a while.


After lunch, I enjoyed some English Breakfast tea with a piece of real dark chocolate. And a calcium supplement!


I had class today and once again, I started nodding off. I don’t know what this is but I’m trying to figure it out so I can fix it. I think the room is just too warm, rather than it being something I’m eating 😉

I ended up eating both of my snacks over the course of the afternoon.


The last of my popcorn!


And my last mini Larabar 😦

After work I walked the 1+ mile back to my car and got ready to meet my friends for dinner, which I also walked too (just 5 minutes from the car). We went to this little place right near work that we heard had cheap Mexican food that was better than Q’Doba.

Santa Fe Mexican Grill


And I mean it’s a small place 🙂


We all shared some of the chips and salsa.


The chips were good but not the best I’ve ever had. But I had a good portion of them with some salsa.

For my entree, I had a Vegetal (veggie) burrito Mexican style.


It contained guacamole, beans, rice, onion and cilantro. I asked for no cheese 🙂

The burrito was so good! The guac was tasty and the thing was just stuffed with goodness. I love having beans and rice together. It was huge when it came out to the table so I cut it in half to keep me from eating it all. It worked too!

I can’t wait to have the leftovers. My bill? A whopping $5.30! I left a good tip since the food was so cheap.

When I got home, I enjoyed some more tea and another piece of dark chocolate.


Just FYI, I don’t count a piece of dark chocolate as “dessert” as you know I’ve limited that to just one day a week (Wednesday most of the time).

To me, desserts are things like cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, etc. Things that need to be kept in moderation for sure, in my case.

I’m excited that on the day I chose to take the vegan thing easy, I did it…rather easily! I think. Not sure about that creamer earlier today, haha.

Hope you all had a great day! It’s time for me to catch some z’s.

Later y’all!

p.s. RIP Patrick Swayze 😦

Sleepy Saturday

Well, I think we can almost officially call this Fall now! The leaves are turning, the weather is cooler (at least in the morning and evening hours), Starbucks have Pumpkin Spice lattes back…IT IS FALL!!

I’m so excited because I think this is becoming my favorite time of year. Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of winter but perhaps I can be creative this year and find a way to enjoy that season more too 😉

So, where to begin! Oh yeah, let’s start with how Friday went down…

Breakfast was plain oat bran with banana and almond butter. The jar is almost empty so you know what that means…oats in a jar soon!

NewFoodpics 092

Then mid morning I snacked on more banana and PB after a 15 minute walk (this was half, the banana from this morning was huge):

NewFoodpics 093

For lunch, I had one of my favorite vegan convenience meals!

NewFoodpics 094

I don’t want to become dependent on these but it got me through this time 😉

YUM! Just as good the second time around…

NewFoodpics 095

After lunch digested, I went to the gym for a 40 minute treadmill workout with Farrah. We did walking and running intervals until we reached 3 miles…went something like this – 5 min walking warm up (2.5 mph), Run 5 minutes (5.5 mph), Walk 2.5 minutes (3.8 mph) – repeat run/walk sequence 4 times – cool down walking for 5 minutes. In the run sequences I did 6.0 for the last minute a few times.

It was awesome! I felt like I could’ve pushed it more but I didn’t because I want to honor my body and not reach those limits as I’m not a competitive athlete or anything. My body thanked me by not being sore and I wasn’t too tired either.

Snacks were some REAL dark chocolate (no milkfat in this piece):

NewFoodpics 096

Some almonds…

NewFoodpics 097

For dinner, I convinced Josh to go to Shalimar, a really great Indian restaurant here in town. I ordered what I’ve seen Gina eat several times…Baingan Bartha!


I had mine over some rice with garlic naan on the side. I think this dish was vegan, no? It was just peas, eggplant and sauce I think. Geez, it was so good. I ate most of it, but not all.


Even though I felt pregnant (with a food baby) for the next couple of hours, I still managed to eat a serving of ice cream (not vegan trying to use it up):

NewFoodpics 098

Then we watched a couple of bad movies (The Mummy Dragon Emperor something or other, dumb and Valkyrie which wasn’t too bad actually) and I snacked on two sheets of graham crackers (these need to leave my house like now) and a couple of marshmallows.

Then I had some tea and went to bed 🙂 Zzzzz…


Hello Saturday!

For breakfast, I had two very non-vegan Eggo waffles with PB and banana. I decided to have fun and make a waffle-wich!

NewFoodpics 100

On a Pokemon plate no less. Haha. Close up of the yummy goodness…

NewFoodpics 101

On the way to meet my mom for a nice walk at the park with Suzie, I grabbed a tall soy latte from the ‘Bucks. It was tasty…I think there soy latte feels like a treat even though it’s fairly low in calories! I resisted the pumpkin spice latte for now 😉

At the park, we walked around the track twice which is about 2.4 miles, plus walking to and from the car, we got a good workout in! So did my silly dog.

For lunch, we went to Mimi’s Cafe, which is easily my favorite restaurant. While perusing the menu though, I couldn’t help but think how hard it would be for a vegan to eat there.

I ended up getting the veggie burger with fresh fruit. I only used half the bun as it was huge and not even close to whole grain.


This was pretty good and definitely filled me up. But I can’t eat veggie burgers all the time…

I think I might write to the company…not to complain, but just to find out their suggestions for vegan menu options. Other that a garden salad with no dressing…that’s what I’m finding on the websites out there – that’s not a meal!

I also had some delicious unsweetened raspberry tea 🙂


Before I went grocery shopping, I popped a piece of real dark chocolate. Now that I am back home, I’m thinking it is time for a nap. I’m going out with some girls to Ramsi’s tonight…I see falafel in my future…and it is beautious!

Have a great day friends!

That’s not vegan

Wow, you guys, I am simply amazed at how hard it is to eat vegan-ly. I haven’t gone full blown yet but I have spent the past couple of days observing the ingredients in some of the things I eat and hardly anything is vegan! It’s amazing what sneaks into some products.

Breakfast this morning was my very last Holey Donut, Banana Cream Pie. I remember not caring much for this one the first time around but I must’ve heated it right this time because the banana insides were so creamy and delicious. Unfortunately, as I read on their website, this filling has HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. Bad, bad, bad.

NewFoodpics 087

NewFoodpics 088

On the side I had a Morningstar Farms sausage patty (so not vegan, contains lots of milk ingredients) and some strawberries.

NewFoodpics 086

Sadly, after two strawberries, they just didn’t taste good so I threw the rest away 😦 I don’t know if it was just that it didn’t go with what I was eating, if they were too sweet (and I’m not used to it anymore), or what. Sad though.

My walk this morning was great though. The 15 minutes really starts to fly by when you make it a habit. When I got back I munched on these, which Kashi so graciously sent me last week 🙂


These were so good! Not vegan but good. Haha. They reminded me of a cereal I’d had before but I couldn’t quite place it. Anyone know? I want to say Honeycombs or something like that, but I never ate those so that can’t be it. Thanks Kashi!

I would probably buy these myself depending on how far I take this vegan thing. Obviously not too far yet 😉

For lunch, I had a “let’s use up what’s in the fridge” salad of romaine lettuce, cucumbers and pinto beans. Doesn’t sound like much but it tasted good and held me quite a while too.


On my afternoon walk, I remembered this picture I took last week of an albino squirrel on campus. They are actually pretty common (on campus) but I hadn’t seen one in a while and I know a lot of you haven’t so I tried to get a good pic with my camera phone!

albino squirrel

He was closer to me but he kept running away from the crazy lady with the phone, haha.

For my snack, I had some more almonds.


Then I went to a meeting, left work and hit the gym for a quick 30 minute workout. I did upper body (chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps) weights, abs, and legs getting in two sets of every exercise. It was quick and simple but I definitely felt it when I was leaving!

Dinner was another “throw together what’s left in the fridge” meal…can you tell it’s almost grocery shopping day, and we’re going out of town next weekend!

NewFoodpics 089

This is leftover barley, mixed stir fry veggies, spaghetti sauce and Morningstar Farms veggie crumbles (the only non-vegan ingredient). I’ve made a dish similar to this before and it looks and sounds disgusting to some, but it’s so good.

I’ve successfully used up a lot of stuff in our freezer and refrigerator, yay!

After dinner had settled, I met my friend Candy for a walk at the park. It is such a cool, cloudy evening, perfect walking weather. We went three times around the track which is 3 miles, in about 45 minutes!

When I got home, I was thinking of “desserts” but what I really wanted was a “snack” and my body was telling me banana and PB, so I listened and put down the dark chocolate.

NewFoodpics 091

I’m 110% satisfied and content. It’s amazing what listening to your body does and giving it what it really wants and not what you think you should be having. I wish I could do this every time, but I will cherish this one 😉

I also drank two big ol’ glasses of water because this girl was thirsty!

Time to start settling down for the night. Hooray, tomorrow is Friday and the looong weekend can begin. Have a good one everybody!


Happy Friday everyone! Whew, thank goodness it’s the weekend 😉 I can’t wait to get it started!

You are probably wondering about the title of this post.

After yesterday’s short bursts of walking challenge that led to me completing 99 minutes of walking in one day, I wondered how well I could do that with other aspects of fitness.

So today…I tried squats.

But first, for breakfast, I had a smoothie made with skim milk, a banana and a packet of this Jay Robb whey protein powder:

NewFoodpics 049

When I bought this, I had wanted to get the brown rice protein because I had seen it recommended by so many other bloggers, like Jess, but my Whole Foods only had this and the egg white protein.

Here’s how it looked after the blend!

NewFoodpics 050

I was not that impressed…this tasted mostly like banana and not very chocolatey at all – not like Carnation Instant Breakfast. Man, I wish this tasted like that or that CIB didn’t contain Splenda. Bummer.

Anyway, it still filled me up and got me going for the day. I just won’t buy that again. Not when I’m expecting chocolate anyway.

While I was in the shower, I did 10 squats. Then when I was brushing my teeth, I did 10 more!

Mid morning at work, I snacked on some Fage 2% with almond butter. Seriously good. Maybe better with peanut butter, but certainly not bad 😉

NewFoodpics 051

I also went back to drinking my coffee black today. I ran out of creamer a while ago and I’m coming down to the end of my milk stash with no plans to replace it (except for maybe some rice milk, I like to alternate). So I had it straight up, which is just fine by me. I’m one of those who likes the taste of coffee 🙂

At work, I set a goal – every time I go to the bathroom, I would do 10 squats. We have a semi-private restroom at work, so this was no problem. And since I drink water all day long, don’t you know, I did 60 squats at work!

For lunch, I had a smorgasbord of a chik’n patty with spicy mustard, carrots and cucumbers with cilantro hummus and a La Croix.

NewFoodpics 052

I also walked some today. I walked over a mile from the car, took both of my 15 minute breaks and got out for 30 minutes again at lunch time.

Mid afternoon, I drank some chamomile tea and ate a cheese snack.

NewFoodpics 053

But then I got hungry again, like majorly, so I took my second break and walked to the bookstore for a snack.

NewFoodpics 054

The choices were limited of course, but I got this bar because it only has 6 grams of sugar and contains 4g fiber and 6 protein! I also tried a new drink:

NewFoodpics 055

SoBe Lifewater 0 – Acai fruit punch. I think I’ve tried almost all of these now and this one if MY FAVORITE! I loved it. But I don’t want to drink these too much because, naturally sweetened or not, I don’t want my body to get hooked on sweet-tasting stuff again. But it worked for today.

On the way back to my car this afternoon, I took a longer way to the lot, which had me walk about a mile and a half.

So, in total, I’ve walked 101 minutes and so far, I’ve done 90 squats. I never changed my clothes, I never walked into a gym. I feel great! I’m going to do 10 more before the night is over…might as well hit an even 100 🙂

For dinner, Josh and I went to Shane’s Rib Shack, which we had been to before when my family was in town from Texas. I got pretty much the same thing, only my sides were different.

NewFoodpics 056

Chopped BBQ chicken with potato salad and green beans. It was good, especially for someone who doesn’t love BBQ, but I’m completely satisfied. I gave Josh my Texas toast.

I didn’t do it this time but Josh said something about me photographing his food to show how differently we eat from each other. Would you want to see that every once in a while? It would be interesting for some of you I’m sure. We are VERY different 🙂

Well, I’d better go, we’re about to watch “I Love You, Man” which Courtney has declared a classic. She and I have similar tastes, so I trust her. Hope you all have fun, good night!

p.s. I’m eating ice cream soon, just so you know 😉 Once it’s outta my house though, it’s on hiatus.


For me, one of the best things about blogging and sharing your journey is the amazing support that you receive from readers and other bloggers who understand where you are coming from.

Mari replied to my post from earlier about my most recent changes and I am so thankful for her, girl you are awesome!

Anyway, today was just a regular Monday I guess. Actually it was pretty great considering it was Monday. I started today off like I do most days with my oats!


Today’s combo was a bit different…I only used half a banana since I ate half of one the other day with a snack. And I went back up to 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup milk and 1/4 cup of water. Still one spoon of PB though. I am currently using Smucker’s all natural creamy. It’s on sale at Kroger for $1.99!

This was so good, it truly never gets old, for me anyway.

I had a workout with my friend at 10 a.m. and today was a cardio day. We started off warming up for 5 minutes on the treadmill, then we “rowed” with an elastic band for 10 minutes, jumped rope for 10 minutes (in 30 seconds jumping, 15 seconds rest intervals), then ran outside for 5 minutes (so fun), and came back in for a sweaty, 5 minute cooldown = 35 minutes.

In case you are wondering, we are using a workout program she found on the internet that goes for 50+ days so you have a new workout each time you go to the gym. It’s been great switching it up so much and we’re in the 30’s on the days so we still have a good few weeks left — just in time for when we start training again in the Fall (for runs).

I got back to work and drank lots of water and did a little bit of work before I decided I was not going to eat a mid-morning snack, I was just going to wait a little bit and eat lunch. I wasn’t that hungry yet (that was some powerful oatmeal) and felt more like eating my lunch next than a snack.

Could be because it was one of the best things ever…leftover pizza! I finally got hungry around 11:45.


I had the other half of my Kashi Roasted Vegetable pizza from last night’s dinner, plus a carrot with the rest of my Sabra hummus.

Don’t you just love how all the flavors of pizza soak in overnight and are so much more powerful the next day? Yum.

After writing that post earlier, I noticed again how incredible I am feeling — no mid afternoon slump. In fact, I got a lot of work done, figured out what to make for dinner and had some peppermint tea, which is pretty much my favorite 🙂

Even though I did have carbs with lunch, it was minimal (very thin pizza crust) and I didn’t feel like I needed something sweet after lunch like I used to. I also notice that now that I don’t eat fruit or other sugary stuff with lunch, I don’t get hungry for my afternoon snack as soon (I’m usually ready at 2, which makes a 6 or 7 o’clock dinner rough).

Around 3:00, I got a little hungry, so I had a hard boiled egg that was supposed to be my mid morning snack.


This held me well as I continued to work away with no yawning or sitting in front of the computer mindlessly trying to remember what I had been doing. No more hitting the vending machine for a diet soda or M&M’s on days like that. No need. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, but I quit chewing gum too. And surprisingly, now that it has been a couple of weeks now, I don’t even miss it! A habit I thought I could never break.

About 4:45, I got a hunger pang and decided dinner was still far enough off that another snack would not ruin my appetite and also I didn’t want to be starving when I got home because I was going to need some time to prepare it.

So, I had this mozzarella cheese stick…


I was so excited about the dinner I thought of!

I got a 14 ounce bag of shrimp at Walmart over the weekend (for 5 bucks!) and knew that was going to be an ingredient. I love eating seafood like shrimp, tuna and salmon because I need those Omega-3’s for my low HDL cholesterol. Plus they taste good 😉

I decided to make a stir fry, incorporating a summer squash that I needed to use up and the rest of a red pepper from the fridge, plus an entire container of mushrooms. Oh and I used 2 cups of shrimp. This will serve as two meals for me 🙂


I put 1 tbsp of healthy canola oil (which also contains Omega 3) in the pan before cooking and then tossed in 1/4 cup Texas Pete Buffalo sauce for some flava! It’s almost like what I get at BD’s, only homemade and much cheaper!

I threw the veggies on first to let them brown a bit before putting the shrimp in (they were thawed from frozen and are already fully cooked).

I swear, I thought I took a picture of my bowl, but it’s not here — I must’ve gotten really excited to eat, haha. It tasted really good but much like the pizza, I’m looking forward to the leftovers that have a chance to sit in that buffalo sauce for a while 😉 I just checked and the sauce I use has no sugar (they use xanthan gum)! I didn’t even know…cool.

I’d better go, I gotta go yell at my husband who is playing Guitar Hero laying down…that’s just not cool…or rock ‘n roll. Good night!