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Almond butter is awesome

Thanks everyone for your feedback on how often you post your meals.

I’m definitely still giving it a lot of thought and I think I’m close to making a decision about how I want this blog to “flow” 🙂

Breakfast on Wednesday was pumpkin oat bran with raisins and almond butter.


I love, love, love peanut butter but man…there is just something about almond butter, I can’t explain it. It’s just awesome! Yeah, I suck at writing titles by the way.

I had black coffee and nuts mid-morning but forgot to photograph them.

Lunch was a Morningstar Grilled Chik’n patty with hummus on whole wheat bread and a side salad with balsamic.


Don’t worry, that was only half the salad I packed in the container!


My salads have been pretty boring but mostly I’m just trying to use ‘em up before they go out of date!

I had some Jasmine tea after lunch, it’s one of my favorites 🙂


Then my afternoon snack was a banana and peanut butter.


I think I am doing pretty good on my No Bars During Lent challenge. It’s made me realize a lot of things, one of which is that I’m missing out on eating stuff like this!


I think once Lent is over, I might keep a couple of bars in the pantry for emergencies or times when I can’t make another snack but I definitely want to try to keep this up long term.

Later, I drank this after my awesome gym workout.


I’m afraid I might be trading one $1/day habit for another. Hmm…

That V-water is my favorite though, it tastes just like Tang and I mean that in a good way 😉

When I got home from the gym, I was hungry enough that I needed something to hold me over while I cooked dinner, so I snacked on some more nuts.


Speaking of nuts, check out my guest post over at Trading Up Downtown, where I learned about NuVal scores and “traded up” a few of my products (including these nuts, which score a 49, compared to a 9 for cashews).

Next up, a girl’s night potluck recap where I made a dish I have never tried before!


After posting about Lent yesterday and having some time to think and talk to a few friends, I still had no idea what I was going to “give up” this year.

But then it hit me…I shouldn’t be searching for “bad things” to give up like the occasional diet soda or my strange fascination with tortilla chips…no.

I also considered giving up television and the internet but I still need the weather reports.

Rather, I should be giving up something I love, something that I see every day. Something I have become dependent on.

Because as Matt put it on Twitter this morning: “I always thought Lent was about sacrifice, not self-improvement.”

I also read Heather’s latest post where she decided to give up Stevia during Lent because it is something she has been using often and as she so eloquently put it: “That’s the whole point of Lent right – to give up something you love?”

So, in honor of those two amazing bloggers, I will now tell you what I have decided to give up. This is going to be hard…


No, not the places, I’m not big on those anyway. I mean these:

I’m a little late getting started as I have one Larabar in my bag to eat today.

When is Easter? April 4, 2010.

So starting tomorrow (Feb. 20) through April 4, I’m giving up bars!

What am I going to learn from this?

  • To be more creative with my snacks 
  • To spend less money since I buy bars that are at least $1/each
  • Eat more whole foods as snacks
  • That I can go this long without eating bars!

I’ve enjoyed reading the responses of what you all are giving up. Keep ’em coming!

What I’m giving up for Lent

I grew up in the Catholic faith but haven’t practiced in some time. But I never really converted away from it or anything. 

I consider myself a Christian and while I do attend a Baptist church, for me, it is more about having a relationship with Christ than what denomination you are. This is so not what this post is about, ha ha!

Anyway, even though I’m not Catholic, I still appreciate the season of Lent. According to Wikipedia, which describes it better than I could:

The traditional purpose of Lent is the preparation of the believer — through prayer, penitence, almsgiving and self-denial — for the annual commemoration during Holy Week of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus, which recalls the events linked to the Passion of Christ and culminates in Easter, the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Conventionally, it is described as being forty days long, though different denominations calculate the forty days differently. The forty days represent the time that, according to the Bible, Jesus spent in the desert before the beginning of his public ministry, where he endured temptation by Satan.

It is also a time where many in both the religious and secular worlds choose to give up their unhealthy vices and McDonald’s runs a sale on their fried fish sandwiches (don’t even get me started on that one). One of my favorite ideas in years past was instead of giving up something, add something in like daily exercise, a Bible study, or charitable endeavors.

I am a follower of Jesus, so this is a special time leading up to Easter, and I like to be focused and intentional in remembering the sacrifices He made for me. But I also like the idea of sacrificing something that is unhealthy for you. I’ve heard many stories of people who gave something up for Lent and kept it going afterwards.

I’ve also read on Twitter that a few people are going vegetarian or vegan for Lent! I hope they keep that up as well.

Yesterday, I went through my usual list of “demons”: diet soda, caffeine (which isn’t all bad, just too much), etc. But really, since I went Crap Free in February 2009 and vegan in October, I don’t have much left in my life that I find unhealthy or a vice, if you will. I don’t even chew gum anymore!

So I had to dig deep. What am I doing that is unhealthy for me? What do I need to sacrifice in order to learn something?

Stay tuned…

So you observe Lent? What are you doing this year?