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My “get buff” workout

I started off with another green monster this morning. These can just do no wrong by me, now that I have found the perfect combination of ingredients!


For lunch today, I had leftover tofu that I made Sunday night. I used a brand I’m familiar with but this time I used “firm” instead of “extra firm.”


I couldn’t tell a really big difference between firm and extra firm, both are good. Talk about a dish that can do no wrong now that I have found the right combination of ingredients!

It took me forever to perfect baked tofu. Totally worth the wait though.


Before I left work, I fueled up on a Clif bar that I hadn’t had in a while.


I read through the ingredients, didn’t see anything iffy, only a statement saying it might contain “trace elements” of dairy. Today, it was worth it. I love this bar!


After work, I hit the gym for a KILLER WORKOUT!

I started off doing 10 minutes on the stepmill/stairmaster using an “endurance” program. I had it set for 15 minutes but didn’t make it all the way.

How does Kath do it? That machine kicked my butt!

Then I embarked on my weight lifting routine. These days, I am focusing on heavier weights and lower reps to build strength. I’m hoping to alternate it with the opposite to keep up muscle endurance as well.

  • Chest presses – 22.5 lb dumbbells; 1×10, 1×8, 1×6
  • Shoulder presses – 17.5 lbs; 1×8, 1×6, 1×5
  • Bicep curls – 17.5 lbs; 1×10, 1×7, 1×5
  • Tricep extensions – 20 lbs (1 dumbbell); 1×12, 1×10, 1×10
  • Squats – 15 lb bar; 3×30
  • Lunges – 15 lb bar; 3×30 (15 each leg)
  • Plie squats -  8 lb medicine ball; 3×20
  • Calf raises – 15 lb bar; 1×25, 1×30, 1×25
  • Abs – 6 exercises, 25 reps each

I kind of cut it short on abs because I ran out of time, so I think I will try for those tomorrow!

I took a one minute (timed) break between each set. By the time I was done, I was a sweaty, shaky mess, but in a good way. I’m running tomorrow so hopefully my legs won’t be too sore 😉

For dinner tonight, I made some lentils that had been in my cabinet for a while. I cooked them per the instructions on the bag and added some green pepper and onion that I sautéed.


They were decent but could’ve used an extra “kick” ya know?

I steamed some green beans on the side (yum) and had a piece of toast with SB (Smart Balance Light).


I also enjoyed a glass of Funky Llama 🙂


Ew, ignore my dirty stove top! Well, I just told you about it so how did that help? Ha ha.

I just snacked on some cinnamon bread with peanut butter and chocolate chips.


I “splurged” this week and got the Nestle brand semi-sweet morsels and OH MY GOSH, they are so much better than the generic ones I had been getting!

Sometimes when you buy an off brand there is no difference and it is good to save money but then there are times like this, when the extra $$ (less than a dollar) is totally worth it!

What about you? Do you buy the “name” brands or do you get the cheaper stuff? Do you notice a difference?

I’m off to enjoy some tea and rest these muscles of mine. Good night 🙂