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Fleur de Lis Cafe, Take 2

I first visited this restaurant with a group of friends back in September. I was really impressed with the food and of course the half priced bottles of wine 🙂

This time, I had a Living Social coupon that I needed to use, so my friend Courtney and I decided to hit the place up for lunch after some shopping in the Highlands.

Yes, the vegan options are limited but I was grateful that they at least have them. Plus there are a few things on the menu that could be “veganized” if need be.

For lunch, I ordered the Vegan Muffaletta:

Fleur de lisFor my side I got a “side salad” which was a funny name because it was huge!

Fleur de lis 2

The food was really delicious and the service was just as good. Since we had a Living Social coupon we did not have to pay much for the meal but we sure did tip the waiter well. 🙂

I just love the place, it’s atmosphere is cute and cozy, they have good food and good service. They weren’t very busy when we first got there, but it picked up and we always had enough of everything we needed.

My only complaint? They really need to update their website. Their menu is far more vast than what appears online!

Happy Thursday 🙂

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Timing is (not) everything

As I sit here, at 10:30 in the morning, I am already really hungry for lunch. This is the third day in a row, only it keeps getting earlier and earlier (11:30, 11, 10:30). I keep wondering what I’m doing “wrong” or what I could possibly change to make it “better.” Silly me!

But I eat a decent-sized breakfast, in fact I know which ones will keep me full the longest (you’ll rarely see me eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast). I had a snack already too (usually I’m not hungry for a snack until 10). I also realize that this could just be caused by hormones and that this entire post is unnecessary, ha ha. But what the heck?

Honestly though, timing does not matter. You should eat when you are hungry and not by that clock that you fight with in your head.

On the flip side, if you are not hungry, don’t eat just because you think it is “lunch time.” Give your body a chance to catch up. I know for some who take the traditional “lunch hour” at work, it is hard to just eat intuitively but give it a shot. Eat at your desk if you can (when you are hungry) and use your lunch hour to take a walk 🙂

That being said, I do plan to try a few things to see if they make any difference:

1) Eat breakfast later – The first thing I do in the morning is feed the dog and then myself. This is usually around 6-6:15 in the morning. Sometimes I am starving and sometimes I could wait a little longer, depending on what I ate the night before. So, I’m going to start gauging my hunger in the mornings and if I’m not really hungry at 6, I’m going to go ahead and do everything else I need to first and then eat breakfast last (more like 7-7:15).

2) Eat a larger breakfast – Now, we’re not talking huge or anything but I might up my serving size of oats and/or maybe add another spoonful of peanut butter. Maybe add vegan protein powder to my oats occasionally too.

3) Eat lunch early (and have 2 afternoon snacks) – Another option may be just planning to eat lunch early if that’s what my body wants. But since I don’t eat dinner until 6 or 7 most nights, this may mean the addition of another afternoon snack (or a bulkier one).

4) Drink more water – It’s true that sometimes we feel hungry and our body really just needs water. Lately, I have slacked (just a little bit) on water because it is cold and the water I drink is cold. I think I might try some warm water with lemon and then drink my cold water with an extra sweater on.

Now that we’ve had this discussion, I’m going to go eat lunch!

How do you handle it when your body calls for an “early” meal?