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Green soup and stir fry madness

Yesterday for breakfast, I bulked up my oatmeal!


I used 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup plain soymilk, 1/4 cup of water. Then I added a tbsp of flaxseed meal, and my usual bananas and PB. This definitely kept me full for a while!

For lunch, I tried another new soup for me. I remember the days when I thought split pea soup was just what they used for The Exorcist!


It was quite green!


While it wasn’t my preferred consistency of split pea soup, it had a very unique taste to others I have tried.

It was kind of “peppery” and even a bit on the spicy side. I really enjoyed it. Whole wheat English muffin on the side.


I was planning on making baked tofu for dinner but then I remembered the tasty stir fry I made last week and all of the ones Mari has been enjoying lately.

So stir fry it was!

I started with the tofu this time, pressing out the water and browning it a bit.


Then I added this entire bag of veggies.



Then I poured a tablespoon of each of these into the skillet.


It was an interesting combination for sure, but it came out great! Sweet, hot and salty? Yes, please.


The veggies were good, I love asparagus and squash. I almost got a different bag but I’m so glad I went with this one.

Pita on the side with some Smart Balance Light. Perfect dinner!


I’m going to have to take a page out of Mari’s book next time and add some peanut butter!

Vegan brownies for dessert of course 🙂


I can’t wait to make more recipes out of My Sweet Vegan…perhaps later today?

Hungry runner



This little guy (think it was a possum) was sitting outside our building this morning when I came into work. I’d seen it once before on the other side of campus!

I tried to get him to turn around but he couldn’t hear me tapping on the glass (I so would not have taken this if there weren’t glass between us, ha ha). I never thought I’d say this about a possum, but it was cute 😉

Breakfast this morning was oats in a jar again!



I snacked on some chips, fruit and veggies at a work party. Then a couple hours later it was lunch time!


These soups were on sale at Whole Foods this weekend. I can’t remember if I’d already had it before but I decided to try it anyway.


The soup was delicious! I loved the chunks of carrots in there too.

I snacked on this yogurt + granola to fuel me for my accidental 5 mile run this afternoon!


When I got home, I made Happy Herbivore’s refried bean cakes for dinner.


I topped a few of these with some spicy salsa and had some veggies and a slice of toast with Smart Balance on the side.


A little while after dinner, I was hungry again thanks to running so much today!

I decided to make exactly what I was craving…a mini serving of oats with dark chocolate dreams 🙂


Thankfully that seemed to do the trick, plus lots of water. I’m ready for some tea and Jack Bauer now!

Is there an animal people usually see as gross or scary that you think is cute?

Apparently, I’m a possum lover 😉

Take a load off

Whew, my dogs are barking! In case you have never heard that expression, it means my feet really hurt, ha ha. My great-grandma used to say it all the time. Sitting down to right this blog post is the first chance I’ve had to take a load off!

I got up early this morning and made myself a delicious breakfast of waffles with peanut butter and a faux sausage patty.

NewFoodpics 102

This is the last of the Eggo waffles and Morningstar Farms stuff. I won’t be getting them again since I know they contain dairy ingredients (among other weird ones I can’t pronounce).

I also made myself a big cup of coffee with soymilk but only ended up drinking half of it…who am I?

Then I met up with my aunts at the Zoo for a nice 4 mile walk. I was glad to start my day off this way since most of the evening is going to be spent sitting down at a birthday dinner and the UFC pay per view later on 😉

When I got home, I sorted through some coupons and make a grocery list before hitting the stores. I picked a good time to go too – our big in-state rivalry football game was this afternoon and I try not to get all caught up in the hype. I try to avoid conflict and be peaceful, haha.

I got hungry while at home, so I went ahead and ate lunch since we all know grocery shopping in that condition is not the way to go 🙂

I had Muir Glen organic savory lentil soup and it was delicious! It did not photograph very well though.

NewFoodpics 103

NewFoodpics 104

This soup had a lot of sodium! But I’m not sensitive and I try to keep products like this to a minimum. As you can see I also had a whole wheat pita pocket on the side.

I spent almost 2 hours grocery shopping! I had lots of coupons and I went to two different places to get the best deals. I only went over my $50 budget by 12 cents, but I think next week I’ll be way under because I got so much today!

When I got everything put away, I was hungry so I had some mixed nuts.

NewFoodpics 105

I swear, when I’m really needing a snack, nothing satisfies me like nuts. I don’t know if it is the protein, fat or the combo but they are perfect and I love them.

Can you tell I need a nap now? I’m about to get right on that.

We are having dinner at The Cheesecake Factory tonight for my friend Beth’s birthday! It’s only the second time I have been there and the first time since going vegetarian 🙂

Hope you all have a great Saturday.