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Daytona and Beach

Oh, to be in Daytona this week. Would’ve been nice.

Nope, we were still in Kentucky, where it is cold and snowy, watching a little race called the Daytona 500. Oh well 😉

Breakfast on Sunday was more oat bran with strawberries and peanut butter, yum!


At church, I snacked on a tangerine and then we headed to Courtney’s to watch the race.

My plate included a vegan burger on a sandwich thin, veggies and chips with salsa.


I had a few more chips with salsa over the course of the day. We also built some friends during the long red flag break in the middle of the race.


Meet our friend Daytona.


And his pet turtle, Beach! Ha ha.


When we got home, I was actually hungry for dinner but the only thing on my mind was PB&J oats, so that’s what I had!


And some more delicious tea 🙂


It was quite the interesting day! The race got pretty lame with the red flags but it was good to welcome NASCAR back for another season 😉

Are you a NASCAR fan? Who is your favorite driver?

Day 17.3: Purses, fries and Nascar

I had a great night! First off, the purse party was actually pretty cool. I usually don’t buy much at parties because things tend to be way overpriced, but I actually got a great deal on this huge thermal tote bag that I’m going to use to take my lunch to work.

I’ll have to show you all when it comes in 🙂

At the party, I snacked on some chips and salsa. Then later on for dinner, the girls and I decided to go to Penn Station for some grub. They luckily have some vegan options!

I got a grilled vegetarian sub (no cheese) with tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onions, banana peppers, mushrooms, etc. and topped it with a little mustard. I also had to get the fries because these are some of the best!


After dinner, we watched the Nascar race and I had some So Delicious chocolate velvet for dessert 🙂


I better get to bed soon, I’m hoping to get in some sort of exercise in the morning if I can get myself out of bed. It’s been so cold that it just makes me want to stay under the covers!

Hope you all had a great Saturday too. Good night!

Day 17: Target time!

Happy Saturday and good morning blog friends 🙂

I like to think I have a pretty exciting day ahead of me. First things first, I had to fuel up with some tasty breakfast.


Two pumpkin pie pancakes with a sliced banana. I am out of peanut butter! It’s crazy how foreign it seemed to eat a breakfast without any nut butter, I think I have a problem 🙂

As soon as I walk the dog and get some real clothes on (it’s so cold here) I’m headed to a new Target that was recently built close to where I live. I haven’t been to any Target in a while so I’m excited but I am on a super tight budget so I’m mostly sticking to the grocery section and the rest will be window shopping!

I’ll probably hit the Walmart that is right next door too, ha ha.

What are your plans for the day?

After shopping, I’m coming home to watch the UT v. OU game with Josh (go Horns!) and then I’m off to a purse party, dinner and a NASCAR viewing party with my favorite girls.

What a Saturday! Let’s get it started.

Fast cars, lots of food

Yesterday, we “celebrated” the Daytona 500, aka the Superbowl of Nascar though they have their’s at the beginning of the season! I’m actually in a Nascar fantasy league this year so I’m going to try to follow the races more than normal. I grew up watching Nascar with my parents incase you were wondering…I don’t really have a die-hard, favorite driver but my husband loves Tony Stewart, so I root for him and I like Dale Earnhardt, Jr. 🙂

Bagelful, turkey sausage, orange, chocolate milk

Bagelful, turkey sausage, orange, chocolate milk












Breakfast actually did a good job of holding me, I also had a cup of coffee with 1% milk but I didn’t drink it all. When I got home and walked the dog, I decided to have a snack before the party…not that it helped 😉



Add this to the list with Cinnamon Roll, I loved it! It has real bits of cherries in it too. Cherry almost always ends up being my favorite flavor of any yogurt, so I should’ve remembered that I liked this one. YUM!
And now for the “damage” of the race…
Buffalo Wild Wings boneless wings, mac ‘n cheese, M&M’s, chips & dips, carrots & hummus, berries, caramel apple pie, cinnamon bread, Nutella and pizza (not pictured!) – WOW!
Here’s how it went down for me. Keep in mind, this took place over 6 hours and included lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, dessert, etc. After we left my friends house, I didn’t eat another thing the rest of the night and just chugged water to start flushing it out 🙂
  • 1 slice of cheese pizza
  • 4 boneless wings (2 hot, 2 mild)
  • A few handfuls of tortilla chips + spinach dip
  • Several handfuls of M&Ms
  • 1 spoonful of mac ‘n cheese (I just wanted to taste it)
  • Carrots & hummus, a few berries
  • 1 slice of cinnamon bread with nutella
  • 1 small sliver of caramel apple pie
  • Lots of water and diet soda (I alternated between the two all day)
I just realized I did take a couple of pics after all, so here they are…
Just the first plate

Just the first plate



I don’t know what the numbers were calorically, but I enjoyed myself and managed to abstain from beer and more Nutella, so I considered the day a victory. I did feel kind of stuffed though, so I don’t plan on eating that much again for a while to give my body a break and get back to healthier eats. But it was a great time and definitely worth indulging in on occasion.
Weight update — I haven’t discussed weight on here in a while and personally, I think that’s a good thing! But because of all the celebrating that’s been going on here lately, I felt compelled. January 1st, I weighed in at 149 lbs. February 1st, I was at 151. I prefer to stay under 150, but with all the holidays and birthdays, 2 lbs wasn’t that bad. After last night, I was just a bit concerned, so I checked this morning and halfway through the month, even with all I’ve been doing, I’m at 150!
I was so happy and I know listening to my body and working out regularly is keeping things in check. My goal is to see 149 on March 1st, but I won’t be discouraged if I don’t. I’m not judging myself by that scale alone anymore. My clothes still fit and I feel awesome!