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I woke up this morning WAY to early, thanks to the dog. She doesn’t know what Saturdays are but really, neither do I. Ever since I turned 25, I have been quite the early bird. But I mean, 5:30 on a Saturday morning is pretty ridiculous, right?!

I was feeling food blogger-ish, so I took a photo of my breakfast…two slices of wheat toast with Naturally More PB and a sliced banana!


I got on the computer for a bit, watched an old episode of (the original) 90210, the series finale, where David & Donna get married. Can you believe that was 9 years ago? The series ended my last year of high school, I remember it like yesterday, sheesh!

Then, around 8:30, I just got this urge. In the words of Forrest Gump, “I just felt like running!” Haha. I also think it might’ve had something to do with the fact that I had what I usually eat before a race! Magic fuel. I think I was also inspired by all the girls and guys running in races today 🙂

So I put on my clothes, shoes, sunglasses, iPod, and hit the road. I knew I had 5 miles to run this weekend but I went outside just to enjoy myself and not put a strict requirement or expectation on myself.

The weather this morning was FABULOUS! Its overcast, slightly breezy and less humid than it has been all week. Toward the end of my run, the sun came out but I loved every minute of it.

So…I totally ran 5 miles!

I warmed up walking for five minutes and then started running at an easy pace, picking it up gradually along the way. I just picked a route in my head and only checked my watch when I made it down a long stretch of road. Before I knew it, I had gone 30 minutes and felt like it had only been 10.

When I reached 45 minutes, I knew 5 miles was going to be attainable. I ran until I hit 55 minutes (or 50 minutes of running) since I usually pace about a 10-minute-mile. Then I walked and cooled down for 5 minutes and made it back home. I don’t think a shower has ever felt so good…except for when we got back from Nicaragua (no hot water) last summer, haha.

I decided to check Map My Run (since I still don’t have a Garmin or anything) and found out that my entire distance, including warm up and cool down was 5.37 miles!

I estimated that I walked probably around a half mile, so I pretty much ran almost 5 miles. I’m counting it as 5!

Once I was all refreshed, I rehydrated with this Sobe LifewaterFuji Apple Pear. It was DELICIOUS! This is by far my favorite one of all that I have tried.


Hope you all are having a great Saturday, I know I’ve started mine off with a bang 🙂

Return of oats

Feels like I hadn’t had oats in forever! Well, today I actually had oat bran, but still. It was 37 degrees (!) when I got up this morning so I knew a warm bowl of something great was in order!


This bowl contained…

  • 1/3 cup oat bran
  • 1/2 cup 1% milk
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup Libby’s canned pumpkin (because no other kind will do)
  • 2 tsp milled flax
  • 1 tsp pumpkin pie seasoning
  • Topping: 1 tbsp pecans, 1 tbsp Naturally More peanut butter


The Naturally More is so good! I think its quickly becoming a favorite. What I like about it, besides the taste and texture, is that its lower in calories/sugar than regular peanut butter and it contains  more protein and Omega-3’s which are good for me trying to raise my HDL. I can’t wait to go back to the doctor later this year to see if my efforts have paid off 🙂

Its also satisfying enough to have 1 tbsp, whereas sweet ones like Peanut Butter & Co have me running toward the jar with a spoon! Boy, I sure do miss that White Chocolate Wonderful though. I still can’t believe I have a jar of Nutella in my house and no desire to eat it in mass quantities like before. I’ve changed?!

Lunch and Snacks

Lunch today is some leftovers: chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans), the other 1/2 of my sweet potato (with sour cream) and an orange. Oh and a pita pocket 😉


Snacks are an apple + cheese stick and a miracle Fage 2% with peachiness…


Tonight is girl’s night potluck and I’m excited because I will be making Black Bean Soup for the first time! I found a good recipe but I’m making my own modifications to put my own personal spin on it. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I get pretty lucky with soup recipes most of the time so I’m confident it will be good. Courtney is making her famous banana pudding tonight, so I can’t wait for that as well!


I don’t really have anything on the exercise agenda for today mostly due to lack of time. At lunch, I’m going to a stress management class, which has been really relaxing. It has taught me deep breathing, how to have a “vacation” in your mind, and just in general relaxation techniques.

The best part is the envisioning your ideal life. I’ve really been able to take hold of this and I’m starting to see what I want to do with my life, which has been really eye-opening. I love it so far and can’t wait to see what else we learn!

I wore tennis shoes to work today on purpose, so I’m thinking I’ll get in a few short walks over the course of the day to add up to 30 minutes or so hopefully. Then, I plan to do some planks or other strength moves while my soup is simmering later. You can fit it in guys, no excuses! 😉


I haven’t talked about weight on here in a while, mostly because I’m concentrating on maintaining and toning up my body, plus relaxing more and de-stressing my worn out body. I’m not running as hard as I was because it was really starting to take its toll and I’m making a good effort to go to bed earlier or set the alarm for later when I can.

I’ve also started planning my meals out in advance, to save time in the morning and to make sure I’m getting all the necessary food groups and nutrients each day as best I can.

Its paying off because today I weighed in at 147, which is the lowest its been in quite a while. It was cool to see but that number alone does not equal my happiness (nor should it yours),  it was just an added bonus of what I’ve already been feeling, which is rejuvenated, healthy and energetic!

Have a great Wednesday blog friends, thanks for the support.

One down, two to go…

Before I go any further, check out Meghann’s blog for a Glee Gum review + giveaway! I chew gum quite a bit and finding different kinds that don’t contain those nasty artificial ingredients is so cool. I think even if I don’t win, I will try to find this gum somewhere out there 🙂

This morning, I was up early, walking the dog and trying to decide if I wanted to stay home and study or hit the gym. I did some math in my head, as good as I could for 5 a.m., and decided that either way I’d get the same amount of reading/studying in, so I opted for the gym!

Before I left, I fueled up with a Chocolate-PB-banana smoothie made with Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl spirutein, 1% milk, a whole banana and ice…


I love that I’m warm enough for smoothies again! 🙂

At the gym, I did a moderate-intensity elliptical workout for 30 minutes while reviewing my anatomy notes. I was glad I chose to get studying and the workout both in. I had to abandon my all-or-nothing attitude because I had been hoping to get in 45-60 minutes but ran out of time. I had to tell myself that 30 minutes on the elliptical was WAY BETTER than just staying home!

I’m on Day 2 of only drinking one cup of coffee again and I have to say, its not hard at all. All I have to do is make a conscious effort and its no big deal. I drank my one cup, reviewed some more notes, checked some work emails and then went off to take my final. I think I did pretty well as complicated as the information was. I feel pretty confident and definitely relieved to have one thing out of the way. Now I just have my Epidemiology final and paper and then I’m done!

Lunch and Snacks

For lunch today, I made a tuna wrap using this packet of seasoned tuna from Starkist:


On a Flat Out wrap with spinach…


With an apple and a new (to me) Stonyfield probiotic yogurt in French vanilla. I’m really excited to try this yogurt since I finally found it at Meijer. In comes in a 4-pack of either french vanilla or strawberry. Each container has 90 calories, so I thought it would make a good addition to lunches.

Thanks again to Kristina from Stonyfield for the awesome coupons!


My snacks today are a pita with Naturally More PB (I’m so cheating on my other nut butters) and a Hot ‘n Healthy pure protein oatmeal bar. Sadly, I think this may be the last time I see this one for a while. I was out looking for these for a package I’m sending to someone and it seems the Chocolate Chip flavor is gone! As in, no tag on the shelf or anything. We’ll see, I really hope not 😦 I also still need to find the Cinnamon Roll flavor, I’m dying to try that one!


Have a great Tuesday! Good luck to those of you who are wrapping up finals and projects like me, I totally sympathize 😉

Now I remember

I took a pic of this mini-Larabar because I threw it in my purse for a mid-morning snack at church but I ended up not needing it until lunchtime, when the sandwich I ordered did not fill me up too well:


We had lunch with my parents at Schlotzsky’s Deli, which we hadn’t been to in years and now we remember why. I ordered the veggie sandwich which was described as “Cheddar cheese, cucumber slices, red onion, tomato and lettuce with fat-free spicy ranch dressing and black olives on toasted Wheat bread.” And it was, only it was puny and the lettuce was shredded iceberg. They offered chips as a side (no thanks), iceberg side salads (tasteless), and they have soup but Sunday’s selection was potato. Oy.

Here’s my little sandwich: 354 calories for something I could’ve made at home with better veggies and some protein!


Has anyone else had a similar or perhaps better experience?

After lunch, I did lots of household stuff and had to break for a snack halfway through. I had a sliced banana with 1 tbsp of my new Naturally More PB! I was able to drizzle it on there because I had just opened the jar and stirred it up. Its now sitting comfortably in the fridge.


Oh my gosh, this PB is so good. I really do prefer the “gritty” kinds like this one and Smucker’s natural, which I haven’t had in a while. I’m so glad I picked this up on a fluke this weekend. Can’t wait to try it in oats 🙂

When it came time for dinner, I really asked myself what I was in the mood for. Turns out, it was pasta?! I made 1 cup of Heartland rotini pasta with my usual combo of spaghetti sauce, spinach, and peppers (1/2 cup each), mixed with some minced garlic, 2 turkey sausage links and topped with 2 tsp parmesan cheese.


I think it really pays to listen to yourself (most of the time) because this meal satisfied me for a looong time and I really enjoyed making it and eating it.

I did lots more cleaning, dishes, laundry, etc. until I was ready to drop. That’s my Sunday workout!

For dessert, I had one piece of dark chocolate and 1/2 cup of juicy grapes. Usually, I would need a more substantial snack, especially since I ate dinner at 5:30, but this was all I required.


Back to work, another week, but this is my last week of school so I’m very excited about that. I’m taking the summer off (from studying)! 🙂

Happy Monday.