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Oat bran in a jar

I haven’t done oats in a jar in forever and last night when I saw how little was left in this particular jar, I decided it was about time!


It ended up being oat bran in a jar! I cooked 1/3 cup oats with 1/3 cup Silk almond milk and 1/3 cup water. I totally meant to add flax but I forgot!

Topped with a sliced banana 🙂

004Do I even need to say how good this was? Great way to start off a relaxing morning at home (I took off work today)!

006I enjoyed two cups of coffee with more almond milk before getting started on my errands and chores for the day.

I got pretty hungry by 11:30, so I went ahead and made lunch. I had a little bit of everything I was craving, including lots of leftovers!

007Leftover falafel (with hummus), couscous, asparagus and sweet potato cornbread.

After lunch, I wanted something sweet and this ripe, juicy pear was just the ticket 🙂

009I’m hoping to get Suzie outside for a walk soon because it’s so pretty out and I need my Vitamin D.

Tonight, Josh and I are going out to dinner (not sure where yet) and then we are going to a friend’s house to play some board games – can’t wait!

Hope you enjoy the day too!


Since today is the first day of the first week of my Pound for Pound Challenge, and one of my goals this week is to journal my food, I figured showing you all what I ate today would be a good thing to do. 🙂

Breakfast this morning was pumpkin chocolate chip oat bran with almond butter.


After my weigh in, I snacked on some veggies and hummus from a party we had at work this morning.


For lunch, I had leftover tofu stir fry that I made on Saturday night.


This batch contained red and green peppers, onion, bean sprouts and mushrooms all sautéed in Buffalo Sauce. The leftovers were awesome!

After lunch, I wanted something sweet so I had some Jasmine green tea with a navel orange. Yay, vitamin C!


Then my real afternoon snack was apple slices with peanut butter.


I’m still adjusting to not eating bars during Lent, but I feel like this has been a great challenge so far.

This snack was great and fueled me for a 5-mile treadmill run that I also very much enjoyed 🙂

For dinner, I incorporated a product I hadn’t had in a while.


According to the box, these are 100% vegan, which is a semi-rarity in Morningstar products, so I grabbed a box since they were on sale and I had a coupon!

I made Barilla whole grain spaghetti and topped it with a sauce containing mixed stir fry veggies and one of these Chik’n patties.

I made enough to have this again for lunch tomorrow 🙂


It basically took on the flavor of the sauce but I liked the texture well enough too. I have three more so we’ll see!

For my evening snack, I had a piece of toast with almond butter and 1 tsp chocolate chips.


I so could’ve eaten another one but 9:00 showed up and made me realize I’m not really hungry, just obsessed with this delicious snack.

So I had a cup of tea and now I am winding down and getting ready for bed. I’d say Day One was a huge success!

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Daytona and Beach

Oh, to be in Daytona this week. Would’ve been nice.

Nope, we were still in Kentucky, where it is cold and snowy, watching a little race called the Daytona 500. Oh well 😉

Breakfast on Sunday was more oat bran with strawberries and peanut butter, yum!


At church, I snacked on a tangerine and then we headed to Courtney’s to watch the race.

My plate included a vegan burger on a sandwich thin, veggies and chips with salsa.


I had a few more chips with salsa over the course of the day. We also built some friends during the long red flag break in the middle of the race.


Meet our friend Daytona.


And his pet turtle, Beach! Ha ha.


When we got home, I was actually hungry for dinner but the only thing on my mind was PB&J oats, so that’s what I had!


And some more delicious tea 🙂


It was quite the interesting day! The race got pretty lame with the red flags but it was good to welcome NASCAR back for another season 😉

Are you a NASCAR fan? Who is your favorite driver?

7 years ago

On Friday the 12th, it was seven years ago that Josh asked me to marry him!

(I haven’t been able to wear my engagement ring for a long time, but it looks something like that one, ha ha)

It’s hard to believe it has been that long but then sometimes, mostly due to all the changes I’ve made in my life, it seems like a lifetime ago!

Anyway, Friday was an awesome day in terms of food. I was off work for a dental appointment so I got to take my time with breakfast 🙂

Oat bran with PB and banana.


Then before I left for my appointment, I had a good lunch of leftover vegan meatloaf in a pita pocket with cauliflower and a tangerine (yay, vitamin c)!



After my appointment, I was able to get in a really good workout and then came home to snack on some “homemade” peanut butter crackers.


And a vitamin water, which tasted okay but I didn’t care for the ingredients (like Sucralose and a few others I couldn’t pronounce, never good).


Luckily, I also enjoyed a nice cup of tea as well!


Friday night, I went out with Courtney for dinner and a movie!

We ate at Shiraz Mediterranean Grill, which no matter how hard I try, I can’t resist the falafel!


I ordered mine without the tzatziki sauce (contains yogurt) and they graciously offered hummus instead 🙂

I also had some sweet potato fries but managed not to photograph them, so sad 😦

After dinner, we went to see the movie “Leap Year” which was cute but sort of silly. My favorite parts were definitely the ones taking place in Ireland 😉 I thought Matthew Goode was a hottie in this movie!

I also had some Twizzler nibs during the film!

Friday was definitely the highlight of my weekend. You’ll see why soon enough 😉

Three days of breakfast

On Wednesday, I used up the last of my oats!


I had also run out of chocolate chips because I used them for a recipe, so I had to settle for raisins and PB, ha ha.


Yesterday, I had my last leftover pancake topped with banana and peanut butter, plus two “shots” of GoodBelly.




And now today, some oat bran!


It has been a while since I’ve had oat bran, so this was special. I can’t wait to make it with my almond milk next time, it just tastes better that way 😉

What did you have for breakfast today?

Feliz Navidad

On Wednesday night, we went to Lights Under Louisville, which is this really neat underground cave that they decorated with lights and other Christmas (and Hanukah!) decor. You drive through the whole thing in your car!



Yesterday I ended up not going to the gym after all because we had rather warm weather, so I went for a run! I must’ve been excited or out of practice because my knees were hurting a little bit last night.

This morning, I was going to make a special breakfast but since it was already 8:30 (I slept late for once) and lunch is at 1, I decided to just make a simple bowl of pumpkin oat bran 🙂


With coffee of course!


Time to go make a meatless meatloaf! I am really excited for my family to try it, I really think they will be surprised.

Have a great day!

Thanksgiving Day

Tonight, I will be celebrating my first Thanksgiving as a vegan. My first without turkey, dairy, butter, eggs, etc. I am grateful to have family that respects my wishes and is preparing some things for me to eat.

It’s days like today that make me feel so good about my decision 🙂

For breakfast, I fueled up on my favorite meal. Oat bran with banana and peanut butter. I used 1/2 cup of oats this time to hold me over longer.


Suzie spent most of the morning doing this!


We are out of coffee at home and I had been drinking tea but today, I had a major coffee craving. I felt guilty for doing it since they have to work on Thanksgiving, but I went through the White Castle drive thru!


I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’d ever had their coffee but man, it was good! I can see now why they have “America’s Best Coffee” or some sign like that.

I went and visited with my mom for a bit since we are spending Thanksgiving with my in-laws tonight. When I got home it was lunch time!


I used to eat these all the time when I was younger but I hadn’t had them in forever! I heated up a cup and threw them on some leftover brown rice.


Yum! I didn’t include any other veggies because I’m going to be having a plethora of them tonight!

I think I am too sore from yesterday to go for a run today so I’m thinking yoga, some strength training and a walk with the dog is all I need today.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I am very thankful for this blog and the friends I have made because of it. Have a great day 🙂

My heart is changing

Within the first five minutes of watching “Food, Inc.” I was in tears. But I feel like before I can do a full review of the movie, I should watch it again. That’s the beautiful thing about owning it on DVD 🙂

My vegan friends on Twitter also alerted me to the movie Earthlings so I need to watch that too, although I’ve heard that will be difficult, emotionally.

For breakfast yesterday, I had an old favorite:



Oh it was so good to have oat bran again. I love my oats but I prefer oat bran. Something about the texture or something. Check out this post I did on the two a while back.

After breakfast, I went mall walking with my aunts and did 3 laps  3.6 miles. I had wanted to do more but I thought I had a long day of errands and I didn’t want to wear myself out early.

But then the day got crazy! Josh broke his glasses and they were his spare pair so we had to make an emergency trip to get some new ones which took a few hours out of the day.

I have to say though, his new glasses are HOT. Wish I had a pic for ya 😉

Thankfully I had snacked on some nuts before we left home but when it was time for lunch, I was starving! We went to McAlister’s Deli where I got the veggie with no cheese or dressing and some regular Sun Chips.

A couple hours later though, I was hungry again so I broke out a new purchase from the store on Friday:


Finally! It was on sale for $3.99 which is still more than I like to spend but it’s usually almost $6 so I knew it was a good time to try it out. With some peanut butter of course.



Really good! Not as good as the English muffins, but hey, what is?

Last night, at our church, we had a Thanksgiving Missions Banquet. Everyone brings Thanksgiving-type food in massive amounts and we get to hear a program about the missionaries from our church and the work they are doing. It was quite a night!

I made a salad for my table consisting of romaine lettuce, carrots, and red, orange and yellow peppers. I also made my own salad dressing for the first time: a homemade vinaigrette!

Somehow I managed not to photograph any of that 😦

But here is my dinner plate:


It wasn’t perfect but I did the best I could. I don’t know if the sweet potatoes had butter on them but it didn’t taste like it. The green beans and corn were fine, but the stuffing may have contained a meat broth (since my friend Beth told me she had the hardest time finding one at the store that didn’t). Also not sure about the rolls, they may have contained eggs and/or dairy.

I sort of felt bad at first for compromising my diet a little bit. Of course it made my life a little easier, but it also frustrated me that I couldn’t have done better. It honestly made me feel a little guilty, especially after seeing that movie.

But I’m not perfect and I’m still new at this, so I kept that in mind and enjoyed my night.

I skipped on dessert since I knew there were no vegan options, but my mom sure did have a beautiful birthday cake…Happy Birthday Mom!


I did have a cup of decaf though 🙂 And a slice of cinnamon toast with PB and chocolate chips later in the night.

We headed home after the banquet to watch the UFC pay per view at our house. Thank goodness, one of my fighters FINALLY won. The losing streak has ended at last!!

Last night was sort of practice for Thanksgiving for me. I didn’t realize how much there is to consider. Vegetarian is easy, just don’t eat the meat. But when you think that stuffing has meat broth, mashed potatoes have milk (and sometimes butter), desserts have eggs and dairy. Yikes.

Whatever your diet may be, how are you going to handle Thanksgiving? Are you looking forward to it or is it making you anxious?

On the road

Hey guys! We are about to leave for Chicago as soon as Josh gets home! Going to make this one quick 🙂

Thursday, I used up the last of my oat bran 😦


So delicious though. But I have a new hot cereal that I tried this morning so I will tell you all about that later.

Mid morning I snacked on the other half of the banana and some more almond butter. I didn’t get a walk in due to a meeting. It’s alright though because I drove to work that day so I got to walk the just over a mile from my car to my building before work!


For lunch, I tried another Amy’s Kitchen Burrito!


This one was vegan, made with beans and rice and contained no cheese or dairy products.


Score! This one was great and it did not dry out or anything in the microwave. It reminded me a lot of a Mexican-style bean burrito only much healthier 😉 I would so get this one again.

Had some veggies too 🙂


I had some more tea and dark chocolate after lunch.


Apparently I like the Kroger Private Selection brand sometimes!


My real afternoon snack was more carrots and hummus 🙂


After work, I met up with Farrah for a 1-mile run and a very challenging weight routine. We have decided shorter and harder is more effective! My muscles were shaking when we got done. And then I walked the 1+ mile to my car 🙂

When I got home, I was starving and we were meeting my dad for dinner on his birthday. So I snacked on the last of the Stacy’s!


For dinner, we went to Shane’s Rib Shack, which my family apparently loves because this is at least the third or fourth time they have been mentioned on the blog. But since I decided to try vegan it was nearly impossible to find anything that sounded good for dinner.

I reluctantly ordered the grilled chicken salad. It tasted okay but as usual the meat got stuck in my teeth and afterward I did not feel very full. That’s another “beef” I have with meat…it doesn’t fill me up the way grains and veggies do!


When we got home, I was still hungry so I drank some water and then made myself a little snack 🙂


I almost went for the Cheerios but the more I thought about it, this was what I really wanted. A whole wheat pita pocket with almond butter and chocolate chips (vegan).

I loved it, it satisfied me perfectly and I had a cup of chamomile tea while packing and hit the hay at a decent hour to get up early this morning and get some errands done and drop Suzie off with my parents. I’m so going to miss her this weekend 😦

But she’s in good hands!

Oops, gotta go now, “see” you guys later!

Cupcakes and Chicago

Hi friends! I’m so late posting this because I have been running around like crazy getting ready for my trip to Chicago (we leave in about three hours, still lots to do) to see U2 in concert this weekend.

The show is tomorrow night but we are going up early to get settled and do lots of fun stuff including eating so I’m hoping to keep you guys posted while I’m there 😉

So…Wednesday! I think it’s going to be my favorite day forever now because not only is it girl’s night but it’s also dessert day.

I started the day off with some oat bran with almond butter and blueberries.


So I think MaraNatha has made me an almond butter convert. I still love PB but I think I prefer AB right now. What? Who am I?

Mid morning I snacked on some more yummy popcorn. Also utilized my break for a nice 15 minute walk!


For lunch, I had my leftover tofu which was delicious!


With some brussels on the side 😉


I love eating those little green things because I like them and because they are high in Vitamin C. Love that I can get that vitamin in without eating too much sugary fruit.

After lunch I enjoyed some relaxing tea and a piece of real dark chocolate.



I love my exercise science class but for some reason that day I was nodding off! I blame the tea, haha. Unfortunately I chose to wake up by getting a diet wild cherry Pepsi but that was more or less to say goodbye again for a while. I hadn’t had one in a couple of weeks anyway.

My afternoon snack was carrots and hummus. It had been a while since I’d had this combo, I loved it 🙂


After work, I hit the gym for a run. Unfortunately (or not) all the treadmills were taken so I rode the bike for 18 minutes while I waited!

When I finally got a treadmill, I warmed up for 2.5 minutes walking then ran for 7.5 minutes, walked for 2.5, then ran until it hit 25 minutes and cooled down by walking for 5. It was great. Overall I ran about 2 miles, which fits into my new 5k training program which called for 1-3 miles that day.

It felt so good and I spent a lot of time stretching afterwards which I haven’t done in forever (and it shows).

When I got home, I quickly got to making my contribution for girl’s night. Vegan guacamole! I used this cookbook I bought forever ago and hadn’t made anything out of yet.


The recipe was called “Blushing Guacamole” because it contained tomato…


I was hungry when I got home so I snacked on some Cheerios while I worked in the kitchen!


This did not go as well as I had hoped. Not at all. First off, my stupid avocadoes were not ripe yet! Then I had to use cumin because I didn’t have any chili powder.


Then the darn stuff did not want to mash. Ugh. So I tried to use the blender.



It looked okay but tasted weird. The girls said it was different but not bad, but I didn’t really like it. At least these were good!


You guys were right…these were so good I can’t buy them again for a while, ha ha!

For our main course, we had Beth’s Greek soup, which is always a good thing. Love the big veggies!


I believe this soup contains tomatoes, zucchini, onion, and potatoes, plus lots of spices. It’s delicious.

Also had some salad and chips on the side (I didn’t eat my dip, sadly).



However, my disappointment was easily fixed by the lovely dessert we had. These are so not vegan but it was dessert night and Beth’s birthday so I went with it.


YUM! Let’s celebrate!


Andre champagne anyone?

I had one of each 🙂


I also may have had a few more of Stacy’s chips before the night was over!

Okay guys, I am sooo behind on time and getting things done before Chi-town that I’m going to have to leave you with this and come back later (hopefully from our hotel) and fill you in on the rest of my adventures.

Have a great day and a lovely weekend!