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It never gets old


I still remember the time a few years ago that I decided to try peanut butter in my oats (another great thing that came from reading other blogs). It was so good that I can’t remember how I ate them before!

Oats with fruit & peanut butter is a breakfast that works well for me because it’s cheap, easy to make, delicious and it doesn’t matter where I am — if they’ve got hot water, I can make it work 🙂

I ate this at my desk this morning. I used to eat breakfast at 6 a.m. but have found that if I wait until I get to work, not only do I get more done at home in the mornings and also am not starving by lunch time.

Happy Tuesday friends!

On the mend

I think I am finally starting to feel better! I think it helps that the rain is finally clearing out of here for a couple of days and thus my allergies are letting up.

Breakfast this morning was a beautiful creation…I am so in oats mode right now, at least until it warms up again!

This bowl contained 1/2 cup oats cooked with 1/2 cup almond milk and 1/2 cup water, 1 tbsp flax, and topped with blackberries, walnuts and peanut butter.


I recently went back to more “natural” peanut butter (only ingredient peanuts) and it’s so tasty!

I stayed on the couch again with Suzie drinking coffee for most of the morning. Then I decided to get up and try to do some house work which worked up an appetite for pita and hummus 🙂

For lunch, I was really craving some more vegetarian baked beans (they are so good, must be the brown sugar, ha ha) which I had today with cauliflower and couscous.

I had an appointment to get my hair cut this afternoon and afterwards I ran a few errands, taking some magazines to the used book store and picking up some new hair products at Target 😉

My hair is awesome, will have to take pics later!

While I was out, I snacked on a peanut butter cookie Larabar and an iced coffee with soymilk.

006  007 
A few hours later, I made Mama Pea’s black bean burgers for dinner. It had been a while, they are so good!

I started off with a romaine salad and shiraz.


I had my burger in a pita pocket with ketchup and some corn on the cob on the side 🙂

009 010

I snacked on some strawberries with peanut butter while watching “It Might Get Loud” with Josh. Excellent film for anyone that likes music 😉

Perhaps I spoke too soon? My nose is all stopped up and I keep sneezing! But my energy is back, so I know I can function normally again.

We’ll see how I feel tomorrow! Hopefully I can get an easy workout in 🙂

I keep forgetting I did a mini marathon four days ago!

Last one until Monday

Hey guys!

So after reading through your comments and giving it some serious thought, I know that I definitely still want a whole day’s eats as part of my blog. Just not every single day.

My food tends to get repetitive, especially when I make a recipe that only I will eat and I repeat a meal several times over the course of a week!

So I plan to do a full day of eats, drinks and everything one time a week…on Mondays!

The rest of the days of the week will be focused on other things like recipes, products, weight loss challenges, thoughts, etc. This way I can keep posting on the blog daily but not get overwhelmed or think it’s too boring.

So enjoy, this is the last full day for a few 🙂


Raisin chocolate chip oatmeal.

Somehow I managed to leave my morning snack at home, so I had to break into part of my lunch early, which worked fine.


Then an hour or so later, I ate the rest of it which was leftover chickpeas and brown rice.


I drank a cup of Yogi Stress Relief tea but forgot to document it for you guys 😉

For my afternoon snack, I got to try a new flavor of Whole Soy & Co – apricot mango!


This was tasty and even though I’m not a huge fan of the 18g of sugar, that is lower than a lot of other soy yogurts on the market.

I just try to only have them once in a while.

After my snack, I went to a yoga class before heading home.

For dinner, I made another Morningstar Farms Grilled Chik’n patty on whole wheat bread with mustard and a side of broccoli with Smart Balance Light.


I think I will use my last one in spaghetti sauce again, they don’t have a whole lot of flavor on their own, but this dinner filled me up just fine.


After dinner settled, I headed to the gym and ran a few miles on the treadmill.

I rehydrated with this! Told ya, it’s becoming a habit.


I love these things. But does anyone know of any “natural” fitness drinks? I’d hate to keep spending $1 a pop since that is one of the reasons I gave up bars for Lent!

When I got home from the gym, I had a small serving of oats with almond butter and chocolate chips.


Perfect end to a pretty great day. See you guys tomorrow 🙂

Three days of breakfast

On Wednesday, I used up the last of my oats!


I had also run out of chocolate chips because I used them for a recipe, so I had to settle for raisins and PB, ha ha.


Yesterday, I had my last leftover pancake topped with banana and peanut butter, plus two “shots” of GoodBelly.




And now today, some oat bran!


It has been a while since I’ve had oat bran, so this was special. I can’t wait to make it with my almond milk next time, it just tastes better that way 😉

What did you have for breakfast today?

New phone!

Hey guys, it’s official…I finally got a new phone 🙂


On the left is my old slide phone with absolutely nothing to it except making phone calls and text messaging (which didn’t know half the words of the English language) and liked to turn itself off randomly.

On the right is my new Blackberry, woo hoo!

It was so worth waiting for. I can do so much more with this new phone, plus it’s my favorite color 😉

Anyway, let’s talk about food, shall we?

I had another Breakfast and Dinner day as far as pictures go.


Pumpkin oats 🙂

Somehow snacks and lunch escaped. But that’s okay. For those of you interested in my fitness program, I had an awesome run yesterday too.

If it’s Wednesday, there must be wine!


I could not find Cycles Gladiator on my nifty vegan alcohol website, but honestly, I did not care for it too much so I likely wouldn’t buy it myself.

It just didn’t have much flavor. Plus I’m more of a red girl.

For dinner, Margie made this DELICIOUS veggie soup which I am very proud to say she got the recipe from one of my favorite vegan blogs Cooking for a Vegan Lover!


Croissants on the side, a la Aleta!

For dessert, we had the awesome vegan brownies.


Another awesome girls night.

I have the main dish next week, so I’m going to have to start looking at recipes!

Do you have a regular girl’s night?

I highly recommend them 😉

Mighty oats

Happy Friday everyone!

This morning I finished off another jar of peanut butter. Quickly I went from having four jars in my pantry, down to just two now.

But I made good use of it!


I honestly don’t know how I lived before oats. It’s the perfect food. Especially with PB and banana 🙂


I know a lot of you all have tried oats in a jar, so I’m curious…where did you first see it?

For me, I got the idea from Heather 🙂

More GoodBelly please

This morning, I finished off my container of mango GoodBelly!

Have you taken the GoodBelly challenge?

Ariel from GoodBelly wanted to share that you can try GoodBelly for 12 days, and if you don’t experience a noticeable improvement in your digestive health, then the company will offer a full refund on the 12 day supply!

If you are interested in trying out the GoodBelly products (which I recommend), sign up for the challenge (and you will receive coupons via email too)!

I probably won’t do the challenge myself (because I don’t want to drink it every day) but I can’t wait to try more flavors of this drink and especially the little mini sizes 🙂

For the second half of my breakfast, I had 1/3 cup oats with some Dark Chocolate Dreams, which you all really seem to love!

Random poll: Peanut butter or almond butter? Or something else? None of the above?

Happy Birthday Margie!

For breakfast this morning, I had a smoothie made with almond milk, frozen pineapple and strawberries. Plus a small serving of oatmeal with Mighty Maple.

Tonight we are going out to dinner to celebrate my friend Margie’s birthday!

It’s going to be doubly fun because I also get to try a new place here in the city that I had not yet made it to. Always a good thing.

We’re going to Sapporo Japanese Grill & Sushi!

Margie is a vegetarian so I can always count on her to pick a place with plenty of veggie options. After perusing the menu, I’m leaning toward ordering an avocado roll and either a side salad or miso soup. Unless something else jumps out at me when I get there, ha ha. I’m really excited!

Will report back to you guys on our visit later 🙂

Spicing it up

Breakfast this morning was something you’ve seen many times before. It NEVER gets old.


But my afternoon snack was a quasi-rarity.


I keep yogurt rare because of the sugar content.

For dinner tonight, I spiced up an old favorite…Mama Pea’s chickpeas!

Instead of using the pumpkin spices, I used 2 tsp of curry powder for a different effect. Sort of a sweet and spicy?


They tasted amazing but of course you can’t go wrong with chickpeas in my opinion.

To continue the chickpea theme, I had some pita and hummus on the side (x2). I also had some mixed veggies from the freezer.


Today was a great day of eating for me. Once again I find myself really thankful for my self-imposed 9 o’clock cut off time.

But I also nixed the mindless nighttime snacking by giving myself a job to do…I finally put away all the Christmas stuff!

If you are a nighttime snacker like me, what tricks do you use to keep yourself from overdoing it?

Applesauce oats

This week, I have been trying to use up a lot of stuff at home instead of buying more at the grocery (saved me $20!) but I’ve had to be a little inventive in getting in my fruit servings. My preferred method is a banana sliced up in my oats, but since I did not buy any this week, I had to improvise.

Enter Applesauce Oats!

I used 1/4 cup of Musselman’s chunky applesauce (which is good except for the HFCS — trying to use it up) and cooked it with 1/2 cup oats + 1/2 cup water.

When it was done, I stirred in 1 tbsp flax meal and some cinnamon and topped it off with the most important part (to me): peanut butter.

It tasted really good. The chunks of apples almost make it seem like there was a “real” apple in there. I’ve still got a whole pantry of stuff to use up so next week should be pretty interesting too. But I like it; the situation forces me to be creative 😉

What is the most interesting meal you have come up with using random ingredients at home?