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Post 10 mile race

Hey guys! I had a great race today, check out my recap here 🙂

Immediately following the race, I had a banana and a small grape Powerade. Usually I don’t drink these (ew, HFCS) but I did a lot of sweating and knew I needed more than water. I didn’t plan ahead and bring a sports-type drink of my own, so I just went with it.

When I got back to the car, I had a Primal Strip and an apple, plus lots of water!


After I got home and took a nice long, hot shower, I met my friend Aleta for lunch at Panera to discuss our upcoming high school reunion! Dear Lord, I can’t believe I got out of high school 10 years ago.

I had a classic salad and some vegetarian black bean soup with a whole grain baguette (note: contains honey).

I also enjoyed a small coffee while we chatted because I still had some money left on a gift card.

When I got home, it had been a couple hours and I was hungry again (hello, burned 1,000 calories this morning) so I ate some leftover popcorn.


I’m thinking I will probably have dinner before too long. Wonder where Josh and I will go? Better figure it out soon, ha ha 🙂


My Epidemiology final is complete and as of 8:10 this morning, turned in! Thank goodness. That was a big hurdle and I’m glad that now all I have to do is write out a 5-page paper this weekend (already have 1.5 done) and then I’m officially finished with the semester 🙂

Since I was up early typing and printing out the final, I sort of ran out of time for the breakfast I had planned but luckily this ended up being really good!


Kashi Heart to Heart cereal (individual container), 1 cup of 1% milk and about a cup or so of sliced ripe strawberries…Mmmm.

Day 4 of  my self-imposed “1-cup of coffee only” is now under my belt and I feel really good. Its not that I think 2 cups is bad, I just figure I don’t need 2 and if I don’t need it, then I probably shouldn’t have it. This could be true about a lot of things (hello, jelly beans?!) haha.

Lunch and Snacks

I also had to quickly pack a lunch, which today is PB&J in a pita pocket, a small Stonyfield yogurt, braeburn apple (these are so good!), and 1 large carrot. I think I’m covered! I almost opted to buy lunch out today, but when we have plenty of stuff on hand at home, it makes me feel guilty, plus I think I’m already eating out for dinner.


Snacks are quite chocolately today, not so sure if this is good or not. Believe it or not sometimes I get burned out on chocolate. At least the trail mix has nuts and raisins in it and the Odwalla bar chock full of protein 🙂


What about you guys? Do you get burned out on anything if you have it too much over a few days or so?

I have plans for dinner out with a friend tonight but I’m not sure if we’re still on or where we’re going yet  to PANERA! I’m thinking a big salad or 1/2 salad + 1/2 sandwich since I just had soup last night. The sad thing is Thursdays are black bean soup day…oh well, there will be more in my future. I want to get something new this time, any suggestions?

For exercise today, I have my tennis shoes on and a pair of sunglasses waiting for me. We’re expecting temps in the mid to upper 70’s, so a nice long sunbathing walking session is in order 🙂 It’s going to be 80’s this weekend!!! Happy days are here again…

Happy Thursday, it’s almost the weekend 🙂

Papa John’s 10-miler ‘09

On race day morning, I had my usual pre-race tradition, which I found out today is pretty similar to what Caitlin fuels up on before a race, haha…


Two slices of whole wheat toast with PB and banana and a glass of 1% milk. I also ended up having some coffee too, which is new for me because I’m usually too afraid to drink coffee before a race. Luckily, I had no problems and it even helped me wake up before I got to the starting line 🙂

I got through the first 8 miles doing a reasonable 9:2 minute ratio of running to walking. I was averaging 10:30-11 minute miles. But after 8, I really started to hurt…my knees, feet, ankles, calves, ugh. So I changed over to 4:1 minutes so that my walking breaks would be more frequent. That became 4:2 and then 4:4, but I finished the race RUNNING and it was hard but I was pleased with how I finished:

Time: 1:53:39

Distance: 10.0 miles

Calories burned: est. 900-1000

I had to wait for my mom and two aunts to finish walking the race, so I went back to the car and took some much needed post-race therapy:


I usually don’t take ibuprofen, but since I was already in pain, I figured it couldn’t hurt. The Golden Tiger cream was from my mom’s chiropractor, who she says is into holistic medicine. Cool!

These two things were the perfect combo, that and my recovery snack:


Panera cinnamon crunch bagel with VitaminWater 10 XXX which is acai-blueberry-pomegranate apparently (I drank it really fast). I usually just drink water but the duration of my exercise called for something with some added power. Tasty, good ingredients and vitamins: this hit the spot, quenched my thirst and brought my energy levels back waaaay up. The bagel was awesome too. Usually I’m afraid to eat after a race but I knew as long as this one was, I really needed it.

I sat in the car with my feet propped up for almost an hour. Between that, my snack and the Golden Tiger, I wasn’t even feeling like I ran a race when I got home. Even the next day, my biggest complaints of soreness were my upper body and abs, which was from my workout on FRIDAY. Haha.

When I got settled again, I met my friend Courtney for shopping, lunch & a trip to the library (which in this economy is so much cheaper than going to the bookstore). While out and about, we tried some of the new Pom light teas. I got the pomegranate wildberry white tea:


It tasted pretty good and was a nice alternative to water. I just don’t choose to use calories on beverages too often so this is a once in a while treat.

For lunch, we stopped at a little place called Great Life Cafe, which is apparently inside of a gym, haha. We found it on the internet! I got the buffalo chicken wrap, which satisfied all my cravings (for some reason, I’m all about the buffalo sauce these days):


That and a tall glass of water was enough to hold me for a while, but when I got home, I was all snacky again. I had a pita pocket with 1 tbsp of Nutella. Yes, you read that right, I’ve let the beast back in my house…


What’s cool though is that I haven’t had any more since this time and its two whole days later!

For dinner, I picked up some takeout from McAlister’s Deli and they have some really great additions to their menu. I got the Mediterranean Feta flatbread pizza, which was only $5.79 and look how HUGE it is:


I ate half and put the other half in the fridge for the next day 🙂 It was really thin and crispy (how I like it) and the veggies and feta were so good. I think I was Greek in a past life.

For dessert, I had some M&M’s…


while we watched “How to lose friends and alienate people” (with Simon Pegg from Shaun of the Dead). It was pretty crazy and hilarious and it was nice to see Kirsten Dunst in a movie, I used to like her a lot when I was younger and it seems like its been a while since I’d seen her.

Then I went to bed early because I am old ran a 10 mile race! 🙂

Black bean soup day!

When I do get to go to Panera its usually on the weekend, which is never black bean soup day. I have been craving that soup forever and since today is Thursday, I finally made it to black bean soup day!

I chose the You Pick Two again, but this time got the black bean soup + 1/2 Mediterranean veggie sandwich and an apple. Its called you pick two but technically you get to pick three, since it comes with a side 😉


Here’s a close up of my sammie — I was going to get half a salad but quickly decided to take my veggies in sandwich form 🙂


Before lunch though, I tried my True Delights bar. Oh…my…gosh. This was so good, it reminded me a lot of the Kashi bar that has dark chocolate in it (dark chocolate cherry?) only this one has slightly different ingredients. Still nothing too bad. I would definitely get this one again; it was really chewy and practically a flavor explosion in my mouth. It held me over for 2 hours, unfortunately I needed it for 3 but that was my bad since I had a later lunch than usual. I highly recommend this bar — I’m going to have to try other flavors 😉


After lunch, I went to the doctor, then stopped by Whole Foods for some more natural gum and a yogurt to eat tomorrow. I wanted to stock up so badly but I can’t since we’re leaving Saturday morning. Hopefully I can find some decent food to eat for breakfast and lunch while we’re out and about in NYC. I’m really excited about working out at the hotel gym and possibly using their outdoor jogging path, assuming its not freezing when we’re there!

After my errands, I decided I needed something warm and sweet, its been raining off and on all day which has made it slightly cool. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it 😉

Tall nonfat mocha, wanted something different than my usuals…


Its been a good day!

Now that I’m finally back home, I need to get some real work done around here and some packing too. Be back later for dinner and stuff. I’m going to a get-together with some friends tonight, so it should be yet another fun girl’s night out. I feel bad for leaving my husband so much this week but we’re going to be together for five straight days so I guess it’s a good thing right now 😉

See you all later! Thanks to those of you who suggested names for my friend’s team, I have passed them on to her 🙂

I think I remember Friday

Sheesh, it’s amazing how quickly the weekend can get away from you. Especially me because I always have so much to do that the time flies by!

Friday was a pretty good day. We ended up going to Best Buy that night and buying  a new laptop! I’m so excited 🙂 Now you guys won’t have to miss me too much when I head to NYC this weekend. Plus it really helps having two computers in the home now, no more waiting for the other person to be done. Good times.

After lunch on Friday, I tried that Cascade Fresh yogurt and it was blah. Super runny and not very filling at all. I ended up having to break into my emergency stash of almonds to hold me over.





After work, I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the elliptical and lots of stretching. I was really tired toward the end of the week but knew I had to do something so that I wouldn’t be completely out of shape for the 10k Saturday morning.

I had dinner at Panera, which is one of my (and K’s!) favorite places. I just love their choices and everything is so fresh and tasty. I had You Pick Two: garden veggie soup and half a tuna salad sandwich (no mayo); plus a whole grain baguette because those things rock my world, especially dipped in soup 🙂


We also did our grocery shopping that night and I tried the new Banana Nut Cheerios. They are pretty good but I still prefer my Honey Nut the best. Who knew I was a Cheerio connoisseur?!


Here’s the rest of my loot from the grocery trip! It’s quite small because we are leaving for New York on Saturday so we want to use most of things up before we leave 🙂


* Kashi Go Lean waffles, organic peanut butter, spaghetti sauce, mini oranges, bananas, banana nut cheerios, applesauce, Green Giant veggies, tuna packs, sweet potato (left out).

I also had some more tofu chocolate pudding that I made the night before.


I had a really hard time sleeping on Friday, I think it was nerves, plus my husband was on the phone with tech support after midnight (grr..) but he got the wireless internet working. Then the dog came to sleep with me and I got a “charlie horse” in my left calf! I was so anxious going into the race on Saturday but thankfully everything worked out and I was pleased with my time and how I was feeling.

And thankfully that charlie horse didn’t flare up the next day or leave me too sore. 🙂

New running page

Hope this glorious Friday finds you feeling fresh & fantastic!

My nerves are going nuts about the race tomorrow (can’t you tell?), but mostly in a good way. Let’s just say I will breathe a sigh of relief when I cross that finish line tomorrow (hopefully before 1:02:29) and I will be cheering on my mom and two aunts who are walking tomorrow! Luckily, my next race after this one is three weeks away, so I have more time to prepare, I hope!

I have ran 4 miles twice recently, so what’s another 2.2, right? I’m going to do what I always do…get some sleep, eat a good breakfast, dress warm but not too warm, start off slow and build up my speed each mile and then sprint to the finish line! Since this is a longer race and there are three water stops, I plan to stop at all 3 for a quick drink; that should not set me back too far. Last time I think I walked for 30 seconds at the water stop. We need to stay hydrated!

In the spirit, I have created a new Running page…check it out!

After work, I plan on going to the gym for an easy elliptical workout with my latest issue of Health magazine and some stretching afterwards. I don’t want to run today because I’m afraid I’ll be tired or sore tomorrow. I’m a little nervous that this is two days of not running, but yesterday I was listening to my body and today I’m just being smart. So here it goes!

Dinner at Panera tonight, WOOO HOOO!

Springing forward, bagels, weight loss

Ah, that hour forward ALWAYS screws with me, I don’t know why. But I think after today, I should be adjusted. Its so weird to think that right now, its actually 8:53 and not 9:53. But I do love what springing forward brings…longer-lasting daylight! That’s especially good for outdoor running. I hope the warm weather comes and stays (we’re going to have a couple of “cool” days this week but not too bad) so I can get back outside and off the treadmill, at least part of the time.

This morning, I had another Panera bagel, this time blueberry. That’s the last of the bagels from this race, although there will be more at the next one. I wish they had more than just the two flavors, but hey, they were free! I rounded things out with a banana + cinnamon raisin PB and a glass of skim milk.


No more non-whole grain bagels for a while now, ok?! 😉

This morning when I realized it was Monday again, I weighed myself with no real expectations. This whole thing is just to “monitor” not to torture myself or push myself to lose weight like I did before. Just to know really, to be aware. Turns out, I am down to 148.5. I know its the Crap Free (and intuitive) eating plus kicking up the running that did it. I’m not complaining. That means, I’ve lost 5.5 lbs since I went Crap Free!

I officially weigh less now than I did on January 1st after all the holiday feasts. This is good news. I am most comfortable around the mid to high 140’s so I’m definitely there. We’ll see where the rest of this journey takes us. Happy Monday!

Weekend dining

I got totally spoiled this weekend, getting to have dinner out with my friend Aleta on Thursday, lunch with Courtney and dinner with my husband on Friday and then dinner out Saturday, whew! But it felt good to not have to cook anything and to get out of the house for a change. The weather this weekend was just unbelievably awesome.

Starting with Thursday, Aleta and I met at Taco Bueno, which is sort of like Taco Bell, only with a few more choices. I stuck to the regular stuff though…tacos and chicken tortilla soup. I ordered the 3 taco combo (beef, a rarity, I need some iron though) with no cheese and a cup of the chicken tortilla soup, which is a relatively low calorie soup, especially if you pick off the cheese and tortilla strips (which I did).



For some reason, that is the only picture I took of the food! I have to confess…I had a BITE of one of the cinnamon cheesecake thingies, mmm. But I managed to stop there. The food was pretty good and decently priced. I don’t know that its better than Taco Bell, but it seems to be fresher and they have more choices of sides and a salsa bar. So its different. Everyone needs a change once in a while 🙂

On Friday for lunch, Courtney and I went to a place I hardly ever get to go because Josh (my husband) doesn’t like it (what’s wrong with him?), Panera!

I ordered the grilled chicken caesar salad (an old favorite) with the dressing on the side and a whole grain baguette. I picked off the croutons too, I’m sure that saved me some calories. I only used 1/2 of one of the cups of dressing they gave me (the fork dipping thing really works, I’m telling you).


I hadn’t had that salad in so long, it really hit the spot. I did good ordering this weekend, I must say 😉

Friday night, we went to my husband’s favorite restaurant, P.F. Chang! Would you believe that just a few short years ago, the hubby turned his nose up at Chinese food? I guess he finally found the right fit. He loves this place, as do I, and even though Chang’s is moderately priced, it always seems like a fancy dinner to us 🙂

I started things off with some decaf ginger peach tea, I love how they bring you the whole pot!


Then, I was really craving some egg drop soup, so I had a cup as a starter. I really believe the tea and soup not only helped me stay warm (I always get cold in restaurants) but it also helped fill me up so I didn’t go overboard on dinner.


For my main course, I tried something new! I ordered the ground chicken & eggplant which was in some kind of sauce that was really good, with brown rice on the side. Josh ordered some wok-seared mushrooms, so I had some of those too. Every bite melted in my mouth. This was an amazing dinner!


After I cleaned this plate, I drank some more water + tea and thought for a few minutes if I wanted any more. I didn’t feel “full” per se, so I had just a little more and that satisfied me.


And I ended up being able to take home HALF of my entree plus some brown rice that was leftover. I love it when that happens…it made for a really awesome race recovery lunch the next day 🙂


Saturday evening, Courtney and I went out shopping with our friend Beth and she wanted to go to Panera for dinner, haha! Since I hardly ever get to go and they have so many options there, I didn’t mind going again so soon. This time around, I chose the “You Pick Two” and got half a greek salad (yum, feta) and half a mediterranean veggie sandwich. Plus an apple as my side.


I love eating good, healthy foods! I mean, every now and then a slice of pizza or a hamburger is ok, but this is how I prefer to eat most of the time if I can help it. Even though you are risking high sodium with restaurant meals, I still felt like I made really healthy choices and my energy and body rewarded me for it.

There was also some Starbucks consumption this weekend, hehe. On Friday, I got a Skinny cinnamon dulce latte…when I was standing in line, I read the syrup bottles and of course the sugar free contains sucralose…so I think I’ll just stick to ordering nonfat and not sugar free from now on. It was sooo good though.


Then Saturday night, a few hours after dinner and shopping, I had my first frappuccino in quite some time. I ordered the old fave. mocha lite and enjoyed every bit.



Oh, one last thing…I had Panera for breakfast on Sunday too! Haha. At the run on Saturday, they handed out free Panera bagels, so I snatched a couple (one for my husband too, its the only thing he’ll eat there). Behold, the amazing Cinnamon Crunch bagel. It’s 430 calories and not exactly Crap Free, but oh what a treat!


Hope you all enjoyed yourselves this weekend too 🙂