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Snacky Sunday

Yesterday morning, I had a special breakfast planned which is becoming a weekend tradition…pancakes!

This time I used my Hodgson Mill Buckwheat pancake mix and added almond milk, applesauce, pumpkin and a little agave nectar to the mix. I love knowing exactly what my pancakes are made of, don’t you?

Topped with Dark Chocolate Dreams & syrup, plus some blackberries on the side.

At church, I got a little hungry, so I snacked on some raisins.

But then during service, I got HANGRY so I broke into a Clif bar that was in my purse for emergencies (and to use it up since I’m sticking to less processed foods from now on). I ate half.

For lunch, we all went to Penn Station because my parents have only been there one time. Such a shame! Haha. Penn Station is another one of those great places for Josh and I to go together because we can both get something we want and not compromise our personal dietary preferences. I forgot to snap a pic so here is a recycled one from November (note: I didn’t eat fries this time).

The sandwich I had yesterday looked way better than that one, haha. I got the grilled artichoke sub (no cheese, no mayo) and added mushrooms, lettuce and brown mustard. Since I had snacked so much during church, I skipped the fries and chips. I didn’t need them anyway! 

After lunch, I ate the other half of my Clif bar for dessert 😉

I took Suzie to run around the dog park for a bit (she loves it), then headed to Mom’s. I tried to eat this orange while I was there but it was old, so I threw it away!

Dinner was another smorgasbord of multiple leftovers but still quite delicious!

Organic pinto beans on top of leftover couscous, pita with hummus, mixed vegetables. I ended up having another half of pita with hummus because I didn’t feel full yet.

Then I had a spoonful of Dark Chocolate Dreams before I went grocery shopping. Can’t go to the grocery store hungry at all! Too dangerous.

When I got home from all that, I was so tired from everything I’d done over the course of the day. So I sat down with a glass of wine and my favorite dessert 🙂

‘Twas a lovely Sunday. I snacked a bit more than normal but I was hungry and I’m trying to listen to that more than the voices in my head, haha.

How was your weekend?

Oh, what a night

Last night’s girls potluck got off to a rough start.

While something was reheating in the oven, it caught on fire! Luckily, we were able to call the fire department, Court broke the glass to get the fire extinguisher out, and I put the fire out.

And he didn’t go down without a fight, but we were able to get the cat in his carrier to take him outside and away from the fumes.

It was crazy for a while but we were all grateful no one got hurt (just a few scratches) and there wasn’t much damage to the home, only a mess to clean up. The oven got the worst of it.

Since the main dinner course was covered in extinguisher dust, we ended up going out to eat at Penn Station. I got the artichoke sandwich with added mushrooms and no cheese and some fresh cut fries (the best).


Luckily dessert survived and we greatly enjoyed it when we got back from dinner!


These are Chocolate Crescent Wraps 🙂

It was a practice recipe that I made to get ready for the FoodBuzz and Pepperidge Farm 1,2,3 Puff Pastry contest that I have to make an original recipe for. I’m still trying to figure that out but in the mean time, these were a hit!

I got the puff pastry sheets with a free coupon from FoodBuzz and once it was thawed, I cut it into triangles.


Then I laid on the chocolate chips (I used regular since I didn’t have mini).


I spread a little Smart Balance light on the rolls instead of using the egg mixture the recipe called for.

Just a little time in the oven and voila! They were yummy.


It was a crazy night indeed but we feel lucky that things didn’t go much worse, which they could have. I also think it sort of made us all come together and help each other out a bit, which is exactly what Thanksgiving is all about.

Day 17.3: Purses, fries and Nascar

I had a great night! First off, the purse party was actually pretty cool. I usually don’t buy much at parties because things tend to be way overpriced, but I actually got a great deal on this huge thermal tote bag that I’m going to use to take my lunch to work.

I’ll have to show you all when it comes in 🙂

At the party, I snacked on some chips and salsa. Then later on for dinner, the girls and I decided to go to Penn Station for some grub. They luckily have some vegan options!

I got a grilled vegetarian sub (no cheese) with tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onions, banana peppers, mushrooms, etc. and topped it with a little mustard. I also had to get the fries because these are some of the best!


After dinner, we watched the Nascar race and I had some So Delicious chocolate velvet for dessert 🙂


I better get to bed soon, I’m hoping to get in some sort of exercise in the morning if I can get myself out of bed. It’s been so cold that it just makes me want to stay under the covers!

Hope you all had a great Saturday too. Good night!

13 months

That is how long I made it in between colds. I slept really well on Friday night and then Saturday morning I woke up feeling amazing! Rest is the best.

But then I tried too hard. I did a 3 mile walk, went to the grocery store, cleaned and then this cold reared it’s extremely ugly head. But let’s take a step back.

Saturday morning, I had some 5 grain cereal with peanut butter and banana.


I also stopped on the way and got some coffee at a gas station with some International Delight creamer, which I learned contains caseinate so it is not vegan. Sad 😦

After the walk, which was great, I snacked on a Nature Valley bar. I’m really getting hooked on these. Is that bad?


For lunch, I had the last serving of the falafel I made along with a big carrot and creamy Italian dressing to dip it in. And ketchup 🙂


I snacked on some nuts (about 1 tbsp left in the jar) and half a PB sandwich in the afternoon. I tried to take a nap but when you can’t breathe through your nose it makes sleeping interesting, at least for me.

Luckily, I had an easy-going girl’s night on the agenda! Getting out of the house for a while actually did me some good I think.

We had dinner at Penn Station where I got an artichoke wrap with no cheese or mayo and added mushrooms. And fries sounded so much better than chips!


After dinner, we went to a book store and then stopped at Starbucks where I got a tall soy chai tea latte. It was so good! This may be my favorite now. I’m still bummed that the pumpkin spice syrup contains milk.

At Court’s house, we watched some TV including the season premiere of Saturday Night Live. I wasn’t too impressed but at least U2 was the musical guest. Next week is RYAN REYNOLDS! I need to write that boy a letter to thank him for all my blog stats 😉

I drank lots more tea and had some chocolate too. The 60% Ghirardelli has milk fat, boo!


This morning I woke up feeling just okay but definitely still sick. I only had one thing on my mind when I woke up…PUMPKIN.


My stores have been out of this stuff forever, but I managed to find this HUGE can lurking on the shelves over the weekend. How can pumpkin be out of season? I thought they kept it year round. I’m sure I will use this though, so no harm.

I made something I hadn’t had in forever…pumpkin oats!


This bowl contained 1/3 cup quick cooking oats, 1/3 cup water and 1/3 cup pumpkin. Topped with chocolate chips, peanut butter and pumpkin pie spice. Oh how I’ve missed you. And it’s totally vegan hooray!

Coffee with Almond Breeze was also in order.


It wasn’t my best use of judgment, but I snagged two pumpkin muffin “bites” at church because I got hungry. This cold has increased my appetite, it’s crazy. But it was just a snack so I left it at that (just not sure about the contents).

For lunch, Mom so kindly offered to get me something, so I chose Panera because I was so in the mood for some soup!

I got the black bean which I ate with the French baguette. That filled me up for a while but an hour or so later I got hungry again so I went back for lunch part 2, half a Mediterranean Veggie sandwich.


I totally forgot to ask for no feta! But I ate it anyway, still got a few days until October 1 and I’m learning from each experience 😉

I took a 2 hour nap (hooray) and then snacked on another selection from Nature Valley.


I still think this is my fave flavor. Good thing, I bought a whole box of them 😉

My diet has been rather carb-heavy but I’m chalking that up to sickness and what my body is craving, perhaps for more energy to fight off this cold. So I’m just going with it for now and when I start feeling better, things will even back out.

For dinner, I made a Boca vegan burger with spinach and hummus on whole wheat toast with carrots and more hummus.


The hummus was a new selection for me from Sabra which I found at Kroger this weekend on sale for $3!


I couldn’t really tell how hot it was but it seemed to make my nose run a bit so it must have some kick. What I could taste of it was very good and a nice change from my usual plain hummus.

Time to drink some more fluids and hit the hay early. I’m doing what works for me which is NOT taking cold medicine or any yucky stuff that just makes me feel worse.

I rely on rest, fluids, healthy food, and a vitamin C supplement (500 mg per day) plus lots of hot tea and soup to nurse me back to health.

Hopefully it will be even longer than 13 months before I get this again 🙂

Good night!