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More than a little…

Oops, that is so what I get. Remember my rant about the snow? Well, we got more than a little.



Ah, winter.

Thank goodness one of my goals of 2010 is to avoid negativity. It is making me focus more on the positive of this situation. But I’m totally a warm weather girl!

At least dinner was great 🙂


I made Mama Pea’s black bean burgers again (I’m hooked) and had one with a pita pocket + Smart Balance light and mustard. For my veggie fix, I made a big salad with balsamic.


Dinner was a little on the light side so I made a snack of yet another whole wheat pita (these things rule) with some White Chocolate Wonderful and chocolate chips.

Oh yeah, and tea.



Good stuff. Time to brush my teeth and watch part of the Texas game with Josh. Since it doesn’t start for another 30 minutes, I doubt I’ll see much of it 😉

Thank God tomorrow is FRIDAY!

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