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Three Clif bars are better than one

Before I start I just want to say GOOD LUCK to Meghann who is running a marathon this morning and also to Heather who is running her first half-marathon today! Great job ladies ­čÖé

I recently received a coupon for $1.0o off when you buy three Clif bars, which for me, pretty much means get one free since my store usually has them on sale for $1 each!

I used them this week as recovery snacks, which I have found to be quite effective. Its important after exercise to get a good combo of carbs:protein and I believe the Clif bars, while a bit on the heavy side (calories-most are around 250), are perfect for consuming after my mid-morning workouts and to hold me over until lunch.

First up, Clif Oatmeal Raisin Walnut!


Yes, this tasted like an oatmeal raisin walnut cookie in bar form! But at the same time it wasn’t too sweet or aftertaste-y like some Clif bars can be (banana nut bread, carrot cake, etc). After running┬á4 miles on Wednesday, this bar really hit the spot and held me over until I was ready for my next big┬ámeal.

That brings me to an important point…I have realized after running my last couple of races, that I do not like to eat a┬ábig┬ámeal after a run (it makes me not feel very good). In fact, my last couple of races, I haven’t been able to┬áeat┬ádirectly afterwards because I just don’t feel hungry (but I’m doing great at rehydrating). But, I know its important to replenish my energy, so I don’t wait long and I try to have a snack with some serious nutrition and staying power.

Next, Clif Black Cherry Almond!


This one was probably my favorite of the three, though it is hard to choose because I picked three really good ones. Do you know why? I stayed away from chocolate! I get burnt out really easily on chocolate-type bars and after a while they all start to taste the same.

There were real cherry pieces that you could see and taste! I love cherries but don’t get to eat them too often because they are almost always really expensive (though I’m waiting for a sale since they should be coming in season soon). I also liked the almond chunks spread throughout this bar. It also wasn’t too sweet and held me over nicely after a sweaty strength training session on Thursday!┬á

Last and most definitely not least…Clif Peanut Toffee Buzz!


Okay, I lied, THIS one was my favorite ­čÖé I never realized how much I like toffee until I ate this bar. While a little sweeter than the other two bars, the flavor was still not so overwhelming. This bar was chewy and crispy and took me a while to chew which means it lasted me even longer! Which, after another 4 mile run on Friday, was a very good thing.┬áAnother thing I have noticed about Clif bars, especially these three, is that they taste exactly like what they say they are.

This is the only one I took an actual picture of the bar (after a bite, haha):


I’m really pleased with these three bars and I would definitely buy them again in the future. Each one contains so many vitamins and minerals, not to mention at least 10g of protein (one had 11) and 5g fiber. There are a few more flavors out there (Apricot!) that I have not yet tried, plus the few that I mentioned above might get another go round for the heck of it and to provide an official review.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend so far!