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One down, two to go…

Before I go any further, check out Meghann’s blog for a Glee Gum review + giveaway! I chew gum quite a bit and finding different kinds that don’t contain those nasty artificial ingredients is so cool. I think even if I don’t win, I will try to find this gum somewhere out there 🙂

This morning, I was up early, walking the dog and trying to decide if I wanted to stay home and study or hit the gym. I did some math in my head, as good as I could for 5 a.m., and decided that either way I’d get the same amount of reading/studying in, so I opted for the gym!

Before I left, I fueled up with a Chocolate-PB-banana smoothie made with Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl spirutein, 1% milk, a whole banana and ice…


I love that I’m warm enough for smoothies again! 🙂

At the gym, I did a moderate-intensity elliptical workout for 30 minutes while reviewing my anatomy notes. I was glad I chose to get studying and the workout both in. I had to abandon my all-or-nothing attitude because I had been hoping to get in 45-60 minutes but ran out of time. I had to tell myself that 30 minutes on the elliptical was WAY BETTER than just staying home!

I’m on Day 2 of only drinking one cup of coffee again and I have to say, its not hard at all. All I have to do is make a conscious effort and its no big deal. I drank my one cup, reviewed some more notes, checked some work emails and then went off to take my final. I think I did pretty well as complicated as the information was. I feel pretty confident and definitely relieved to have one thing out of the way. Now I just have my Epidemiology final and paper and then I’m done!

Lunch and Snacks

For lunch today, I made a tuna wrap using this packet of seasoned tuna from Starkist:


On a Flat Out wrap with spinach…


With an apple and a new (to me) Stonyfield probiotic yogurt in French vanilla. I’m really excited to try this yogurt since I finally found it at Meijer. In comes in a 4-pack of either french vanilla or strawberry. Each container has 90 calories, so I thought it would make a good addition to lunches.

Thanks again to Kristina from Stonyfield for the awesome coupons!


My snacks today are a pita with Naturally More PB (I’m so cheating on my other nut butters) and a Hot ‘n Healthy pure protein oatmeal bar. Sadly, I think this may be the last time I see this one for a while. I was out looking for these for a package I’m sending to someone and it seems the Chocolate Chip flavor is gone! As in, no tag on the shelf or anything. We’ll see, I really hope not 😦 I also still need to find the Cinnamon Roll flavor, I’m dying to try that one!


Have a great Tuesday! Good luck to those of you who are wrapping up finals and projects like me, I totally sympathize 😉

Better mail those taxes

Tomorrow is April 15…have you mailed your taxes yet? We had to pay state this year, so I just mailed mine yesterday, bummer. I always remember tax day though because its my parents’ anniversary. They will be celebrating 35 years tomorrow, yay Mom and Dad 🙂

Breakfast this morning was oats (made with coconut milk and water), with flax & pumpkin (and some cinnamon-instead of pumpkin pie spice-trying something new) stirred in, and topped with nuts and PB. It was fabulous, a little lighter of a portion than usual so I wouldn’t get too full for the gym and could eat a mid-morning snack. If you’ve noticed, I’m trying to get back to my 6 small meals a day to try it out for a while. I’m one of those people that gets bored or burnt out on a routine easily, so its good to change things up every now and then.


My workout was somewhat light today because I’m experiencing some soreness and pain in my hamstrings and glutes, the area right between them. And my inner left thigh. It hurts a little bit to walk, so I knew it would to run. I rode on the stationary bike for 20 minutes, which felt really good, then I did some ab work and upper body weight machines. I so plan on playing volleyball tonight, as long as my leg doesn’t feel as bad or worse by tonight.

Lunch and Snacks preview


For lunch, I have a Boca vegan burger, wheat bread (one piece, trying to make it last!), brussels sprouts and an orange. I wish I had some cheese! I didn’t buy any this weekend because I’m still waiting for Kraft 2% slices to go on sale 😦

For snacks, I have a Chobani yogurt and a banana nut Pure Protein hot ‘n healthy oatmeal square that will most definitely be making a trip into the microwave.


Happy Tuesday! I’m so glad Monday is over 😉

Review: Pure Protein Hot ‘n Healthy Oatmeal Squares

This is a product I have been looking for quite a while now. I happened to be at Meijer last week (which is now carrying some awesome Greek Yogurts!) and I found the Pure Protein Hot ‘n Healthy Oatmeal Squares in their vitamin/nutrition section.

I was so excited to try these because I had seen them on the blogs and they seemed to be like a healthier version of the Oatmeal to Go squares (which I used to love until I learned they contain partially hydrogenated oil and HFCS, come on Quaker!).

I tried two flavors of the Pure Protein squares…Chocolate Chip and Banana Nut.



For more views, please refer to my post from February 20th because for some reason, I haven’t figured out why some pictures will not load on here if they are certain file types. Any pointers?

Here are some factoids from the Pure Protein website:

Introducing the next addition to the Pure Protein Brand, Hot ‘n Healthy™ Oatmeal Squares! These delicious Oatmeal Squares have 10 grams of protein, taste great hot or cold, and are a good source of fiber and Omega 3’s.


  • – 10 g protein
  • – Tastes great hot or cold
  • – Good source of fiber, protein, Omega-3




My thoughts:


As far as taste goes, I definitely preferred the Chocolate Chip bar; I think the banana nut just tasted too fake to me, whether it was or not.


I really liked the overall consistency and chewiness of the bar but I could’ve done without the frosting on the top, especially on the chocolate chip one which was sweet enough thanks to the chocolate.


I used both of these bars as a snack and even though they contained protein and fiber, neither one held me for as long as I would’ve liked. Of course, it could’ve just been because I wasn’t eating well the rest of the time and completely unrelated to the product.


I ate the banana nut bar cold (well, room temperature) but I chose to use the heating option for the chocolate chip bar, which made it warm, soft and melted the chips a little bit (yum).


I do think I would buy these again but only every once in a while since they contain some sugar alcohols and have a somewhat lengthy ingredients list.


They were only $1 a piece.


I hope to find the Cinnamon Roll flavor, which I have a feeling would be my favorite if I could try it.