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My new pre-race tradition

As you might’ve heard, I finished a half marathon on Saturday!

Usually before races like these, people load up on spaghetti, bread, and lots of other carb-filled meals. But for me personally, I don’t go that route.

In fact, if I ate pasta and lots of bread before a race, I would be miserable! Pasta and refined grain bread makes me feel really bloated and icky.

But I still know how to “carbo load” just in my own way. I ate oatmeal for breakfast every day last week and enjoyed brown rice and whole wheat couscous with dinner a few times.

The night before the race, Courtney and I went to Qdoba, just like we did before the 10-miler a few weeks ago.

This time, instead of a burrito, I got a “naked” grilled veggie burrito and added lettuce, pico de gallo and medium salsa.

And I enjoyed some tortilla chips and the best guacamole ever made!

And believe it or not, I wasn’t able to finish everything! It felt good to fill up on yummy food but still listen to my body and know when to stop.

Afterward, we went to Barnes & Noble where I enjoyed a nice decaf African Autumn tea 🙂

If you are a runner, tri-athlete, etc. what is your typical pre-race dinner?

Root canals and races

Today was one of the busiest days I’ve had in a while. I think this is the first time I’ve sat down at home all day!

I started things off right though, with a green monster 🙂

001This one contained: 1 cup Silk almond milk, 1/2 banana, a lot of spinach, 1 tbsp cocoa powder, 1 tbsp peanut butter and ice.

002I really couldn’t taste the cocoa powder very much. I’m thinking I might have to buy some chocolate soymilk and try that! 

Mid-morning, I had some coffee and nuts, as usual.


I had to eat lunch kind of early because I had an appointment to get a ROOT CANAL done today!

What is wrong with me? Root canal on Friday, 10 mile race on Saturday…


Leftover chickpea burger on a bagel thin with hummus and carrots on the side.

Plus, some pineapple!


I’m very happy to say my appointment went VERY well.

I mean, if you could have a great root canal, this was it. I had no pain during or after, haven’t taken anything for it either. Woo hoo!

Afterwards, I had to go get my packet for the 10 mile race tomorrow, but it just so happened to be close to a Starbucks…more iced coffee please!

006 I was quite hungry too (my appointment took a LONG time) so I took the opportunity to try another new snack they had.


These were yummy, plus they are gluten, dairy, nut and egg free. And $1.50. And portion controlled 🙂

After I got my stuff, I went on a hunt for some new running shoes. I ended up going with a pair of New Balance which I’ll have to show you all later.

It’s so funny, I have a new brand every time I buy shoes. First it was Adidas, then Asics, now New Balance. Ha ha!

I also got a new purse for $6 (regularly $32). I rarely buy stuff like this but it was too good to pass up!


My friend Courtney and I went out tonight, which included dinner at Qdoba.


Qdoba is a great place for vegetarians! Plus, we got to sit outside on such a pleasant evening 🙂

I got the grilled veggie burrito with black beans, rice, grilled veggies, lettuce, pico de gallo, salsa verde and of course, guacamole. I think there’s is my favorite. Normally, I would get it “naked” (without the tortilla) but I figured I needed just a few carbs for the race tomorrow 😉

We also made a Starbucks run afterwards but since I’d just had an iced coffee a few hours earlier, I opted for the unsweetened shaken green tea lemonade. It was yummy!


Warm weather makes me Starbucks crazy! I’d better stop before it becomes a habit 😉

Time to go to bed now, I’ve got a big race tomorrow. Be sure to check back here and over at River City Fitness tomorrow for updates!