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Snow day = Rest day?

Obviously the snow today put a wrench in my workout plans for today.

I was planning on running 3 miles either outside or on the treadmill, but since the snow took outside away (I refuse to fall and injure myself) and work closed early (taking the gym away) what was I to do?

Well, I did walk the dog in the snow, which is always a challenge.


But more or less, today is now a rest day. I was planning on having one tomorrow but I will just trade it out for today.

This would be one of those times I mentioned where “life gets in the way” ha ha.


However, I just read a tweet from Angela about the Whittle My Middle 2 challenge. So in that spirit, I’m going to do some abs before winding down for the night!

How do you handle having to change your workout plans?

Holy crap, this was my 7th post today. Ooh, 7 on the 7th. That’s lucky right? Either way, I feel all caught up now 😉