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Per my workout schedule, today was a cardio day, but I wasn’t quite sure what I was in the mood for. I knew I wanted to do some more stairmaster, stepmill or whatever you call it! Which is weird because I used to think that thing was just pure torture. Until I used it a few times for a few minutes and was astounded at the amount of sweat produced…aww yeah!

But I also wanted to use some of the other cardio machines at the gym (it’s way too HOT outside) so I decided to make the rounds. Behold…my 60-minute cardio workout 🙂

1. Stairmaster, 10 minutes (Level 4, Speed 25-35)

2. Rowing machine, 10 minutes (avg speed, 3:30-4:00/500 meters, I think!)

3. Treadmill, 10 minutes (walk/run, 1 minute intervals, walked @ 3.8, ran from 5.0-7.0)

4. Bike, 10 minutes (Level 5, avg speed 80 rpm)

5. Elliptical, 10 minutes (Ramp 6, Level 5)

6. Treadmill, 10 minute walking cooldown (3.5-2.5 mph)

Wooo! I am worn out now. Okay, so not really, haha. But it was a good sweaty workout and I was definitely ready for some lunch when I got back to work 🙂

Hope you all are enjoying the day…it’s Wednesday, another awesome girl’s night potluck coming up tonight!

And it’s my favorite — breakfast for dinner!!