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Snow, rain, wind

Brrr…I really struggle this time of year because I am NOT a cold weather person at all. But so far, I’ve been able to survive and I even ran in the cold temperatures yesterday!

Yesterday we had snow and everyone freaked out but it melted quickly. Today we have rain and then the temperatures are going to shoot up and cause some major wind before dropping down to the 20’s. Gotta love Kentucky.

A hot breakfast helps on days like this…banana PB oats 🙂


Mid-morning, I snacked on some almonds and enjoyed my coffee in a holiday mug. I felt festive!


I ate lunch early but it was delicious. Creepy Wolfgang came through 🙂

For my snack, I ate half of this bar before class and then the other half before I went for a run.


It was pretty good. I still think the Mountain Mix is my fave.


After work, I layered up with two shirts, a jacket, hat and gloves and ran 3.2 miles. On Mondays, when I get that first run of the week in, it makes me realize that taking Sundays off (and sometimes Saturdays too) is such a good idea. I felt fresh and the run was really easy today.

I didn’t follow my usual plan of eating the other half of my snack after my workout, but I felt okay and ate as soon as I got home, which was earlier than I’m used to. I think my internal clock was off today!


Leftover vegetarian curry, even more delicious than the first time. I took Mama Pea’s advice and added sriracha to spice it up. Perfect!

Around 7:30, I had my evening snack.


Even though I stayed up until 10:30, I just had some tea and didn’t eat anything else after this.

I always laugh at myself for not doing this all the time but today I really listened to my hunger and just ate when I was hungry and not on my “schedule.”

And I felt good all day long!

How was your Monday?