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Day 23.2: LLRR

Apparently, you Ladies Love Ryan Reynolds! 🙂

This morning, I snacked on some peanuts but totally forgot to take a picture because I waited until I was really hungry to eat them.

Then for lunch, I had my last (free) Five Star Foodies artichoke burger. I’m going to be buying some soon. Thanks again Valerie!

Picture 068

On an Ezekiel muffin. Those two were made for each other. Well, I think Ezekiel muffins were just made for everything actually. I still need to try the bread, waiting for a sale though. I also had some mixed veggies on the side. I think I declared my undying love for those last week but now, I’m ready to move on. What can I say, I get bored (with food) easily.

After lunch, I had another killer workout with my good friend/trainer Farrah.

Today is technically a running day but since we missed yesterday, we decided to do a short run (2 miles) and then do some upper body weight training + abs instead. We did each move for 1 minute (about 25-30 reps), then went partially back through the routine a second time. The moves in italics got done twice.

  • Chest presses
  • Seated row machine
  • Upright rows
  • Tricep dips
  • Bicep curls
  • Military (shoulder) press
  • Lateral raises
  • Front raises
  • Lots o’ abs – we save abs until the end to really fatigue the muscles and it works!

After that workout, I was starving, so I came back to my banana and peanut butter snack, woo hoo 🙂

Picture 069

Picture 070

I’m really enjoying the Jif Natural. It has a couple more ingredients than most natural PB’s but the taste is good and it was on sale for $1.88 at Target last week, which I could not pass up.

So, I have a lot to be excited about today. For one, it is FRIDAY, hallelujah! Can I get an amen?

Also, I am having dinner with my husband tonight at Spinelli’s, which is pretty much one of his favorite places in Louisville because they have pizza and cheesesteaks. Luckily, after consulting with my fabulous “Vegan Yoda” Ms. Carrie, I found out that I can get the veggie stromboli without cheese because the dough and sauce are vegan, woo hoo! It is always a blessing to find a place where we can both eat and be happy 🙂

You may remember me mentioning that Josh joined a gym back in August or September that wasn’t open yet. Well, it is on schedule to open on Halloween, which is next Saturday! I cannot wait for my hubby to get started on his workouts, so he can start feeling better and improve his health for the long-term.

He is usually so tired in the evenings after a long day at work but he believes (because I have told him) that getting some exercise will actually give him more energy 🙂

He’s going to rock it, I can’t wait. He also says he is going to go “hardcore” with healthy eating, which is good too because they do go hand in hand. While it is totally fine with me either way, in case you were wondering, Josh says that he will “Never, ever, be a vegan.”

LOL. Yeah…we’ll see…

Day 23: Happy Birthday to you!

For breakfast this morning, I used up the last of my pumpkin in the fridge and make some delicious pumpkin oats with peanut butter and chocolate chips!


So what is the title of this post all about?

Every now and then I get a little celeb crazy and decide to post about my favorite hotties or healthy hotties!

Apparently, that was a good plan because as it turns out, Ryan Reynolds gets me more hits on my blog than anything else so far.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Well…today is his birthday! Happy 33rd  Birthday Ryan! Thanks for helping out my little blog 🙂

I love his movies (especially “Just Friends”) but Ryan was most recently seen on an episode of Saturday Night Live. My favorite part of his episode was this SNL Digital Short.

Are you an RR fan too? What is your favorite thing he has done?

Day 3 – Coming out

Hello friends!

I am so tired and yet feeling so great. I had a great day out with my friends today at the St. James Court Art Show, an annual thing here in our city that I have been attending for the past few years. It’s such a beautiful area.



Jim, Courtney, Renee, Me, Carrie and Beth. I love Fall clothes with sunglasses. It was a beautiful day today.

To get the day started I had some pumpkin oats with peanut butter 🙂 I just totally forgot to get a picture of it even though I finally replaced the batteries.

On the way, we stopped at Starbucks where a friend and I took the VIA test challenge and we CORRECTLY identified which one was which. However, I’m still a fan of the VIA and I used the $1 off coupon the guy gave me to buy some for home! I also had a tall soy vanilla latte to warm up on a crisp Fall day.

Also on the way there, we discussed my recent decision to go vegan for a while. For the most part, my friends are supportive, but I know it is not easy, so I’m not expecting them to bend over backwards. I am totally capable of peeling off cheese and whatever other exception I may have to make from time to time when we all eat together (like Wednesday night dinners).

I know it sounds cheesy but I’m sort of glad to be “out” to my friends now. My family is next I suppose 😉

Obviously, there were lots of food options at the art fair:



But I just decided to eat a Nature Valley bar and a banana while I was there. We also got a free can of La Croix which was totally awesome! I had the orange flavor and now I hope I can find it at a store somewhere 😉



My friend Jim ate for us though…I believe he had a cheeseburger, two hot dogs, a big cookie and this bratwurst. We love Jim!


Then after the fair, we went to one of my favorite places in Louisville…Shiraz!

I got hummus, of course.


And I also ordered the falafel, minus the tzatziki sauce. I just used hummus instead 🙂


I ate just about everything as I’d worked up quite the appetite from walking around all day. It was such a good meal and a great day with friends.

After this, I went home for a while then went grocery shopping for the week. We are sort of under a tight budget this week, so it made things interesting. But I think we will manage, we usually do.

For “dinner” I wasn’t too hungry, so I just had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich…love this blueberry! It’s Smucker’s Simply Fruit, which I believe to be vegan as I examined the ingredients list 🙂


My internal clock must be out of whack because I am ready for bed now, ha ha. I’ve gotta try and stay up a little longer to see Ryan Reynolds on SNL but I’ll most likely record it too because I know I won’t make it very far 🙂

Hope you all had a great day and a wonderful weekend!

p.s. I realize I did not have a Day 2 post but it was rather unremarkable (and with no pictures). Except for the awesome 3 mile run that I did in 29:30 with NO WALKING! Woo hoo.

13 months

That is how long I made it in between colds. I slept really well on Friday night and then Saturday morning I woke up feeling amazing! Rest is the best.

But then I tried too hard. I did a 3 mile walk, went to the grocery store, cleaned and then this cold reared it’s extremely ugly head. But let’s take a step back.

Saturday morning, I had some 5 grain cereal with peanut butter and banana.


I also stopped on the way and got some coffee at a gas station with some International Delight creamer, which I learned contains caseinate so it is not vegan. Sad 😦

After the walk, which was great, I snacked on a Nature Valley bar. I’m really getting hooked on these. Is that bad?


For lunch, I had the last serving of the falafel I made along with a big carrot and creamy Italian dressing to dip it in. And ketchup 🙂


I snacked on some nuts (about 1 tbsp left in the jar) and half a PB sandwich in the afternoon. I tried to take a nap but when you can’t breathe through your nose it makes sleeping interesting, at least for me.

Luckily, I had an easy-going girl’s night on the agenda! Getting out of the house for a while actually did me some good I think.

We had dinner at Penn Station where I got an artichoke wrap with no cheese or mayo and added mushrooms. And fries sounded so much better than chips!


After dinner, we went to a book store and then stopped at Starbucks where I got a tall soy chai tea latte. It was so good! This may be my favorite now. I’m still bummed that the pumpkin spice syrup contains milk.

At Court’s house, we watched some TV including the season premiere of Saturday Night Live. I wasn’t too impressed but at least U2 was the musical guest. Next week is RYAN REYNOLDS! I need to write that boy a letter to thank him for all my blog stats 😉

I drank lots more tea and had some chocolate too. The 60% Ghirardelli has milk fat, boo!


This morning I woke up feeling just okay but definitely still sick. I only had one thing on my mind when I woke up…PUMPKIN.


My stores have been out of this stuff forever, but I managed to find this HUGE can lurking on the shelves over the weekend. How can pumpkin be out of season? I thought they kept it year round. I’m sure I will use this though, so no harm.

I made something I hadn’t had in forever…pumpkin oats!


This bowl contained 1/3 cup quick cooking oats, 1/3 cup water and 1/3 cup pumpkin. Topped with chocolate chips, peanut butter and pumpkin pie spice. Oh how I’ve missed you. And it’s totally vegan hooray!

Coffee with Almond Breeze was also in order.


It wasn’t my best use of judgment, but I snagged two pumpkin muffin “bites” at church because I got hungry. This cold has increased my appetite, it’s crazy. But it was just a snack so I left it at that (just not sure about the contents).

For lunch, Mom so kindly offered to get me something, so I chose Panera because I was so in the mood for some soup!

I got the black bean which I ate with the French baguette. That filled me up for a while but an hour or so later I got hungry again so I went back for lunch part 2, half a Mediterranean Veggie sandwich.


I totally forgot to ask for no feta! But I ate it anyway, still got a few days until October 1 and I’m learning from each experience 😉

I took a 2 hour nap (hooray) and then snacked on another selection from Nature Valley.


I still think this is my fave flavor. Good thing, I bought a whole box of them 😉

My diet has been rather carb-heavy but I’m chalking that up to sickness and what my body is craving, perhaps for more energy to fight off this cold. So I’m just going with it for now and when I start feeling better, things will even back out.

For dinner, I made a Boca vegan burger with spinach and hummus on whole wheat toast with carrots and more hummus.


The hummus was a new selection for me from Sabra which I found at Kroger this weekend on sale for $3!


I couldn’t really tell how hot it was but it seemed to make my nose run a bit so it must have some kick. What I could taste of it was very good and a nice change from my usual plain hummus.

Time to drink some more fluids and hit the hay early. I’m doing what works for me which is NOT taking cold medicine or any yucky stuff that just makes me feel worse.

I rely on rest, fluids, healthy food, and a vitamin C supplement (500 mg per day) plus lots of hot tea and soup to nurse me back to health.

Hopefully it will be even longer than 13 months before I get this again 🙂

Good night!

Healthy Hottie of the week

I’m so glad you all enjoyed the Healthy Hotties post last week!

This week’s Healthy Hottie is not other than my main blog stats-getter, Ryan Reynolds 🙂

What makes Ryan a healthy hottie, besides the obvious?

  • His incredible sense of humor
  • He put on 20 lbs of muscle and took off 1/3 of his body fat for Blade: Trinity and did so in a healthy way (diet and exercise)
  • He is the best part of movies he’s in, even if he’s not the main character (he had some great lines in Wolverine!)
  • Have you seen “Just Friends”? Haha…
  • He’s been on the cover of Men’s Health magazine twice
  • In the fall of 2008, he ran the New York City Marathon as a benefit for Parkinson’s Disease, which his father has had for 15 years
  • He has a healthy hottie wife, Scarlett Johannson!

Here’s a sample of Ryan’s diet when he’s training for movie roles:

* Breakfast: 2 eggs a slice of avocado and 1 cup of oatmeal
* Snacks: a protein Bar
* Lunch: tuna wrap or chicken salad
* Snacks: a whey protein shake, protein bar and an apple
* Dinner: broiled fish or chicken, brown rice and vegetables
* Snacks: protein shake

“Never do any of that carb-starve crap,” Reynolds says. Amen!

His workout routine involves lots of strength training, 6 days per week! His trainer, has him work one body part per day over the 6-day period. Since he was mostly focused on building muscle mass, he did not do much cardio. And after shooting for movies ceases, he’s not able to keep up the grueling workouts but he has found a nice “gray area” in order to keep a toned physique.

“If you hate your workout, you’re not going to do it,” explains Reynolds.

Hope you all enjoyed this week’s edition of Healthy Hotties. Keep those suggestions coming 🙂

Ryan Reynolds!

Now that I have your attention…

I keep checking my blog stats and the biggest search that lands people here to See Sarah Eat is Ryan Reynolds! All from my post on my top five hotties. Who would know this is a food blog? 😉


Everything went pretty well yesterday eating wise, especially during the day. My oat bran held me over until after 11 a.m., when I decided to go ahead and eat my snack before stress management class. We are learning some really great relaxation techniques and I’m glad to report that my “mood dot” finally started turning colors! It got all the way green (which means relaxed but busy) before I headed back to work where it went completely black (stressed or hands are really cold). So I think that’s progress 🙂

Lunch was later than usual, which is good for Wednesdaysbecause I have dinner with the girls so late (when did 7:00 become late? how old am I?). I ate my Fage around 4:15 and that held me all the way until dinnertime. I love that stuff. I can’t wait to get more hopefully this weekend.

I made black bean soup for the first time ever yesterday, which I couldn’t believe I had never made it before. I used this recipefrom as a base but I made several adjustments to fit my own style and what I had on hand at home.

I started off by sauteing some tri-pepper and onion mix, 1 large carrot (chopped), and 3 cloves (1.5 tsps) of minced garlic in 1 tbsp olive oil in a large pan. Or is it a pot? I never did know the difference…


Then I added 1 can of organic black beans and 1 (14-15 oz) can of low sodium vegetable broth to the pan, while I pureed the other can of black beans in my blender…


Ew, I hate it when all the sodium rises to the top and “foams” like that. Ew, ew. Luckily it didn’t stay. I need to make this with dry beans next time!

I added 1/4 tsp ground cumin and a few shakes of black pepper and chili powder, stirred it up and simmered for 20 minutes (after first bringing it to a boil). After that it went into my mini-crockpot and off to Courtney’s 🙂 This recipe made exactly four servings (one bowl each person). You will see from the recipe, I omitted several things so that is why the servings came out smaller.

I ended up walking the dog while the soup simmered, but I did get in two sets of planks and side planks, plus some bicep curls + shoulder presses and tricep extensions with the 5 lb weights I had at home. I also did squats for 1 minute, which came out to 30 but my knees were making weird noises so I decided to stop at one set. My thighs are feeling it today! My abs are sore but not like before so I think its time to step it up! I got a 15 minute walk in at work, plus a few shorter ones going back and forth to places on my break.

On to dinner…

Margie  brought some veggies as a side, which is good because I lacked them somewhat yesterday, so I think I caught up after dinner!


2% cheddar cheese and fat free sour cream on the soup; 1/2 portabello mushroom, squash, asparagus and onion on the side. I didn’t finish the mushroom or half the asparagus.

I also spoiled myself a little bit with these (like times ten probably):


And for dessert, we had Courtney’s banana pudding (girl, I think the skim milk made this taste even BETTER) and Aleta (a new member of the Wednesday night crew?) brought a really good cake, I’m not sure what kind but it was sort of like strawberry shortcake and the icing was whipped which was really tasty.


I ended up going back for seconds on both desserts! I knew I had overdone it but I wasn’t uncomfortably stuffed or anything and I drank lots of water with this. I think I was tired and somewhat stressed about the final I was working on all night while I was there (sorry girls). But I’m finished now, so life can start getting back to normal again 🙂

Hope everyone had a good night!