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Day 9: Peanut Butter Monster

TGIF! What are your plans for the weekend?

Tonight I am taking a trip to Barnes & Noble with my BFF to read and talk, pretty much our favorite thing to do. Then tomorrow, Josh and I are heading out of town to visit his grandma since we have decided to stay local for the holidays (yippee)!

Yesterday’s lunch leftovers were awesome. Even though I won’t buy this soup mix again, it was good while it lasted.

Picture 021

This lunch was very filling and I didn’t get hungry for my snack until a few hours later, so that was awesome 🙂

Picture 022

Uh oh, time to get some more hummus!

After work, I headed to the gym to meet Farrah for a workout. We’re both still experiencing quite a bit of leg/hip pain from our squats and runs earlier in the week so we took it easy with a 5 minute warm up (walking) on the treadmill.

Then, we started to do the Jennifer Love Hewitt workout from the October issue of Shape magazine, but found it to be incredibly awkward for us.

The first move was challenging (side step ups/leg kick/holding a dumbbell), but then the second move proved nearly impossible for me (trying to stand up with one leg from seated position) and painful for Farrah whose knee was starting to hurt. So we ditched it and did our own thing the rest of the time, including:

  • Chest flyes, chest presses, reverse flyes
  • Upright rows
  • Abs (crunches, side crunches, etc.)
  • Tricep extensions and kickbacks
  • Bicep curls
  • Shoulder presses
  • Push ups!

I really love upper body workouts. The difference in my chest, shoulders and arms now from where they used to be is one of my favorite things about myself. It’s good to focus on the positive 🙂

We had quite a bit of rain roll through the area overnight and into today. On the way home last night, the clouds were really cool to look at:

Picture 023

When I got home, I so did not feel like cooking (I had planned to make a lentil curry) and while debating over having oatmeal for dinner, I ended up heating up some leftover barley and tossing in some mixed veggies and barbecue sauce. Weird, but it totally worked!

Picture 024

Then I nibbled on some chocolate chips and PB while we watched “A Nightmare on Elm Street 4” which means apparently, I am only tired of the bread part of that snack, ha ha.

Picture 025

Picture 026


Today, I have declared myself the Peanut Butter Monster!

First off, I had oats with peanut butter and banana for breakfast, which was so delicious on a cool, rainy morning.

Picture 027

And both of my snacks and lunch revolve around PB. By the end of the day, I will have had 4 tablespoons! Oh well, at least it’s good fat right? 😉

Something that made me smile today…

Picture 028

My friend Will gave me this coffee cup for my birthday (way belated but no matter). It says my name, Sarah – Meaning: Princess, followed by these words:

You truly possess

A charm special and rare.

You can hold your head high —

You have that special air.

To your many admirers,

You seem almost royal.

Your devoted followers

Will always be loyal.

Because of your name,

Enchantment and romance

Will fill your life long

With laughter, song and dance.

I hope at least that last part is true. 🙂

Happy Friday everyone! Have a blessed day.

Bringing it all back home

We woke up this morning later than normal after our late night from the concert 🙂

I was going to get up and work out. I did get up but my body felt tired and sore so I said oh well and just headed down stairs to the breakfast bar.

Same thing different day. Why mess with a good thing?


After we checked out of the hotel, we were on a search for Al’s Italian Beef. Josh has been looking forward to eating at this place possibly even more than Gino’s, where we ate on Friday.

The first location we checked was closed due to “technical problems” and the second location, near a college campus, was closed on Sundays! We were about to give up when we checked a third location…score!



Josh was very happy to try this massive beef sandwich with provolone.



He said it was literally the best beef sandwich he had EVER had in his life. He can’t wait to come back to Chicago.

He also had some fresh cut fries..I tried a couple, they were pretty good. But I had fries last night so no more for me today!


Believe it or not, they had something Sarah-friendly! I ordered the veggie wrap with no cheese.



The veggies were fresh and there were lots of ‘em. This is the way to do a veggie wrap! It included lettuce, tomato, olives, red onion, peppers, mushrooms, regular onion and I think that’s it. I know some of it was their homemade relish. Yum 🙂

I also cracked up at the cups…can you see the message on the bottom?


“Caution:Beverage in this cup may be cold. Duh!” Ha ha.

After lunch, we walked across the street to use the bathroom at the original Gino’s East! Josh said this will be the street he comes back to next time for sure 🙂


We got back in the car and headed back home 😦

I napped and read some magazines in the car, including this article that caught my interest in the September issue of Shape (I think).


More on that later…

We stopped at a gas station and picked up some snacks and drinks for the rest of the ride home (it takes us about 5 hours). Actually I just grabbed drinks and snacked on some more popcorn that I brought from home.


Josh got a huge stick of beef jerky…


And some Doritos which he said come second only to his Pizza flavored ones. Ew. We are so different, ha ha.


One thing we did have in common…


His and hers Coke Zero. I swear I’m quitting again tomorrow!

When we got home, I knew I had to make a list, sort the coupons and go to the store. So I ate some dinner because I was hungry and you never want to go grocery shopping that way.


I had a Boca vegan burger with tomato and mustard in a pita pocket with some romaine salad with raspberry vinaigrette. It was a nice light meal that fueled me through my errands.

I snacked on some Cheerios with soymilk later on.


It is time to get to bed so I’d better call it a night. Back to work tomorrow. What a weekend!

Hope yours was fun too 🙂

See Danica Eat

I just read this article about Indy race car driver (the only female one!) Danica Patrick. She is on the newest issue of Shape magazine, which I’m sure I will be getting in the mail soon.

Danica Patrick Reveals Her Turbocharged Diet

Sometimes I read these articles and roll my eyes at what celebrities eat, but hers makes a lot of sense and it seems to be pretty healthy with not a lot of processed foods. I love how she says she gets hungry every three hours, that’s so me 🙂