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Lemongrass Cafe

Happy belated 4th of July everyone! Hope you enjoyed yourselves 🙂

Suzie wants one of these

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My day was spent with my mom shopping around for things to put in our new home while my husband was out with my dad and uncles shopping for all the manly stuff. It was so amazing to FINALLY close on Friday after the ordeal we went through to get this place. But now that it is ours, it all seems worth it 🙂 Honestly, everyone warned us it would be brutal, but closing was the easiest thing we had to do!

Anyway, yesterday my mom and I were out and about all morning and finally decided to break for some sustenance before our last stop at the Peddler’s Mall. We decided to stop in at Lemongrass Cafe on Shelbyville Road in Middletown. So many places were closed yesterday that we were kind of relieved not to have to come up with a back up plan for lunch once we saw the open sign 🙂

Since it was a holiday, the place was not crowded at all and we got seated immediately. They also brought us some water, which was nice since it was pretty hot here yesterday. After looking over the menu for a few moments (they have a great vegetarian section and tofu or mock chicken can be substituted in almost any dish) I finally decided on the Spicy eggplant and Tofu, which looked so gorgeous when it came out, I had to take a picture!

The tofu was the perfect texture and the eggplant too! It wasn’t very spicy (unlike the spicy stir fried eggplant from PF Chang’s, which I love) but it was still very tasty. My dish came with white rice which I ate too but on my way out, I noticed a sign that said “we have brown rice now” so I will have to remember that for next time.

My mom isn’t a big fan of spicy foods so I recommended she order a pad thai dish, which she really enjoyed. Her only complaint was that the portion was huge!

Overall, I was pretty pleased with this place and I would definitely go back. Maybe I will try something new next time but I would be okay having the same thing again.

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Fresh start

After lunch today, I decided to head to Wal-Mart and Target to return something and shop a bit. Two and a half hours later, I definitely feel like I got a workout today. Which is good since I skipped the gym, again!

I probably would’ve stayed out later but I was hungry and had nothing but pita and hummus on the brain. So home I went.


Suzie was also still being incredibly lame. Nice to know I didn’t miss anything.


Sun bather.

For dinner, I tried a new selection from Green Giant. I had been avoiding these because most of them contain butter sauce or cheese, both of which do not fit into my mostly vegan diet.


But hooray for EVOO sauce! This was tasty.


I also heated up a leftover black bean burger on some whole wheat toast with ketchup.


Dinner is served.


Starting over

Today, I recommitted to my healthy eating by actually measuring out portions and eating when I am hungry and not more than I need to fill me up. I can tell I have eaten a lot less today now that I’m paying attention again.

It’s not a diet, it’s just getting back to basics. Healthy foods, portion control, no mindless or emotional snacking. I did okay over Christmas though, I actually lost a pound! But it’s always good to take a step back and make sure your healthy habits are in check.

For those of you ready to make some changes in your lifestyle or perhaps just reignite your passion for healthy living, don’t wait until January 1st. Do it right now, this very minute!

You can have a fresh start anytime, not just when you turn over the calendar.

Tomorrow, I will recommit to exercise. I’ve had a nice few days off to rest my body but now I’m ready to hit the ground running again!

Good night all, feels good to be back 🙂