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Birthday dinner & Challenge day 3

Thanks everyone for the lovely birthday wishes 🙂 I had a great time all day yesterday and I still get to do it once more this weekend with my best girlfriends, its going to be a blast!

I am also happy to report that I have not counted a single calorie in three whole days! I have tried to in the back of my mind but every time I start, I tell myself no and I’m able to shut off that voice in my head. I’m also having a lot of fun learning to be intuitive.

Day 3 started off with a green monster and a small cup of high fiber flax cereal. I made the smoothie with kale this time and 1 cup of Almond Breeze plus a banana. I’m sorry to say that either the banana was not ripe enough or the kale was just too bitter, because it wasn’t that great to me. I was able to drink it and it kept me full for a while and I definitely felt good getting the health benefits, but I probably wouldn’t make this one again 😦

food 003

food 004

Like my new glass?! I found this at Kroger for $1.25. I originally got it for parfaits but it works for GM’s too 🙂

Since it was my birthday, I treated myself to a Heine Brothers coffee at work with skim milk. And mid-morning I had some honey roasted peanuts. Before I was supposed to leave to meet Farrah for a run, I had an orange because I wasn’t hungry but I felt a little weak and knew it would be a couple hours until lunch. Worked like a charm!

We warmed up for 3 minutes on the treadmill (stupid rain!) and then ran for 15, including a sprint (for me) at the last minute at 6.5 mph. We did almost 2 miles and it felt really good to run and stretch afterwards. I’m liking this training program and the fact that we’re focusing more on short distances,  I definitely made the right decision on that.

For lunch, I had a Boca veggie burger with organic American cheese on a whole wheat English muffin with spicy mustard and tomato. Plus some carrots, cucumbers and another flavor of Sonny & Joe’s hummus (review coming soon). I’m loving the fresh veggies still!

I ate lunch pretty late (for me) and I was pretty hungry when I did eat, so I didn’t feel 100% full when I got done. I contemplated making a trip upstairs to the vending machine for some chocolate, even had money in my pocket heading up there, then I talked to myself (haha) and realized I didn’t really want that.

I had some water and tea, then about an hour later, I had a strawberry Chobani with about 1/4 cup of Kashi Summer Berry granola. Yummy snack alert!

food 009

For dinner, my husband, parents and I went to Cafe 360 located in the Highlands neighborhood of Louisville, which to me has some of the best food in the city. This place is also a hookah lounge, but we did not partake. I have to say, as a person who hates smoke, the other people in the restaurant with hookahs, did not disturb us at all.

We ordered the bruschetta as an appetizer. It was different than others we’d had before. The one on the left was smeared with some sort of mushroom pate and the one on the right was some kind of herb cheese that sort of reminded me of benedictine spread. I had a couple bites of each kind just to try it. It was good but I don’t think I would get it again unless someone else wanted it. They have many other apps on the menu!


Speaking of which, they are remodeling their kitchen right now so the menu was limited. A lot of the stuff I had checked out ahead of time wasn’t on there but I managed to find something that sounded pretty good…the vegetarian club. All sandwiches come with either fries or potato salad, so I opted for the latter.


I killed the potato salad, but only ate half the sandwich (saving room for dessert) which is cool because now I have lunch for another day this week!

The verdict: I would love to try this place again, hopefully with a bigger menu. The wait staff was very helpful and friendly, answering many of our questions about the menu items. I wasn’t too impressed with the veggie club, it was basically a club sandwich without the meat, but the potato salad was fantastic. I will try something different the next time. The prices cannot be beat either, I think my whole meal was $4.99? Its insane how inexpensive this place is, I love it.

For dessert, we went to one of my favorite frozen yogurt places, Ce Fiore!

I got the single Green Tea with M&M’s, kiwi and blueberries. Perfection in a cup.


Their frozen yogurt is not what you usually expect, its very much yogurt, so therefore it tastes like frozen actual yogurt, not really sweet like ice cream. My mom didn’t know what to think at first, but it grew on her. My husband tried a sample and hated it, as it usually goes with things I really like (that are healthy). Geez.

But I happen to love it! I think a small is 90 and then you just add the toppings (not that I’m counting). The Green Tea flavor is my favorite, but I really like them all. I can’t wait to go back there again a few times this summer 🙂

I went home and sat on the couch with the dog and watched “The Business of Being Born” on Showtime. It was very interesting, I got instantly hooked! I didn’t realize just how much goes into having a baby in a hospital vs. at home. While viewing, I had a couple of spoons of The Bee’s Knees with a Coke Zero. Hey, it was my birthday 😉

Hope you all had a good hump day!

p.s. Courtney over at The Hungry Yogini is having a huge Lipton Tea giveaway, so head on over there and get in on that action!

p.p.s. Meghann is giving away some yummy raw goodies from Blue Mountain Organic store, so check that one out too!

Sonny & Joe’s, part 2

Last night, my friends and I sampled the next flavor of my Sonny & Joe’s stashHot Enough Hummus!


I chose this flavor because the meal of the night was taco soup and we also had chips & queso, so it just sort of fit the “theme” if you will. Before leaving my house, I let the hummus sit out for almost an hour in order to enjoy the full flavor and hummus experience!


This container had some info about the Brooklyn Firehouse (haha, fire, makes sense) on the back of the lid, educational!


Time to dig in! I stirred it up really good to get all the peppers mixed in and enjoy the full hotness.


I had originally packed the Ryvita crackers to eat with it, but once I got to Courtney’s and saw the On the Border tortilla chips, I couldn’t resist 🙂


Heavens to Betsy! I have found a replacement for all other things to possibly dip tortilla chips in! This hummus was creamy, spicy and just like a flavor explosion. I had hoped to get some other “professional” opinions from my friends but all I have to report are lots of: “Wow”, “Yum”, “Mmmm” and “Oh my god!”s, haha.

Let’s just say it was thoroughly enjoyed. Check out the container before we had even gotten to the soup yet!


Thanks again to Sonny & Joe’s for being so generous and allowing me to sample their hummus. I have many more flavors to come, so stay tuned!