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New phone!

Hey guys, it’s official…I finally got a new phone 🙂


On the left is my old slide phone with absolutely nothing to it except making phone calls and text messaging (which didn’t know half the words of the English language) and liked to turn itself off randomly.

On the right is my new Blackberry, woo hoo!

It was so worth waiting for. I can do so much more with this new phone, plus it’s my favorite color 😉

Anyway, let’s talk about food, shall we?

I had another Breakfast and Dinner day as far as pictures go.


Pumpkin oats 🙂

Somehow snacks and lunch escaped. But that’s okay. For those of you interested in my fitness program, I had an awesome run yesterday too.

If it’s Wednesday, there must be wine!


I could not find Cycles Gladiator on my nifty vegan alcohol website, but honestly, I did not care for it too much so I likely wouldn’t buy it myself.

It just didn’t have much flavor. Plus I’m more of a red girl.

For dinner, Margie made this DELICIOUS veggie soup which I am very proud to say she got the recipe from one of my favorite vegan blogs Cooking for a Vegan Lover!


Croissants on the side, a la Aleta!

For dessert, we had the awesome vegan brownies.


Another awesome girls night.

I have the main dish next week, so I’m going to have to start looking at recipes!

Do you have a regular girl’s night?

I highly recommend them 😉

Ladies and the ’80s

Last night, our regular Wednesday girl’s night took a road trip 🙂

Our mission : to find some awesome ’80s attire and accessories to wear for my friend Courtney’s 30th birthday party on Saturday! I’d say we were pretty successful in our quest. I can’t wait for the party and to post pictures of it afterwards!

When we finally got back it was late for dinner, so I had to break my 9:00 rule. Hey, rules are meant to be broken once in a while, right?

While dinner was heating up, I enjoyed a class of Ravens Wood Zinfandel, my very first one!

I really liked it. Usually I prefer red wines that aren’t quite this dry but it still had a really good taste. Unfortunately, here again I found another brand that is not vegan friendly. I had no idea that so many animal products were used in making wine, did you all? I’m going to print out a list of the ones that ARE, I’m sure it’s rather short in comparison, but maybe not.

Dinner was taco soup (yum), bread and some tortilla chips too (not pictured).

Confession : I am still struggling with getting some of these last remaining non-vegan products out of my life (such as the wine and bread above). I guess since I started this whole thing for health reasons, I didn’t see the need to be so strict. But as I am learning more and really experiencing began vegan, my health is improving and my heart is changing so I am feeling more inclined to get rid of everything containing animal products. But it’s been a process as you’ve seen. I’m not perfect by any means, nor do I think I ever will be. But I’m trying my best!

Dr. McDougall scores again

This morning I snacked on some mixed nuts for a snack 🙂

For lunch, I tried another soup selection from the awesome Dr. McDougall!

This soup has outstanding nutritionals. It is also vegan, gluten free, and very tasty!

This was also the first time I had complete success with the “stir and let it sit” method of thickening up the soup. I was very pleased 🙂

This soup is definitely my favorite out of the group so far. It was thick and everything tasted so fresh for being dried ingredients!

I rounded out my meal with some crackers and applesauce.

The Musselman’s applesauce was part of a gift basket they sent me last month. While I’m still not sure I would purchase these for myself (a little high in sugar and calories), I have been enjoying them as part of my lunch 🙂

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but I am taking two online classes this semester. I have to say I am finding it quite convenient! Since I don’t have to leave work to go to class, I’m able to use my lunchtime to do homework 🙂

Isn’t my lunch bag cute? I got it at a Thirty-One party. My friend Lauren is a representative. It is the only lunch tote I have found that fits everything I pack to eat at work, which is usually a lot 😉 All three of us who went to the party got one, they have a lot of cute designs!

I just ate a Larabar, surprise surprise…

Soon I’m off for a 4-mile run which I will post about later over at River City Fitness! Then dinner at Sapporo with my friends. Life is good.

Have a lovely day 🙂