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Unexpected 2 miles

I surprised myself again yesterday.

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It is always an interesting experience when you try to talk down a workout or not expect much from yourself and then you end up exceeding those expectations. It’s quite a feeling!

Since I did yoga on Thursday, I had it on my mind to do some cardio on Friday.

Technically, I needed to do a 2 mile run since I switched my cross-training day and also because of snow, it was highly unlikely that I’d run on Saturday.

But as the day went on, I started to think the treadmills would be full, so I’d better prepare for the elliptical. Or perhaps I’d take it easy and do the bike and read some…blah blah blah.

When I got to the gym, ALL the treadmills were EMPTY! This never happens.

There are only five and usually they are occupied, even on a Friday afternoon with snow in the forecast. I’ve actually been at the gym before when we closed early for inclement weather.

Today must have just been my day. So I jumped on, warmed up and started my jog toward 2 miles. I jogged for about 5 minutes and then did a few intervals – 3 minutes easy then 2 minutes at a challenging speed.

Here’s how I finished –

Distance: 2 miles

Time: 20:07

Pace: 10:03.5/mile

While I have certainly ran outside faster than that, for the treadmill this was awesome.

I also did a few sprints here and there, at one point, I managed to get the treadmill up to 8.0 mph! Usually at 7.0 or 7.5, I’m grabbing for the hand rails but I managed to swing my arms and keep up for a minute!

Though I usually don’t like to set race goals because they intimidate me, I have a feeling that sometime this year I will smoke my 5K PR of 29:28.

Since I’m doing several 5Ks this Spring, I’m not going to pick which one it will happen at, ha ha.

Have you surprised yourself during a work out recently? How did it make you feel?