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Stairmaster + Weights = Yowzah!

Yesterday, I decided to do a little crosstraining at the gym instead of running since I’m not really training for any races other than 5K’s right now.

I started off my workout with an easy 10 minutes on the stairmaster to warm up, which I had not done in a long time! It was NOT easy. They also switched machines since last time I was there and this thing was rather intimidating.

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But, I hopped up on there and even though I pretty much had to look at my feet the whole time to keep from tripping, it was the most intense 10 minute workout of my life. My heart was beating hard and I was already sweating by the time I got done (I gradually increased the levels from 1-5 over the 10 minutes).

Afterwards, I hit the bench for some weights. It’s nice now that the semester has ended, the gym is much less crowded. So I had plenty of space to do everything I wanted to. It was an awesome workout!

I did 2 sets of each exercise, 12 reps each set

  • Chest presses (12.5 lb dumbbells)
  • Military shoulder presses (7.5 lb dumbbells)
  • Dead lifts (20 lb bar)
  • Upright rows (20 lb bar)
  • Bent over reverse flyes (7.5 lb dumbbells)
  • Bicep curls (10 lb dumbbells)
  • Tricep overhead extension (1, 10 lb dumbbell)

Then I went into the other room to stretch out my arms and do some abs. I did regular crunches, reverse crunches, and side crunches. I think I just did one set of each but 35 reps for each set (and each side of the side crunches). I did everything I’ve mentioned here in 45 minutes. I love short but intense workouts, I know how to maximize my time 🙂

I am a little sore today which tells me that it’s been way too long since I’ve done this much weight training. Can’t wait to keep it up this summer!

Do you weight train? What do you like or dislike about it?


Per my workout schedule, today was a cardio day, but I wasn’t quite sure what I was in the mood for. I knew I wanted to do some more stairmaster, stepmill or whatever you call it! Which is weird because I used to think that thing was just pure torture. Until I used it a few times for a few minutes and was astounded at the amount of sweat produced…aww yeah!

But I also wanted to use some of the other cardio machines at the gym (it’s way too HOT outside) so I decided to make the rounds. Behold…my 60-minute cardio workout 🙂

1. Stairmaster, 10 minutes (Level 4, Speed 25-35)

2. Rowing machine, 10 minutes (avg speed, 3:30-4:00/500 meters, I think!)

3. Treadmill, 10 minutes (walk/run, 1 minute intervals, walked @ 3.8, ran from 5.0-7.0)

4. Bike, 10 minutes (Level 5, avg speed 80 rpm)

5. Elliptical, 10 minutes (Ramp 6, Level 5)

6. Treadmill, 10 minute walking cooldown (3.5-2.5 mph)

Wooo! I am worn out now. Okay, so not really, haha. But it was a good sweaty workout and I was definitely ready for some lunch when I got back to work 🙂

Hope you all are enjoying the day…it’s Wednesday, another awesome girl’s night potluck coming up tonight!

And it’s my favorite — breakfast for dinner!!