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Obsessed with tea

Ever since I decided to cut back on caffeine, I have fallen in love with tea again.

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I still drink one caffeinated cup of tea per day in the morning but the rest is pretty much decaf. I also drink decaf coffee when I have it. The transition was surprisingly easy.

I was able to use up most of the tea I had at home, so it was time to buy some new ones! Unfortunately (fortunately?) I have loved most of them!


I tried this one while I was at the Louisville Vegetarian Club meeting and immediately went out and bought some afterwards 🙂


I had a really awesome cup of Hot Cinnamon Spice tea at Barnes & Noble a couple of weeks ago and this was the closest thing I could find to it at the store.


It’s pretty good, but I’m definitely going to have to hit up B&N and just buy some of theirs. It’s literally like drinking a Hot Tamale (the candy). Josh might even like it!

Jasmine is one of my favorites (that I drink caffeinated) and I got this HUGE box of organic Jasmine green tea (100 bags) for $5! It should last me a while 😉


As if those were not enough, I ended up with three more boxes over the past couple of weeks!

I loved the mango but the Lemon Ginger is just a bit too gingery for me. I’m hoping it’ll grow on me but if not, I’ll be passing it on to someone else.

I also got myself a new “Hot Pot” for work because our “community” hot water pitcher kept walking away and I hate heating up water in the microwave, it’s so not the same.

This thing works great. Best $12.99 I’ve spent in a while! 🙂

What is your favorite tea?


For breakfast on Sunday, I had PB&J oats, it had been a long time!


After church, we went to McAlister’s Deli for lunch. I got some unsweetened tea, it’s very good there, though they are pretty much known for their sweet tea, ha.


We also got a special number as we waited for our food. I can’t believe I’m only going to be 27 for about three more months!


For my lunch, I got the Veggie with no cheese and no dressing, with a cup of vegetarian chili, a pickle and crackers. I ate it all!


When we got home I was in the mood for something sweet, so I decided to try a new tea I picked up this weekend.


I’m usually not a huge fan of fruity teas, but this one was really good. I have a few other new ones to try this week too now that I have replenished my stash (ha ha).

I felt like a snack later in the day so I had a banana with some peanut butter.


Two foods I cannot live without 🙂


For dinner, I made a version of red beans & rice, using kidney beans and diced tomatoes over some long grain brown rice. Plus a pita on the side.


It was a bit on the plain side but it got the job done, I’ll just have to play around with the spices.


While I was doing homework and simultaneously watching the latest WWE pay per view with my husband and in-laws, I had a little snack.


That’s about it for yesterday.

Sometimes you just gotta let the pictures speak for themselves 🙂

My first trail run

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

I was blessed to be off work today so I took full advantage. I slept until 7:45 (that’s late for me) and got the day started with some pumpkin oat bran.


Complete with some raisins AND chocolate chips…because I just couldn’t choose.

In lieu of coffee (because I’m out at home), I had some stash green tea 🙂


In one of my favorite mugs!


Although now it reminds me of the poor chicks in Food Inc. Moving on…

Since I knew I was going for a run today, snacking was crucial. For a pre-run snack, I went ahead and “tried” one the dessert I made for tonight.


I’ll post more about that later!

Then, we hit the trails at Seneca Park for an awesome, fun and challenging 5 mile trail run! The trail itself was 3.1 miles so the rest was around the track and back and forth to the car.

I was a little nervous on the trail, but thankfully I did not fall! And I liked being unfamiliar with the course because I couldn’t tell how far we were going which is a good thing since I like to psych myself out. There were some really challenging hills on the course too, so this course was great for me – I stink at hills. I can’t wait to do it again!

My legs were feeling it by the end of our run, but they felt GOOD. We stretched and then headed back home where I proceeded to inhale this banana with PB.


Then I soaked in the tub for a while, listened to some indie rock on Pandora, and then finally got an appetite for lunch.

I started with some salad + hummus:


Then I heated up leftover brown rice, stir fried veggies and black beans from leftovers this week.


I think this dish was inspired by Heather’s husband CD who likes to refuel with stir fried veggies too! But I can see why he eats it – it hit the spot and was perfectly filling too!

I had a few chocolate chips after lunch 🙂

I watched some Dr. Oz since I’m never home to watch his show usually Cutie Bob Harper was on there too. Yay! Then I felt like I needed a nap, so why not? 

I slept for 2 hours!

I’m getting ready for girl’s night potluck now but I felt sort of hungry so I snacked on some mixed nuts to hold me over.


And now I am feeling some more tea (it’s getting cold here) so I think I’ll get to that. See ya later!

Have you ever ran on a trail before? What did you like or dislike about it?

Perfect day

I had a yummy bowl of microwave oats this morning!


This bowl contained oats, pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, a tsp of pancake syrup, and topped with peanut butter and chocolate chips. Perfect.

I ran out of regular coffee at home (still have decaf) but I had recently bought some Stash chai green tea, so I had that instead of coffee. I used to do this a lot more in the past so I think I’ll get back to it.

For lunch, we celebrated mom’s birthday with the family at Calistoga Cafe. You might remember my last visit there. It’s a good place, a lot like Panera but with it’s own uniqueness.

I got the Monterey Veggie wrap (with no feta) with a pickle and some chips. It was yummy and filling!


After lunch, we went with my parents and grandmother to a local theatre to see this very amazing and touching locally-produced movie called “The Perfect Gift” which was the perfect movie for me to see going into this holiday season.

As a Christian, this movie meant a lot to me, but I also think that regardless of your beliefs, it would be a good movie to see because the overall message is that we need to put the love back in Christmas. So go check it out if you are in the area.

During the movie, I ate some Twizzlers 😉

It took me forever to settle down and finally make dinner. Since I was so indecisive, I snacked on a carrot + hummus while I pondered.


Eventually, I got started on making Mama Pea’s black bean burgers, substituting a few ingredients based on what I had on hand.

I also cut the recipe in half to make 2 burgers since I’m the only one eating them (I saved the other one for lunch this week).


The last of my couscous 😦 It’s okay though, I bought a ginormous bag of brown rice this weekend!

I also had some salad with hummus aka the perfect salad dressing.


After dinner, I had my second viewing of “Food, Inc” so I’ll be doing a post on that soon. I swear, I could watch that movie over and over and get something different out of it every time.

For a snack, I had my last 1.5 pieces of cinnamon chip bread with peanut butter and chocolate chips.


And tea!


Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was pretty perfect. But I’m ready to start a new week! It’s a short one too, only two days of work, woo hoo!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Is it at your house, nearby or do you have to travel out of town?

I’m so glad we’ll be staying in town this year, having dinner with my in-laws. We’ve been together for 10 years, married for 4, and this will be the first holiday we’ve celebrated with them on the actual day. 🙂

Day 13: Walking fool

Even though Tuesdays usually hit me like most people’s Monday’s do, it was really a great day, I have no complaints!

For breakfast, I had oats with peanut butter and half a peach 🙂

Picture 029

Mid morning I snacked on some more peanuts (sorry my snacks are so repetitive)!

Picture 030

Before lunch, I went for a 50-minute walk with some co-workers of mine. It was so nice to catch up, we all used to walk together a lot back in the day 😉 The weather was cool though, so I think we walked even faster than usual to stay warm!

I was going to eat lunch before I left (at noon) but when 11:30 rolled around I just wasn’t that hungry. In the past, I would’ve just eaten anyway because of time, but I chose not to and ate when I got back to my desk. Even at 1:00, I didn’t have my normal “lunch” appetite, so I was glad I waited. And that I brought a smaller portion of food.

Leftover enchilada! Just one…I don’t know how I ate two the other night 🙂

Picture 031

I really love this Vegan Planet cookbook. Have I said that yet?

After such a spicy lunch, I found myself wanting something sweet. There is a candy jar in the office with some chocolate selections but none of which are vegan. It’s amazing how choosing this diet for myself has actually prevented me from eating some things I shouldn’t be anyway!

Luckily, I found this “stash”ed in my desk drawer…

Picture 032

Yay, that totally worked!

Lunch kept me full for a while but later in the afternoon, before hitting the gym, I snacked on some carrots and hummus. There is a lot of orange in my diet these days 😉

Picture 033

At the gym, I warmed up on the treadmill while reviewing my flashcards for my Exercise Science exam (which is today). I ended up trotting for 11 minutes!

Then I did some weights and such (two sets each, except for the abs):

  • Chest presses
  • Squats
  • Bicep curls
  • Tricep overhead extensions
  • Shoulder shrugs
  • Shoulder overhead presses
  • Tricep kickbacks
  • Dead lifts
  • Upright rows
  • Regular crunches
  • Side crunches
  • Reverse crunches
  • Toe touch crunches (legs straight up, reaching for toes)
  • Back extensions

That was quite a workout. And I am just the right amount of sore today 🙂

When I got home, I snacked on a piece of whole wheat bread with peanut butter.

Picture 034

Why? Well, I had worked up quite an appetite on the way home. And I had to run back out and meet my friend Candy for another WALK!

I’m not sure how far we went, I’ll have to check on later, but it was a little less than an hour. I’m guessing 2-3 miles. Fun times 🙂

When I got home, it was finally dinner time and I made another concoction from Vegan Planet (I think I’m going all Julie Powell on this book, ha ha).

Picture 037

This recipe involved one of my favorite foods that I hadn’t had in a while due to being unable to find a decent one.

Picture 035

Now that I know what to look for (dark color, soft, etc.) I was able to find an amazing avocado at the store this weekend, on sale for 98 cents too!

I swapped a few ingredients in this recipe: it called for vegetarian chili, but I just used my leftover black beans and diced tomatoes. I also subbed a green pepper for the red and omitted the chile pepper since my diced tomatoes contained chiles already. Other than that, I think I kept everything the same (only a one serving sized recipe instead of 4). I used half the avocado.

Picture 036

Man did it feel good to get all those veggies in! I can’t wait to make this again since I still have leftover ingredients. After I took this picture, I found some green taco sauce in the fridge so I drizzled a little bit on there as “dressing”. The recipe calls for vegan cheese and vegan sour cream but I wasn’t feeling it. It was perfect just like this.

Oops, I totally forgot the black olives! Will have to use those next time.

I don’t think I’m ever really going to get tired of this snack either 🙂

Picture 038

I ate this while watching the results show of “Dancing with the Stars”. Sadly, even with my 11 phone calls to vote, my man Chuck Liddell was voted off this week 😦

I didn’t think he was the worst one on there and I think going first on Monday night sort of set him up too. But with the dances getting more difficult as the week’s go on, it was bound to happen before long. I really don’t care who wins so I probably won’t watch the show much anymore. Darn!

Anyway, that was my Tuesday. How was yours?