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Two attempts and counting

Remember that baked squash dish my friend Beth made for our girl’s night potluck a couple of weeks ago?

Well, I liked it so much that ever since then I have tried to recreate that dish at home. It’s been a bit challenging though. I think I am going to have to break down and ask her for the recipe!

First attempt:

In a glass casserole dish, I layered the yellow summer squash, sliced organic (white) onion, some organic mushrooms and then covered it with a can of diced tomatoes. On top, I sprinkled chili powder, garlic powder and sesame seeds. Not sure what I was going for there but I just went with it.

I cooked the dish in the oven at 375* for 40 minutes.

When it was “done” I served myself a nice big helping.

Unfortunately, it was just okay. It didn’t have quite the same texture and flavor that Beth’s dish had. The squash wasn’t as cooked as I would’ve liked it. The diced tomatoes made it too watery. The spices didn’t do anything for it.

But that didn’t keep me from eating it!

At least I know I was getting in my veggies for dinner! I also had some toast with Smart Balance Light and a POM-Seltzer. 🙂

Unfortunately, I am all out of POM Wonderful now 😦

I will be doing a full review of the product soon. I want to get some more but I am going to have to wait for a sale!

Second attempt:

Since Beth’s dish had pasta sauce in it, I figured that was the key — unlike the watery diced tomatoes. This looked like a winner!

In the dish, I had the yellow squash, topped with onions, about 1/2 chopped tomato, the pasta sauce and some oregano. After the dish had cooked for most of it’s time, I added some kidney beans for protein and let it cook a few more minutes (total = 45 minutes at 375*).

Served over whole wheat couscous. This one was much better. The sauce was a good choice. And thanks to the beans (and couscous) it filled me up a lot better than the first one.

I ate the leftovers on top of salad greens for lunch today and it was pretty good. I think letting something sit so the flavors can soak in better makes a huge differences. This is why I love leftovers! 🙂

Ever try to recreate a dish you really enjoyed? How’d it go?