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Such a relief

I went to the gym after work yesterday and by the time I got home, I was hungry, plus I knew dinner would be pretty light. So I snacked on some nuts.


I met some friends for dinner at Tumbleweed. I managed to avoid the chip bowl until right before dinner got there. I have a serious tortilla chip problem but I’m glad to say I only had a few, with some really great salsa!

For my dinner, I just got a house salad (minus the cheese) with fat free Italian and a plain baked sweet potato.


Looks boring, but both were actually pretty tasty, especially the sweet potato. I was going to dip it in ketchup but it was just fine by itself 🙂

When I got home a few hours later, I was hungry again so I decided to have my favorite dessert that I hadn’t had in a while (plus some red vino).

003  I ended up having a second one!


It was a good night and it felt nice to know that I ate pretty healthy all day long and didn’t worry about NOT adding up the calories I ate.

This morning, I saw this article which talked about how calorie restriction can not only stress you out but can actually contribute to weight gain. Interesting!

Can I just say how much I am enjoying blogging my eats again? I know I go back and forth with it, like many other things, but I’m liking it right now.

It takes time, effort and sometimes “fitting it in” at the end of a long day but I really feel a sense of purpose in doing it and I get enjoyment from it. So that’s all that really matters 😉

Thanks for stopping by!

Random home dinner

When I got home from work, I had NO IDEA what to make for dinner. This happens to me about once a week, ha ha.

I was just about resigned to make pumpkin oat bran (oh, the torture!) and then I found a can of red beans!


I cooked them on the stove with some red onion and red and green peppers.

Then I cooked a sweet potato and put some of the bean mixture on top, with a slice of whole wheat toast + Smart Balance Light on the side.

011Even though it seems simple and kind of boring, this tasted really good! I love it when random meals work out like that.

I also tried a new soda tonight that I found at Fresh Market:

013I loved it! And the ingredients list was better than the diet Dr. Pepper I had earlier this week.

Although, I don’t really know that much about Stevia and I have never used it in anything. So I don’t think I’ll make these a habit either.

What’s your opinion on Stevia? Educate me! :)  

Aww, shucks!

Thank you all for the totally sweet comments on my revealing post. I honestly kind of thought I might get ripped for saying I want to lose weight!

But I should know that if anyone understands, it’s you guys!

Breakfast this morning was a green monster, WOO HOO!


Just soy milk, spinach and a frozen banana. It rocked my socks. Along with a leftover waffle and PB.


Mid morning, I had some coffee and snacked on some nuts.


I had my evaluation at work today and it went well, but boy am I glad that’s over for another year 😉

For lunch, I had a sweet potato topped with vegetarian baked beans and a pita on the side.


They were having chili in the break room today and I snagged a few crackers because I was still feeling hungry. That helped a lot!

Before the great run that I had today, I snacked on a Larabar, though not this one, ha ha. I forgot to take a pic of the peanut butter cookie one I had today so I had to borrow this photo from myself.


When I got home, I was quite hungry so I whipped up the quickest thing I could think of…spaghetti with leftover sauce and some tasty bread with Smart Balance.


And finished off the night with the best snack ever!


Whole wheat toast with White Chocolate Wonderful and chocolate chips.

I’m not feeling so hot, throat kind of hurts, so I think I’m going to turn in early tonight. Hopefully a good night’s sleep will work wonders 🙂

I bid you good evening!