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Another recipe fail?

Another Wednesday girl’s night potluck has come and gone. This week I had the main dish and while it wasn’t terrible, I was a bit disappointed. But let’s back up!

Yesterday’s breakfast was 5 grain cereal with almond butter and some dried fruit (cherries, blueberries, and cranberries) that I received in a packet a while back at a cancer info booth.


Mid-morning, I took a walk and then snacked on some mixed nuts (2 tbsp).


For lunch, I had a veggie burger in a pita pocket with avocado, tomato and spicy mustard, plus some carrots and hummus on the side.


I had a hard time stuffing everything into the pita pocket! I think I overdid it a bit 😉


After lunch, I had class and then a meeting, so when I got back I was more than ready for some tea and chocolate (it’s becoming a ritual I think).


I had brought some soy yogurt and cereal as my afternoon snack but I sat there and kept asking myself if I was hungry. Nope. Usually I would eat it anyway, but I decided to save it for the next day instead.

I love it when that happens! No, not skipping a snack. Just being intuitive and feeling good about my choices.

After work, I met Farrah for a run. We did a bit more than 3 miles, most of it running but there were a few walks in there. I’m trying to build back up to running 5Ks, the first of which will be next month!

When I got home, I was finally hungry so I snacked on some more mixed nuts (another 2 tbsp).

For the main dish at girls night, I prepared a Lentil Rice and Veggie Bake using this recipe from as my guide with a few substitutions.


Cooking up all the veggies in the skillet…it looks good!


I had to make these lentils because I couldn’t find “red” ones? Does anyone know the difference?


I also used barley instead of rice because I already had some in the pantry.


Here’s what it looked like coming out of the oven 🙂


I don’t know what it was but something I just didn’t care for. I think maybe it was too bland because it was better with some salt on it.

We had the casserole (x2) with some veggies and bread dipped in olive oil. Yum!


But I think dessert was my favorite! Court found these Diana’s Bananas banana babies, which the box described as “real bananas covered with non-dairy dark chocolate…perfect!


I may have to find some of these for myself. How awesome they were!


Even though I wasn’t thrilled with my dish, you live and learn. I hope one of these days I can make a really great tasting vegan dish. I’m hoping it was just the substitutions I made or something. Oh well!

Hope you all had a good Wednesday night too. Thank you for your comments on my decision not to watch The Biggest Loser…I deleted it from my DVR and I canceled the series recording. That felt great! Ha ha.

Have an awesome Thursday!

Why I love whole grains

Happy Tuesday!

Before I wrote that, I almost thought it might be Monday again, huh. Wonder what I was thinking?!

Anyway, I started today off a bit differently with something other than hot cereal. Josh had some of this bread left over so I thought I’d help him use some of it up before it went bad.


I bought this for him because it was majorly on sale, usually I’m very strict about having 100% whole wheat or whole grain bread in our house.

I made some toast and topped it with almond butter and a small banana that I sliced up.


First off, the taste of the bread sort of clashed with the almond butter. But I finished it and felt pretty satisfied…until 9:00 when my hunger came striking out of nowhere.

This is why I prefer (and love) whole grains. Fiber keeps you fuller longer! But it was worth a shot…I will not make a repeat. Thankfully that bread is gone now. I wonder if it affects Josh the same way?

For the snack I so desperately needed, I had some cucumbers and Sabra original hummus, so good!


Before lunch, I headed to the gym to work out with Farrah. We ran for 1 mile outside and then did a circuit of upper body, back and abs exercises. Because we’ve been keeping the workouts shorter, I’ve been using heavier weights and I’m really noticing a difference. 🙂

For lunch, I devoured my leftover burrito from Santa Fe yesterday and a small romaine salad with creamy Italian (and vegan) dressing.


This kept me full for most of the afternoon until I was waiting for my ride after work. I didn’t bring a snack with me but knew I needed one, so I picked this up on the way.


The ingredients list was decent, it contains 11 grams of sugar but that is still less than most bars other than Kashi. Plus, I read about it on this list of snack foods that are vegan.

It was really good! And it was a really good thing I ate it because I got home late and didn’t have time for dinner before I had to leave to meet my friend Candy for our walk.

We did about 3 miles which included lots of hills, which was awesome. I still wasn’t starving when I got home (that bar rocked) but I went ahead and ate some dinner, keeping it light.


I made a Boca vegan burger topped with avocado and tomato, plus organic ketchup for dipping, and some Asian style veggies on the side.

I sat down, relaxed and watched some TV before I decided I was still a bit hungry (it caught up with me). So I made this totally awesome snack of a pita pocket topped with almond butter and a few semisweet (and vegan) chocolate chips.


When I was done, I got to work on my main dish recipe that I’m serving at girl’s night tomorrow! I will tell you all about it then 🙂

On a different note, I am SO NOT watching The Biggest Loser this season. It’s been tempting since I was home while it was on and my DVR is still set up to record it. But after the last two seasons I don’t think it is good for my health for me to continue. I get so wrapped up in the contestants, which I think have been particularly evil the past two seasons, and I get mad at them!

I also get tired of all the fakeness and trying to pretend like they aren’t basically doing a commercial in the middle of the show even though we see plenty of them over the course of two hours. I also really like Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper but feel that they have become “characters” rather than the real (and awesome) people they are.

I don’t know. Part of me wants to know what’s going on. Perhaps if I could find a disconnect…be able to watch the show without caring? Hmm…

Do you (or did you) watch a show that just downright pisses you off? How do you deal with it?

Half done

Well, I got that list about half done yesterday! No packing stuff and no yoga. I did end up getting out for a walk at work and then walked the dog when I got home. She really enjoys the warmer weather as do I. Sadly, it’s left us. Right now, we’re hovering in the mid-40’s, which isn’t too bad but after that big tease yesterday it’s slightly disappointing.

For dinner, I made chicken breasts, and I had a salad (romaine, tomatoes, cucumber, turkey bacon bits, parm cheese, balsamic vin) on the side (note: salads are better as a side, for me), and a mini-bagel with Parkay spray butter (probably not the best, artificial). I had some dijon mustard on the side, which I’m totally using if I get a cold anytime soon, it was HOT. Love it. I ended up only eating half the chicken because it was rather large, so I have the other half for lunch another day.


We had the windows open all over the apartment yesterday, it was so lovely…I even took a little cat dog nap before volleyball.


Backtracking a bit, sorry for the randomness. Here’s lunch!


PB&J on whole wheat, brussels sprouts, Annie’s cheddar bunnies, red apple 🙂 This lunch lasted me nearly 5 hours!

Then I had this beauty…



These Oikos yogurts are sort of expensive ($1.99) but I swear, I am in love! This is the blueberry flavor and it rocked my socks. And held me through until dinner, which is always a good thing, especially considering it was just yogurt and nothing was added to it. Gotta love that greek yogurt protein!

I want to fly back to the store and buy 100 of these but they are a little steep; going to have to wait until next payday to splurge on yogurt at Whole Foods again. Don’t worry, I still have several in my fridge, just different brands. I ❤ yogurt, don’t you?

After dinner, I laid down for a bit (I was, yawn, tired) and then we suited up and headed to volleyball. Only to poop out after an hour and 20 minutes. So we left early, us old people, haha. I still feel pretty good, I got a 2 mile run in the morning, a few short walks in over the course of the day, and then just over an hour of volleyball. Plus I walked the doggie again when I got home, she was a happy camper 🙂

When we got home, I watched The Biggest Loser and snacked on some grapies.

Red are my favorite!

Red are my favorite!

Then later, I actually got hungry, so I had a small cup of honey nut cheerios with 1 tbsp cinnamon raisin PB.


Which turned into another small cup with skim milk!

I don’t know why I’ve been snacky this week but I’m thinking its the hormone fluctuation. Hopefully it’ll even out again soon. I think the cup with milk was not necessary, I could’ve had some tea, but I was HOT so I need another backup plan for when it gets warmer. Unless we have the A/C on too high and I’m cold, haha.

Boy, wasn’t the show emotional last night?  I’m glad Mandi took charge and made the decision for herself, she seemed to just go along with everybody else for so long. And she’s obviously doing well at home!

I’m starting to get so annoyed by the fake product placement. Like “Oh, by the way, here are these Fiber One bars….” lame. But I know they have to support their sponsors. But still, be real. I have no idea who is going to win at this point, but I think I’m rooting for Kristen. She and her mom are awesome.

I hated that the black team won the weigh in even after their huge splurge. See, that is why I worry about them going home, so many temptations that they aren’t even aware of. But hopefully they all got a wake up call this week when they saw the numbers on the scale.

OK, I’ve babbled enough. Hope you all had good Tuesdays, thanks for reading.

To be continued…

As my mom would say, those are the worst three words to hear at the end of a program! Last night, this is how The Biggest Loser ended. I realized this would happen when someone was still weighing in at 9:57 p.m. Oh well, just more anticipation for next week! I wonder what will happen? What do you guys think, those of you who watch it?

Yesterday afternoon before my 5k workout, I ate a new Stonyfield lowfat yogurt (new to me), but I don’t have the pictures right now, so that one is “to be continued” hahaha…whoops. I just checked and I deleted the pictures already, boo! Anyway, it was their limited edition Apple Pie flavor. I got excited at first because it was a different color and thicker than most Stonyfield yogurts, but the taste didn’t really impress me much. But it kept me full through my workout. I probably won’t buy it again though 😦

Dinner was pretty awesome though. My husband in all his manliness made lean pork chops and I had a sweet potato with cottage cheese and two small pieces of wheat-oat bread with smart balance…the bread is almost all gone, I wanted to be sure to use it up even though the whole loaf only cost me 69 cents 😉


The big glob you see there is a tbsp (yes really, just spread out a bit) of D.L. Jardine’s Killer barbecue sauce, which is really tasty/spicy and doesn’t have HFCS or the usual stuff you find in bbq sauces. I think its because its gourmet perhaps. I might just have to be a condiment snob if that means I can avoid those nasty chemicals 🙂

About halfway through The Biggest Loser last night, I had a piece of dark chocolate. There’s just nothing like real, dark chocolate. I used to be a milk chocolate only person and now I can’t stand it (except for the occasional handful of M&M’s, haha). Suzie tried to get into it but I told her doggies can’t have chocolate! She just likes to sniff…


Isn’t she cute?!

What’s cool is that even though I sat down to watch 2 hours of tv, I made myself get up and do something during EVERY commercial break. I believe that is the key to not getting lazy while still enjoying your favorite shows. Thankfully, I only really watch 2-3 shows regularly and more often than not, tape them all on my DVR and reserve a couple hours one day to catch up. During the commercials, I was able to get some dishes done, pack my lunch for the next day, and clear some room in the computer room for me to do my Yoga before bed! Before I did that though, I had a cup of sugar cookie sleigh ride tea 🙂 I love tea!

I was going to do a DVD but I decided to do the Gentle Hatha #1 from Yogadownload. Did you know that Tina, the lovely person who started the 31-Day yoga challenge, inspired the people at to give Carrots ‘n Cake readers 50% off downloads in the month of March? I believe the code at checkout is “Carrotsncake”. The one I did last night was a free one, but I may get some more since this is such a generous discount.

The program was good, I really enjoyed the poses, they were all ones I had done before, and I woke up this morning with zero soreness from my run yesterday. Pigeon pose might just be a new favorite. I think between the running, yoga, and staying mostly crap free in eating, I am feeling the best that I have in a long time. Let’s keep it up, shall we?!

Happy Wednesday 🙂