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New and improved

As I sit here at the close of this day, I feel so happy. It’s like a whole new me!

I have been so touched by your all’s comments over the past couple of days. To have this support system is truly amazing.

I also feel great and I have a sound mind about everything that I ate today. It feels good to get back to the basics.

I started the day off with a green monster, of course.

021 This combo was not my favorite, but it got the job done: 1 cup vanilla soymilk, 1/2 cup orange juice, 1 cup frozen strawberries, and a few cups of spinach.

022 My blender gave me a really hard time with this smoothie, so I have a feeling I’ll be in the market for a new one soon. I’d love to have a VitaMix, perhaps I’ll get a second job this summer, ha ha.

Mid-morning, I enjoyed some coffee with So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer (French Vanilla) and some mixed nuts.

014For lunch, I had a very green salad with cucumbers, shredded carrot and a Morningstar Farms vegan burger with vinaigrette dressing.


Plus a juicy apple!


For a snack, I had some Stonyfield O’Soy yogurt. I really like this brand but I would like it even more if it didn’t have 25 grams of sugar. I also had cup of coffee #2.

025 Before I left work to go for a run, I got a really strong sense of hunger so I got the healthiest thing out of the vending machine I could find.


I ate half the bag and then saved the rest for a future snack emergency. I felt better immediately and had a pretty great run considering I’m rusty!

For dinner, I knew I wanted some tofu.

027 I was going to stir fry it but something really made me want tofu scramble, so I just went with it.


I enjoyed half the box of tofu (sprinkled with turmeric, chili powder and garlic powder) with some steamed asparagus and brown rice.

028After dinner, I managed to do some laundry, the dishes, change the bed sheets, take a shower and now here I am blogging. It feels good to have days like this again.

For a snack, I had a banana with a tablespoon of Dark Chocolate Dreams 🙂


I’m going to have a cup of tea and go to bed. It’s been an amazing day, I’ll just leave it at that.

Good night!

Tofu scramble is yummy

A few bloggers this week had posted their egg sandwiches and for the first time in over 5 months, I had a major craving for eggs!

But, since I am definitely committed to remaining vegan, I decided to go with the alternative…tofu!

001I made a tofu scramble with mushrooms, onion and spinach and 1/2 a block of firm tofu (crumbled) and a little bit of soy sausage.

I used Vegan Planet for inspiration but pretty much threw it together on my own. I sprinkled salt, pepper and turmeric on during cooking.

002It was delicious! It totally satisfied my craving for eggs and left me completely full all morning long. I’m going to have to make this one again.

I also had a slice of whole wheat toast with Smart Balance Light and Blackberry fruit spread.
  003 I am so grateful for alternatives that fit my lifestyle but still taste delicious and are healthy for me.

It’s currently almost 60 degrees outside so I am heading out for a walk with the dog before I do more homework and then head to an Oscar party 🙂

Hope you are enjoying the weekend!