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Nailing down a training program

After the meeting last night, I started going through the training materials we were given, which included a detailed calendar / training schedule.

I had already been loosely following this one for a couple of days but I felt it was time to finally nail down some specific program guidelines that I know will work for me, using the provided program as my base. Everyone is different, so make sure you do this for yourself too if you are planning on training for any races soon.

I should add that every day and week will be different and life is likely to get in the way sometimes. But for now, here are some goals I have for my training over the next 16 weeks!

Sarah’s Goals for Half Marathon Training

  • Run 4 days/week  – This is at most! Any more and I will get injured or burned out like I did in 2008. I also want to try and make these non-consecutive days when possible.
  • Do weight training 1x /week  – This is an actual weight training session (which I will use for my cross-training day). I may do some strength moves on short run days to keep up my strength.
  • Do yoga 1x/weekThis will either be a class (or Yoga Download) done on a rest day. Obviously I could do it more than once so this is a minimum.
  • Have one day of complete restNo excuses. This will likely be Sundays 🙂

Are you running any races this Spring? What do you do to train for them?

Feeling official

Today is Day 2 of my half marathon training program.

In barely 20 degree weather, Farrah and I did an easy 2 miles and then came back to the gym for some ab work.

Even though I wasn’t feeling sore or anything from our 4 mile run yesterday, I definitely got tired earlier during this 2 miler, so now I get why you alternate your mileage 😉

After work, we went to a meeting for the Jewish Sports Medicine Derby Festival Healthy Lifestyle Training Program.


There were a panel of experts who discussed training, nutrition, shoes, and everything else you can think of when entering a running program.


Even though I disagreed with some of the things the dietician said, I still felt all official listening to tips about hydration, carb loading and whatnot. I’ll discuss this in detail more later.

We also found out the course has changed a bit, starting and ending in new places. I’m actually happy about this because I think it’s going to make it feel like a new race (I’ve done this one twice before).

Lastly, I scored a free technical fabric shirt and some training info too:


This is going to sound nuts but as I was paging through that booklet you see above, I glanced at the marathon training program too. And I thought it looked easy? So I guess this is me saying that maybe NEXT YEAR, I’ll run the whole marathon?!

But right now I want to focus on training for this half. I also have several shorter races coming up between now and then. So here we go!

Training Day 1


018 (2) 

Today was Day 1 of a 16-week training program I just started for a half marathon I am running the last weekend of April.

On the schedule today: two easy miles.

Luckily today is Monday which is when our Running Club is going to be meeting regularly. There were only three of us today but that happens when the high is only 20 degrees (with a wind chill in single digits).

Still, we layered up and got out there. I really mean it when I say I wasn’t cold at all. Gotta love layers!

When we got started I wasn’t even sure I could do the 2 miles, the cold air was making it hard for me to breathe normally.

But the girls talked me into doing 3, then it turned into 4!

I finished 4 miles around 39:17, which was totally awesome for me since I doubted myself running even 2 miles to begin with.

Since the other two girls run faster than me, I really had a lot of time to think on my run. I like to use an iPod during long runs or races just to keep me going but on shorter runs, it’s nice to just be alone with your thoughts.

Funny thing too, I don’t even feel like I ran 4 miles. I stretched and fueled. Even did some stuff around the house and not even my feet are tired. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow but I’m thinking it will be good.

Day 1 : Success.

It’s almost time!

My big 5K is tomorrow!!

Okay, so its not really that big when you think about everything else I have done. But I have been training with a friend of mine for a month now and I’m ready to go out there and do my best. The last time I did a 5K, I had not trained too terribly well and even though I beat my previous PR, it wasn’t much fun.

Tomorrow is going to be absolute fun! And I don’t want to jinx myself, but I feel like I can totally smoke my PR now, even though I hadn’t planned to. And I will have a friend running with me which is an almost totally unheard of phenomenon.

Saying goodbye to this training schedule…


After the race tomorrow (and a rest on Sunday!), we are going to start working on speed and see just how efficient I can be. It feels good to just focus on the short distances and not wear myself out or give my knees and the rest of my body more than it can handle. The next 5K will be June 21st, exactly 4 weeks away!

I will be reporting to you all tomorrow on the results!

Thanks to all my new readers who stopped by and left comments for me today…that really means a lot to me and helps me continue this blog with renewed enthusiasm.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

p.s. I’m thinking about making some of Matt’s banana muffins for breakfast tomorrow…hmmm…