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No, no, no!

I have been freezing old in my office all day long and now I’m at home feeling a little sniffly. I DO NOT WANT TO GET SICK.

Or should I say I WILL NOT GET SICK! There, now we’re good.

So, breakfast this morning was some 5 grain cereal with peanut butter and banana. Sorry I’m so repetitive this week, I’m certainly not tired of anything yet 😉


Snacked on some more nuts, surprise! Ha ha.


Lunch was something I hadn’t had in a while which is always fun! Sweet potato with black beans 🙂

It’s like Halloween on a plate!


This is so very plain and yet so very tasty. I do not need or want to put anything else on it. Yum.

Today, I did have some tea and chocolate! I’ve deemed it the perfect after lunch treat. Peppermint tea especially.


Afternoon snack was another regular this week:


Which provided the perfect fuel for my workout today!

We did 1 mile on the treadmill since it has been raining here ALL DAY LONG with no signs of stopping any time soon (so we’ll likely be on the TM tomorrow too, boo).

We did 1:1 walk/run intervals because it just seemed hard to run today. But I did 1 mile in 15 minutes and felt good about it.

Then we hit up the weight room and did some chest presses on the bench, which today hit a milestone for me – 20 LB DUMBBELLS BABY! So cool.

We also did squats, back extensions, flyes, seated rows, and lots o’ abs. Three sets of each exercise and we were spent.

Dinner was leftover falafel with veggies. Just one more serving to go – wish I had some more hummus though, that’s all it’s missing.


And I have to say, I was SO PROUD of Josh for trying something new himself. Josh is very much a meat man and when he made me a grocery list this week, it had both hamburgers and ground beef on it. Nuh uh, I said.

So I asked him to sub out one for turkey. Because really, no one needs to eat that much red meat. So he agreed to try TURKEY BURGERS!


He just ate one by the way – this is also an improvement. I am so proud of him!

After dinner, I was still a bit hungry so I had a piece of whole wheat toast dry. Who knew dry toast could be so perfect? I like keeping things simple these days.


I’d better get off here, blow my nose and go take some Vitamin C. I also believe I’ll hit the hay early tonight.

Take care of yourself, stay healthy!