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Fleur de Lis Cafe

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of having dinner with an awesome group of friends at Fleur de Lis Cafe here in Louisville.


Fleur de Lis Cafe is located in the Deer Park neighborhood on Bardstown Road in the same location as the former Sweet ‘n Savory Cafe. With new owners came a new name and a new menu. Here’s a great review from the Courier-Journal: Fleur de Lis meant to be savored.

As a vegan, my favorite thing about the menu was the inclusion of several vegan items to choose from:


In fact, even though I was the only vegan in our group (we did have 2 vegetarians and 1 flexitarian), our entire table ordered from the vegan menu! 🙂

But first, we had to take advantage of the half price bottles of wine. For this particular selection, two glasses would’ve been $12, but the entire bottle was $11. No brainer!

Courtney and I split this one:

Purple Cowboy


The blend was called Tenacious Red and we both really enjoyed it. It was quite smooth for a red wine!

As an appetizer, we all shared the fried plaintains, but I didn’t get a picture of them. Trust me, they were delicious! For being fried, they weren’t greasy and the salsa that came with it added a nice touch of spiciness.

For my entree, I ordered the black bean burger, which came on a bun with guacamole, greens and tomatoes, a side of fries, and a pickle.

Fleur de Lis cafe

Normally, I would complain about paying $12 for a meal, but this one was worth it! The bean burger was delicious and didn’t fall apart like the ones I make at home! And it was so comforting to order from a menu knowing what I’m getting is really vegan, without having to say “no cheese” “no mayo” and so on.

I should also mention that it’s quite a cute place, with lots of art work on the walls, white tablecloths and tiny flowers on each table. It’s the little things that impress me if you didn’t already know! 😉

I appreciate the Fleur de Lis Cafe’s willingness to offer such delicious vegan items. A few of our friends tried the lasagna, which got rave reviews from our table. I read on their Facebook page that they will soon be offering a new Fall menu, complete with new vegan items.

So it looks like I will be visiting again soon! 🙂

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