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New obsession?

Yesterday afternoon I headed to the gym for yet another indoor workout. In addition to the snow still on the ground that hasn’t gone anywhere yet, we are expecting another 5-10 inches of snow starting tomorrow night!

Ugh. So now I have to break my positivity rule and just say it: “WINTER SUCKS!” Whew, glad I got that out.

But I got in another great workout nonetheless. I attempted to hop on a treadmill but they were all taken, the sign up sheet was full for another 30 minutes and I didn’t have time to wait.

So I elliptical-ed again!

I love how each time I use this machine, it’s a different experience. I went a lot faster this time so my time and mileage almost lined up with how fast I run on average.

I also gradually increased the ramp and resistance (every 5 minutes) and then cooled down the last 5 minutes.

Even though I’d rather be running outside or on a decent treadmill, I’ve enjoyed my time on the old elliptical. I used the elliptical trainer quite a bit when I first started working out again during my big weight loss and lifestyle changing period.

Afterwards, I did a few quick upper body moves (bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder shrugs, dead lifts, lateral raises, front raises) and called it a day.

I’m trying not to worry about my training right now but I do need to start thinking about increasing my mileage during the week if I’m not able to get it in elsewhere. The elliptical is a great workout but it’s not a running substitute.

Do you use the elliptical? What do you like or dislike about it?

Upcoming races

I just finished a 5K race on Saturday, but I am already looking forward to all the races I have coming up this year so far!

  • February 13th – Snowman Shuffle 4-miler
  • March 6th – Anthem 5K Fitness Classic
  • March 20th – Rodes City Run 10K
  • April 3rd – Papa John’s 10-Miler
  • April 24th – Derby Festival Mini Marathon
  • May 22rd – Run for the L of it 5K
  • June 19th – Champions 4 Her 5K

By the middle of June, it is hot enough here that I don’t really like to run outside so racing season usually ends for me then. However, I’m hoping this year I will find ways to adapt to it, much like I have with the cold weather so far this winter.

*Edited to add : I think I’m going to try out the Southern Parkway Moonlight Mile & 8K Run, 8/21/2010, it is in the evening!

Got any tips for hot weather running? It will be here before we know it!


Finally, a decent forecast!

Now all the snow can melt and I can get back to my Mini Marathon Training Program!

Yes, it’s still only 30 and it might snow tonight but I don’t care. It’s a vast improvement from the past few days. The last time I actually ran was on Friday (treadmill), so I am anxious to get out there. I’ll be all layered up and ready to go in an hour or so 🙂

Thanks to a lab I did for one of my classes this semester, I have come to realize that weather can sometimes be a barrier for me, meaning that it can get in the way of me and my intended exercise. It’s pretty much my only barrier, but it’s still there.

While I feel that I have now overcome exercising in cold temperatures, dangerous snow really put a damper on my workout efforts this weekend. Since I don’t have a treadmill at home, on the weekends I am at the mercy of Mother Nature as far as running goes. I feel like I did not do anything all weekend!

Hopefully, we won’t get any more snow storms like this one, but if we do, I need to be prepared with a back up plan. This may mean not running on some Saturdays but at least I will have an activity to keep me occupied.

Speaking of Saturdays…this coming Saturday, I am running a 5K! I almost forgot!!

Sing it with me: “We’re having a heat wave….” ha ha ha.

What are your barriers to exercise? Weather, time, people, energy…?


I feel so lucky this morning. The temperatures have hit a major low here – currently 22*, which due to wind chill, really feels like 10*. I’m starting to think an outdoor run might be a crazy idea.

But we have no snow or ice conditions, thank goodness. As pretty as those are they make commuting a nightmare. It kind of irks me when people get excited about snow around here, ha ha.

Also, we had a major wind situation yesterday but my husband and I were lucky to keep our power, especially with the cold. To have heat is such a blessing. After our mission trip to Nicaragua in 2008, I try to take nothing for granted.

And also, it was not nearly the disaster we experienced last September. Thank you Lord!

Anyway, breakfast this morning was leftover baked oatmeal with peanut butter on top. This was pretty darn delicious, I ain’t gonna lie.


I usually wait until I get to work to have coffee but since it’s cold and I’m really sleepy, I figured why not make some at home where I can put some vanilla soy milk in it?


I just heard this really disturbing report about the safety standards of school lunches.

I used to eat school lunch occasionally (which grosses me out now) but I can guarantee you my future kids will be getting healthy home-packed lunches from me!

Since Josh and I eat very different diets, it’s actually a dream of mine to raise kids that appreciate veggies as much as I do 🙂

If you have kids, do you find it easy or difficult to get them to eat veggies? What are some of your “tricks”?

Snow, rain, wind

Brrr…I really struggle this time of year because I am NOT a cold weather person at all. But so far, I’ve been able to survive and I even ran in the cold temperatures yesterday!

Yesterday we had snow and everyone freaked out but it melted quickly. Today we have rain and then the temperatures are going to shoot up and cause some major wind before dropping down to the 20’s. Gotta love Kentucky.

A hot breakfast helps on days like this…banana PB oats 🙂


Mid-morning, I snacked on some almonds and enjoyed my coffee in a holiday mug. I felt festive!


I ate lunch early but it was delicious. Creepy Wolfgang came through 🙂

For my snack, I ate half of this bar before class and then the other half before I went for a run.


It was pretty good. I still think the Mountain Mix is my fave.


After work, I layered up with two shirts, a jacket, hat and gloves and ran 3.2 miles. On Mondays, when I get that first run of the week in, it makes me realize that taking Sundays off (and sometimes Saturdays too) is such a good idea. I felt fresh and the run was really easy today.

I didn’t follow my usual plan of eating the other half of my snack after my workout, but I felt okay and ate as soon as I got home, which was earlier than I’m used to. I think my internal clock was off today!


Leftover vegetarian curry, even more delicious than the first time. I took Mama Pea’s advice and added sriracha to spice it up. Perfect!

Around 7:30, I had my evening snack.


Even though I stayed up until 10:30, I just had some tea and didn’t eat anything else after this.

I always laugh at myself for not doing this all the time but today I really listened to my hunger and just ate when I was hungry and not on my “schedule.”

And I felt good all day long!

How was your Monday?