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Whole wheat gnocchi

It seems like I have been trying a lot of new things here recently but I am not complaining. In fact, I feel like it has given me a wealth of blog material, which is always a good thing 😉

So I found this one day when I was shopping at World Market and I knew I had to try it!


Gnocchi is a type of pasta, sort of like a dumpling, and this particular variety was made with sweet potato. I had never had gnocchi before and couldn’t wait to give it a try!


I topped mine with some chunky garden pasta sauce, a diced veggie burger and some nutritional yeast, which makes for a great parmesan cheese substitute (and adds a little bit of protein).


It had a very chewy texture, almost sticky (which may have been my cooking of it) but I liked the flavor a lot. It wasn’t sweet like a sweet potato but it also wasn’t as dry and grainy as some whole wheat pastas I’ve had.


It also has a lower calorie content than pasta and didn’t leave me feeling as full and bloated as I tend to when I eat it. It also cooked a lot faster!

I think just for the sake of experimentation, I would try the “regular” kind and experiment a little more with my  toppings and mix-ins.

This box provided 2-3 servings and cost me $1.50. Some pastas are cheaper than that (per serving) but it was a nice, inexpensive break from the usual 😉

Have you had gnocchi?