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I love Mondays

Yes, you read that right, it is not a typo or even sarcasm. I really do appreciate Mondays more than the average person.

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It’s kind of funny to read Facebook posts on Monday mornings. People recovering from a busy weekend and heading back to work are groaning and complaining that Mondays are the worst days ever. While I was pretty busy myself this weekend and had to get up for work this morning too, I still find myself inspired and excited about Mondays.

For one thing, Monday is the day I feel most motivated to work out. I tend to indulge a bit on the weekends, not just with food but with relaxation and naps. So on Monday it’s time to get back to the grind, either outside or in the gym (90 degrees outside today = gym for me). Starting a new week off with a workout means I am likely to keep it up the rest of the week and feel really good about myself too. Today, I plan to hit the stair master for a bit and then perhaps do some weights or an ab workout.

I also tend to eat the healthiest on Monday. After a weekend indulgence, my body craves fresh, whole foods and lots of water, which is exactly what I give it. I also like to spend more time cooking dinner on Mondays because I don’t have anywhere to be that evening, unlike Tuesday – Thursday evenings and most of the weekend. Tonight, I will probably make a standard Monday night dish for me of whole grain pasta with organic garden sauce, add some veggies, chik’n strips, nutritional yeast and have a salad on the side too. Sort of like this one:

I also like Mondays because it’s one of the only evenings during the week that my husband and I spend the whole time together. We usually have dinner and then watch a movie or catch up on some tv shows we’ve recorded on the DVR, then flip over to WWE Monday Night Raw and watch as much of that as we can stand before having to call it a night because we’re old and have to go to bed early, ha ha.

What about you? Monday fan or not?

Looking ahead

I’m sure the novelty will wear off eventually but as of right now, I am totally in love with my new workout schedule! I’m glad I can “fit it in” to my day amongst everything else I have going on.

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Before last week, I had been slacking a lot. My energy levels were suffering, I wasn’t sleeping well, everything was just out of whack. Even though I’m not making it my primary focus anymore, my weight was also starting to creep up on me.

I needed to shake things up, get a change of scenery and get back to basics. The gym came at the perfect time! I love having a place to go just about any time of the day for any length of time and it is right down the street from where I live. My only complaint is that I wish they had spinning classes!

Last week went really well for me as far as workouts go and I’m hoping the same will be true for this week.

So, here’s the plan:

  • Sunday – I did 30 minutes each on the elliptical and bike (while I read for school)
  • Monday – 2 mile run (morning-done!), Yoga class (after work)
  • Tuesday – Run with Farrah (after work), Body Pump class (evening)
  • Wednesday – Morning light cardio (elliptical, bike, etc.)
  • Thursday – Run (morning), Body Pump class (evening)
  • Friday – Morning light cardio
  • Saturday – 5 mile race!

No rest days? Yeah, I don’t do those too well when I get in my “zone.” Plus, I believe that “active rest” days are better for sore muscles, you just can’t overdo it. I promise that if I feel too tired or my body just can’t handle it, I will take a day off to rest up.

After a 5-miler on Saturday I can almost guarantee a rest day on Sunday! 😉

Day 18: Coffee, oats, exercise?

Good morning friends!

I got lots of rest last night but for some reason I am very unmotivated to exercise. I think it’s a combination of the cold weather and just the need to relax on the weekends. I work out Monday-Friday most weeks so why not?

I think I may just wait until later and use housecleaning as a workout. Maybe work in a set of squats or something here and there? 😉

Breakfast this morning was a simple bowl of oats with banana and peanut butter. Plus coffee with rice milk.


I did shake things up a little bit today by cooking the oats on the stove instead of the microwave. It had been a while!

I’m working on cup of coffee number two and dreading taking the dog outside. It is 32 degrees right now, there is frost on the car windows and our apartment is hovering at 62 degrees. But really, even for a cold-natured person it’s not too bad.

It appears that so far you all agree with me that pumpkin is a vegetable, yay!

I have something to admit to you guys…I rarely buy organic food. It’s just more expensive and while I thoroughly wash any produce that I do buy, I know sometimes it is still better to go with the organic selections. So I hope to make that a goal of mine here soon.

Read 10 organic foods that are worth the money from Real Simple magazine (one I need to pick up more often).

Do you buy organic? Why or why not?

Happy Sunday! I better get ready for church now 🙂

Day 14, pt. 2: Ladies night

After those awesome Pumpkin Pie pancakes that I had for breakfast yesterday, I knew the rest of the day was going to have a hard time measuring up 🙂

For a snack mid-morning, I had some peanuts. I’ll admit…nuts are starting to get old. I need some new snack ideas!

Picture 048

For lunch, I had another amazing leftover enchilada. I really enjoying making this recipe and I will definitely use it again.

Picture 050

I also took the opportunity to review my Exercise Science flashcards one last time before the exam.

Picture 049

I think I did okay on the test. I was definitely more prepared than the last time but there were some really tricky questions on there. In the cases where I think more than one answer could be right, I just use my initial instincts. Hope that pays off!

I had some Silk yogurt later in the afternoon. I think I’m ready to re-try another brand, no offense Silk.

Picture 051

After work, I met Farrah for a treadmill workout. We alternated walking at 3.5 with running at 6.0 for a quarter-mile each. We did about 3.2’ish miles in 45 minutes. It was a great workout! We also discussed changing up our routine a bit to keep things fresh.

So, starting today, we are going to be running 2 miles (or 20 minutes) before weight training and our workouts are going to focus on more repetitions with lighter weights (we’ve been using heavy weights and doing 12 reps mostly). On the days we only run, we are going to move up to 4 miles instead of 2-3. Should be interesting to have this new challenge!

When I got home from work, I was STARVING, so I snacked on some more peanuts.

Since it’s Wednesday, that means it’s Girl’s Night Potluck dinner time 🙂 Unfortunately, the evening had many hitches. We didn’t get started until rather late, so I had a couple pieces of bread before dinner was even served.

Picture 053

Olive oil with sun dried tomato seasoning for dipping, yum!

When we finally did eat, I just had a bowl of spaghetti with sauce. I’m thankful my friend Beth separated them into proper portion sizes because I hate having to guess at that stuff, especially when I’m so hungry 🙂

Picture 052

And a couple more pieces of bread!

I was pretty full when I was done, so I stopped, drank lots of water and skipped dessert. I know it’s silly but I always feel like I should pat myself on the back when I don’t completely overdo it because there have been so many times in my life when that wasn’t the case at all. So here I go, pat pat.

It was a little hard to sleep last night because Josh has been coughing (poor guy) so he slept on the couch (I did last night) and I had a lot of my mind last night. Nothing bad really, just stuff.  But I did fall asleep eventually and slept pretty good considering it was only 5’ish hours. I need to get to bed early tonight!

Happy Thursday, weekend is almost here 🙂