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My new hobbies

I’ve never been much for hobbies. I got into some things as a kid, teenager and young adult but never stuck with anything long-term. I have a hard time prioritizing and making time for things like hobbies (read: possible form of adult a.d.d.) and my Google calendar speaks volumes about how much time I spend and what I spend it on.

But, somehow, in the past several months, I have managed to take up a couple of hobbies.

First, my friend Wendy started teaching me how to knit. She had taken some classes at a local yarn shop here in Louisville and enjoyed it very much. She started sharing with me the things she had made and I was so impressed. And then I thought…wow, how cool would it be to make your own stuff?

Here are some things Wendy has made:

Baby hat and blanket

Couch pillows!

Coffee cozie

She graciously took me under her wing and showed me how to knit, perl and cable stitch. She’s also fixed a lot of mistakes and helped me when I got frustrated, which seems to happen more than I care to admit. For someone who just learned herself, she is quite the amazing teacher!

It took me FOREVER because I believe I started this when we still had snow on the ground, not to mention started, stopped, started over, changed yarn…but, I finally finished my first full knitting project, a fuzzy pink cable scarf!

I probably bit off more than I could chew for my first project. Scarves are a lot of work!

Especially when you consider that this was a cable scarf. For this particular project, that meant that every 6 rows at the right point, I had to pull off two stitches with a hook, knit the next two stitches down and then knit the two I pulled off from the hook. Sound complicated? It was. But it looks great once you are done!

Around the same time I started learning to knit, at our Wednesday night girl’s potlucks, we started receiving crochet instruction from our friend Kristin B. She taught herself how to crochet a while back using YouTube videos and she is very talented! She makes all sorts of things and sells her goods at craft shows and in some local shops. She also has an etsy site!

Courtesy of KB&T

In the past few months, Kristin has taught us how to single, double and triple crochet and we’ve done little fun things like make flowers.

Courtesy of KB&T

Again, since it was still cold and snowy when we were learning, I decided to make a crocheted scarf. I actually finished this one before the knitted scarf but it’s definitely a bit more rough and uneven. It started out wide and got a little narrower, then evened out for the last half or so. But I’ll still wear it!


I am just proud that I finished something!

So of course, now that knitting/crocheting is my hobby, I am totally obsessed with yarn, needles and crafty magazines. I walk into either Ben Franklin, Hobby Lobby or JoAnn’s about once a week, even if I don’t buy anything. I also joined the website Ravelry, an online knitting/crocheting community. Since these scarves were both big projects, I’m hoping to focus more on dish cloths, head bands and other smaller things for a bit 🙂

I still don’t spend as much time on my hobbies as I would like, but it definitely gives me something new to do on road trips and helps keep my hands busy on nights when I want to take too many trips to the pantry for snacks. But more than that, it keeps me calm. And even though I have only finished two things so far, that sense of accomplishment is a great feeling too. I can’t wait to make more stuff for myself, my house, for gifts and who knows what else.

I also think this may be true, in some cases…

Image Source

Ha ha! Kidding. Sort of.

Do you have a hobby?