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Playing catch up

I’ve got a really busy couple of weeks coming up so I decided to take a day off from work today to catch up on some things. I hadn’t set an alarm but this sweet face woke me up at 7.

002 (4)

For breakfast this morning, I had leftover baked oatmeal and banana oats from Wednesday with some PB on top and a small glass of OJ.


I hardly remember eating this because once I was done and watched a few minutes of TV, I passed out on the couch for another hour! Guess I needed it.

At 11, I got hungry so I snacked on a faux rice krispie treat, then headed out to meet my aunts to pick up our race packets (they are still walking a lot and doing races, I’m so proud of them).


We had lunch at Qdoba, where I got a grilled vegetable burrito with rice, guacamole, pico de gallo, and salsa. It was yummy and took me a while to eat it! [Sorry no pic]

I did a lot of shopping today so I was hungry and came home to get a snack.


I found this at Whole Foods and haven’t been able to find it anywhere else! Sadly, my WF did NOT have the seasonal Clif bars, what gives?!

The Zbar was good but it contains organic honey for those of you who don’t eat it. Just FYI.

I was still hungry a couple of hours later, so I had another snack when I got done grocery shopping. I so cannot buy these again:


They were delicious, especially when dipped in hummus – I had two servings. I think I liked these better than the Naked pita chips.

Since I ate more than one serving, I kept dinner on the light side.

We went to McAlister’s Deli and I got the half salad and cup of soup.


Their vegetarian chili is delicious and vegan. I got the Greek salad with no feta but it isn’t listed on the Vegan Eating Out website, so I guess maybe the dressing wasn’t?

Either way, it was a good meal.


We went to Target for a while (love that place if you didn’t already know) and then I came home and made some decaf coffee because it’s freaking cold! I can’t believe I’m running a race tomorrow!

With my coffee, I had some of this:


Love it!


No night is complete without some peanut butter and chocolate chips, for me at least.


Hope you all had a good Friday. Even though I had the day off, it went by way too fast and I don’t feel like I got much done today, other than grocery shopping and getting some ideas for Christmas.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day. Good night!