I try not to eat out too often, but when I do, I want more than just a generic restaurant meal that I could make at home! I really look for unique and tasty when it comes to eating away from home, because it’s supposed to be a treat or special occasion!

Here are just a few of my favorite places…many of them are unique to Louisville, so if you are ever here for a visit, you must check them out!

* Denotes a favorite

Casual Dining

Bluegrass Brewing Company (their website), My Visit, My Visit 2

Meridian Cafe, my visit

Favorite take out

Calistoga Cafe , my visit

Jimmy John’s sandwich shop

McAlister’s Deli

Qdoba Mexican Grill

International Cuisine

*August Moon Chinese Bistro, my visit

BD’s Mongolian Grill

The Grape Leaf

Kashmir Indian Restaurant, my visit

Ri Ra Irish Pub, my visit

*Ramsi’s Cafe on the World,

Simply Thai, my visit

*Shiraz Mediterranean Grill

  1. I love it that I actually know these restaurants! Maybe we can run and do Ramsi’s sometime so I can try the sloppy falafel everyone raves about!
    Also, going to shiraz tomorrow for 299 falafel Tuesday!

    • How did I not know about this $2.99 falafel Tuesday?! Ha ha. If you like the Shiraz falafel you might not like the Ramsi’s as much, I think Shiraz is much better. But it’s still good and they put hummus on theirs and serve it in a pita. Mmm, now I want falafel, ha ha. Running and Ramsi’s sounds great!

  2. I don’t live in your town (or anywhere near it) but I think that it’s great that you still allow yourself to enjoy eating out as I’m a firm believer in enjoying food even when we have to watch our maintenance! Good job keeping the balance!

  3. Sarah – so glad I found your blog. My husband and I live in Lexington and are trying out a vegan diet. We are coming to Louisville this coming Saturday night for our anniversary and are trying to decide where to have dinner. We want a nicer, high-end restaurant, but aren’t sure if any of them will have vegan choices for us. Any thoughts? Feel free to email me (I think you’ll get my email address, but not leave a reply to this comment and I’ll add it).

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