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Starting fresh

This is a big week! I’ve got my last class tonight, finals, project to work on, and the mini-marathon is on Saturday! The strange thing is, I’m looking forward to it all. I’ll be glad to close out this semester as its been one of the more challenging ones, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Honestly, it just helped solidify to me that I’m in the right program 🙂

Also looking forward to the mini-marathon on Saturday now because this will be the first long distance race that I have walked. I just can’t put my body through the stress of running right now and risking injury. I’m not giving up running at all, in fact, once this week is over and I have rested up, I’m back to 5k training for a race I’m planning to run on May 23rd.

To start the week off fresh, I had a Thomas cinnamon raisin bagel with strawberry cream cheese and a side of strawberries for breakfast this morning 🙂


For my snacks today, I brought some chocolate-nut-fruit mix, a Fage yogurt, and a mini-Larabar to eat during class tonight. I secretly hope we get out early, but its a review for our final so I guess I should want to get it all covered 😉


For lunch, I decided to make something I’d seen all around the blogosphere, especially among the vegetarians and vegan bloggers….a spinach hummus wrap!


I spread 1/4 cup of Sabra greek olive hummus on a Flat Out wrap and topped it with a handful of spinach before wrapping it up.

Here’s lunch, with some carrots and an orange. Wow, my breakfast was pink/red and now my lunch is very orange, haha.


I packed my gym clothes and I’m thinking lunchtime workout today but I’m not sure what. But I’m hoping to get in some planks today because I just remembered how long it took my abs and arms to recover, woo hoo!

Have a great day 🙂

What a relief

After my easy workout yesterday and a great night’s sleep, I have NO PAIN today. Whatever it was that was bothering my leg and/or hips is completely gone. I told the husband last night when we went to bed that if I woke up in a lot of pain, it was time to get a new matress, haha. Guess that scared it off?

The Fage + Pumpkin + Almonds combo ended up being a really good snack yesterday afternoon, which I knew it would be…


Unfortunately, I got hungry for this at 1:00, so I was aching for another snack come 4. And also having a strange craving for some artificially sweetened cherry bubbles…


The bar was good, hadn’t had one of these in a while! But the diet wild cherry pepsi was BLECH! I used to LOVE these and while it tasted okay, it didn’t sit well with me. I’m pretty sure I got whatever that was out of my system. I will only compromise once in a blue moon for some Coke Zero. Everything else is crap 😉

I stopped at Whole Foods on the way home to pick up some much needed yogurt stash and some ingredients for the salad I made for girl’s night. My husband texted me while I was there asking for ketchup and cheese slices. I don’t think he realized I was at Whole Foods because he made a face when he saw “organic” cheese and 365 tomato ketchup in the fridge, haha. But once he tried them, he had no complaints. Plus, the price was pretty much the same as it would’ve been at Kroger. I’m thinking of switching over more purchases to WF. Hmm…

Here’s my stash!


Ooh, I forgot about the Luna “cookie” and another package of Spirutein! I love the Chocolate PB stuff, can you tell?

Produce stash!


Whole Foods has 3 lb bag of apples on sale for $1.99! And the Annie’s dressing was $2.50 🙂

While putting away groceries and making my salad, I got hungry AGAIN, so I had a spoonful of PB to hold me over.


And now the beautiful, colorful salad!


This huge bowl contained:

  • 3-4 cups of spinach
  • 2/3 of large cucumber (from above picture)
  • Handful of mini carrots, chopped
  • 1 Braeburn apple, cored and chopped
  • 2 tbsp raisins
  • 2 tbsp Annie’s light honey mustard vinaigrette dressing

I had some spinach left over which is good because I want to make another salad tomorrow night (we’re having pizza takeout from Papa Murphy’s) and perhaps a green monster is in the works too? 😉

Now for the rest of dinner…Beth made a really tasty tuna-pasta salad, Court provided carrots and “spicy” Sabra hummus, and then my salad.


Oops, the flash kind of bleached out the tuna salad and hummus 😦

For dessert, Margie, or Marge-Dog as we love to call her, brought some brownies she made, YUM! I hadn’t had a brownie in a while and this really hit the spot 🙂


I ended up going back for another 1/2, plus some Peppermint tea, and a few handfuls of these bad boys:


I ❤ Jelly Beans!

When I got to the point where I felt like I might be overdoing it, I chugged some water and popped in a piece of minty gum. Works every time! Almost…hehe.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Wednesday, thank God its almost Friday!

Off to my last Anatomy & Physiology class, finals next week, ahhh!! 😉

New focus

Good morning!

I woke up with an amazing sense of pride today…our hometown girls, the University of Louisville Lady Cards are going to the National Championship game! I will be sure to tune in tomorrow night. I love living in Kentucky sometimes, but only for stuff like that. There’s plenty that I dislike. Such as when I was out walking the dog at 6 a.m., I was in awe of the weather here in Kentucky. Yesterday it was 75, today it’s going to be 40 and drop to the 30’s before 5 p.m. We might even get snow! Ugh.

Breakfast this morning was an old standby, pumpkin-raisin+pb oats, only this time I used almonds instead of walnuts and it was White Chocolate PB. I have to say, this bowl didn’t do it for me. I’m full and definitely got some nutrients (this bowl also contained flax) but I’m usually more impressed with this. I think it might’ve been the skim milk, when I’ve made this with 1%, it’s been unbelieveable. I also think it’s time to try some new recipes! I will be checking blogs today to get some ideas, especially from Kath the oatmeal queen haha 😉


For lunch today, I packed a Boca veggie burger with 2% cheddar cheese and two pita pocket halves with some sprouts and habanero ketchup. On the side, I have a nice apple and some carrots and hummus!


Speaking of hummus, Diane from Sabra Dipping Company, sent me a coupon to try one of their containers of hummus for free! I chose the Greek olive hummus because it was a flavor I’d never had and I love me some Greek food. I’ll let you know how it is after lunch today, for those of you who haven’t tried it. I think I’ve seen this one on Jenna‘s blog before.


I’m planning an after lunch workout that will probably be a quick run and some weights + ab work. I will update on that later.

Afternoon snacks are Oikos plain (with oatmeal squares-in the yellow container) and a mini Larabar for during class tonight. I may or may not need the Larabar since I’ve got some high protein yogurt and I’m bulking it up with some fibrous cereal. We shall see!


Happy Monday!